Corporate Emotional Intelligence: Being Human in a Corporate World

Corporate Emotional Intelligence: Being Human in a Corporate World

by Gareth Chick
Corporate Emotional Intelligence: Being Human in a Corporate World

Corporate Emotional Intelligence: Being Human in a Corporate World

by Gareth Chick

Paperback(First Edition)

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As part of the series Leadership and Executive Coaching, Corporate Emotional Intelligence is a seminal work for business communication, management and organisational behaviour in the 21st Century, setting a new precedent for business leadership and management books. 

It analyses how human behaviour is conditioned within corporate cultures, how managers come to adopt unconscious controlling habits that are counter-productive and which create cultures of fear. It shows how through the art of coaching and mentoring, breaking habits and personal development, transformational leadership within teams can result and, through theory and practise, shows us how to lead when managing people in the business environment.  

Unique to this leadership coaching book is the introduction of the Corporapath- the Corporate Hostage and to the anxiety disorder CTSD - Corporate Traumatic Stress Disorder, yielding a profound new level of self-awareness for all corporate citizens. Success now requires a different kind of business intelligence: IQ + EQ is no longer sufficient. We now need CEQ - Corporate Emotional Intelligence - the ability to read, understand and manage the psychological states and behaviours that are unique to corporate cultures and emotionally intelligent leadership.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781912508044
Publisher: Critical Publishing
Publication date: 10/09/2018
Series: Leadership and Executive Coaching through Corporate Emotional Intelligence , #1
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 6.15(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Gareth Chick is Founder and Managing Partner of Collaborative Equity LLP, “promoting corporate cultures and sustainable business models of shared ownership, shared responsibility and shared rewards.” Gareth has an outstanding track record as CFO, CEO and Chairman in both public and private companies, including private equity. He is a highly sought after consultant working in major corporations around the world - clients include Google, Heathrow, Twitter, Dixons Carphone, Linkedin, Soundcloud, Travis Perkins, B&Q and Vodafone. Gareth is also a high profile Executive Coach (200+ senior executives in Europe and the US, including FTSE100 and Fortune 500) and the designer of leadership training programmes (5000+ managers across 25 countries).    

Table of Contents


Waking up in a Corporapathic World 1

Thesis 1

Who the hell am I to tell you to Change? 3

Section 1 What's The Problem With Corporatism? 5

Chapter 1 What's the Inherent Problem with Corporatism? 7

Corporatism is Dominant 7

Legal Separation, Limited Liability and the Abdication of Moral Responsibility 8

Corporate Alchemy - The Promise of Something for Nothing 10

Outsourcing and the Professionalisation of Support Services 11

Corporatism is Damaging and we're in Denial 13

How Corporatism Thwarts Government 15

The Litany of Corporate Scandals 16

The more Prosaic Examples Affecting our Daily Lives 17

Too Big to Fail 19

Corporatism has not Delivered Happiness or Freedom 20

Who's the Shareholder? 21

The People who do the Bad Things are the same People who do the Good Things 22

The Three Characteristics for Abuse to be Systemic 23

A Whole new Fear for the Twenty-First Century 23

Corporapaths and CTSD 25

Corporatism is Under Pressure 26

Is Corporatism all Bad? 27

What's the Answer? 28

Chapter 2 How Modern People Management Sustains the Status Quo 35

The Modern Corporate Power base that is HR 35

Recent HR Developments in Global Organisations 37

We've been Taught that Consensus is Golden 39

The Manipulation that is at the root of all Corporate Problems 40

Leadership Development (or Behaviour Modification) 41

'Authentic Leadership' has sadly become mere Collusion 44

What to do with Self-Serving Central Functions 46

Chapter 3 What Happens if Nothing Changes? 51

We're at a Pivotal Point of no Return 51

Advances in Artificial Intelligence 52

How Al Learns to Manipulate 53

How Bitcoin and Blockchain give the Machines Self-Determination 54

Where will the Morality come from? 55

Section 2 Corporate Pathology 59

Chapter 4 How our Brains Created Corporatism and how Corporatism is now Altering our Brains! 61

Basic Neuroscience 61

How Corporatism is the Mirror of the Relationship Between Left and Right Hemispheres 63

How and why did we Develop two Separate Hemispheres? 64

The Basic Processing 65

What are the Differences? 65

How does the Left Hemisphere Dominate the Right? 67

The Pendulum of Right/Left Dominance Through History 68

Healthy and Unhealthy use of Emotions 71

The Irresistible Power of Conformity 72

Fight, Flight, or more Likely, Freeze 74

Our Brain Structures are Being Altered 76

Homo Sapiens Still? 78

Chapter 5 Introducing the Corporapath - You and I 81

Most Companies are Decent, yet Somehow fear Still Rules 81

Do 'Goldilocks' Companies Exist - Just the Right Amount of Fear, Ethics and Profit? 82

There are Psychopaths, There are Sociopaths and now There are Corporapaths 84

Characteristics of Corporapaths - The 20-Point test 85

The Effects of Pressure on Managers 93

Unconscious Controlling Habits - We're Addicted to Control 94

Control Freakery 95

Ogres may get a bad Press, but They're Still Ogres! 96

The most Controlling Thing we do is Doing Nothing 97

How not to Demonise Corporate Customers 98

So just what are we Supposed to do as Leaders? 100

Chapter 6 Introducing the Corporate Hostage - You and I 103

Corporate Hostages - The Corporate Equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome 103

People with Power over Others 104

Power Affects People 105

A Controlling Hierarchy Above the People with Delegated Power 107

Secrecy Meaning no Witnesses to Their Abusive Behaviours 108

What Happens when People feel Trapped 111

LTIPs - Ethical Rewards or Corporate 'gin trap'? 113

How can I be a 'good Leaver'? 115

Who'd be a Whistle Blower? 117

Modern Slavery 118

It's not 'just Obeying Orders' 120

Chapter 7 Corporate Pathology 125

The two Prime Causes of Stress at work 125

The Medical and Neurological Effects of Stress 126

Anxiety Disorders 128

Why Sleep is Critical 129

Family, Social and Psychotherapeutic Dynamics 134

Grief 139

Psychological and Personality Disorders and the DSM-5 140

ADHD 143

Fear in the System 145

Chapter 8 CTSD - Corporate Traumatic Stress Disorder 149

Trauma and PTSD 149

CTSD - Corporate Traumatic Stress Disorder 151

Test for CTSD 155

Section 3 Corporate Emotional Intelligence (CEQ) 163

Chapter 9 Introducing the Four Pillars of CEQ - Corporate Emotional Intelligence 165

Waking up in a Corporapathic World 165

EQ and CEQ 166

The Four Pillars of CEQ 167

Awareness of Our Unconscious Controlling Habits - OUCH! 167

Promoting Positive Learning 168

Transparency and Vulnerability 168

A grip on Reality 169

Bio/Psycho/Socio/Spirito 169

The Johari Window 171

Chapter 10 Pillar 1 Awareness of Our Unconscious Controlling Habits - OUCH! 177

We know we're not Brilliant, but we Think we're OK 177

We know our bad Habits 178

What we Notice when we're Paying Attention 179

The two Unconscious Habits no one ever Notices 186

If we know our bad Habits, why don't we just stop? 187

Our Unconscious Controlling Habits - OUCH! 187

Closed Questions 190

Filling Silences 196

Giving Multiple inputs 198

Do People Learn they are the Solution, or that they are the Problem? 199

Chapter 11 Pillar 2 Promoting Positive Learning 201

How we Learn 201

We're Always Learning 202

Consequences are the Ultimate Feedback 205

Change is Different from Learning 206

Psychological Safety 207

Carrot and Stick has Morphed into Bribery and Coercion 208

Integrity is Paramount 209

Chapter 12 Pillar 3 Transparency and Vulnerability 211

Why Transparency must Conquer Secrecy 211

Human Emotions are a very good Thing 213

Checking up on People - Just what was Wrong with 'Time and Motion'? 215

What's the Answer? 217

Observation 219

Video Observation 220

Licence and Permission 222

Transparency is the True Vulnerability 224

Chapter 13 Pillar 4 A grip on Reality 227

What gets in the way of Being Ethical? 227

Unrealistic Expectations 228

The Perfect Cocktail for Self-inflicted Stress 230

It's just a job 232

Leave, Endure or Overthrow 233

The Drama Triangle 234

Being Human in a Corporate World 237

Nature is real 238

Well-Being 240

Resilience 242

Believing in People - Pygmalion and Golem 243

Ethics are all we have and all we are 245

A Willingness to lead 245

Index 249

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