Cornish Solidarity: Using Culture to Strengthen Communities

Cornish Solidarity: Using Culture to Strengthen Communities


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Can local cultures be used to strengthen community bonds, boost morale, and equip and motivate people socially and economically? This book reviews how Cornish cultures are marketed, portrayed, and imagined against the background of a tourism-led “Lifestyle Cornwall”, migration, deindustrialization, and deprivation. It links culture’s primary emotional and social uses with well-being, and considers intervention in practice and policy to tackle disadvantage and to build cohesive communities that can adapt to change. Cultural, social, symbolic, and human capital are related to local knowledge, to community narratives, to belonging, and to emotional prosperity.

Demographic and economic transformations threaten the very survival of a Cornish tradition, but this discussion affirms an outward- and forward-looking vision that allows for Cornishness to evolve, to grow stronger, and to be passed on to new residents and future generations. It is meant to inform and provoke consideration by cultural practi­tioners, community activists, and policy-makers on how to maintain Cornishness in ways that favour the well-being of “One and All”. In particular, it addresses those who are aligned with a broad Cornish Movement of socially engaged, cultural, economic, environmental, and political action, and identifies them as having the potential to bring about change. Cornish­ness is discussed with reference to a distinct post-industrial inheritance, to the Cornish Language, and to Celtic Revivalism, and related to a common habitus that distinguishes it.

Neil Kennedy is a Cornish speaker, university ESOL teacher, and former cultural studies lecturer, originally from Mid-Cornwall, who has been involved in the Cornish Movement since the 1980s.

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ISBN-13: 9781782011965
Publisher: Evertype
Publication date: 12/06/2016
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.51(d)

Table of Contents




Chapter 1 The New Cornwall and the Cornish Movement;

An Movyans Kernowek: The Cornish Movement;


Marginalization and a Last-of-the-Mohecans psychosis;

Taking Stock;

The New Cornish;

“Those who were born here & those who were drawn here”;

Chapter 2 An Introduction to Useable Culture;

Primary uses, human need and well-being;

Narratives and representation;

Commodifying Cornish difference;

Cultural items or a whole culture?;

Chapter 3 Cornish Culture and Capital;

Intervention for One and All;

Cornish myths and legends;

Chapter 4 Cornish Cultural Hygienes and Invented Tradition;

Being Celts: A Revivalist Monopoly?;

Robert Morton Nance’s “Cornish culture”;

The “Wrong Turn”;

Useful invented tradition;

Re-symbolization: A second wrong turn?;

Chapter 5 “Proper Cornish”: Revivalism and Residual Tradition;

From Classic Cornishness to Proper Cornish;

An Dasserghyans;

A Common Cornish Habitus;

Emotional Capital;

Redeeming Nance’s Project;

Chapter 6 Cool Cornubia: Branding Celtic Cornwall;

Chapter 7 Kernow or Kernowland?;

Baking a Cornish Pastiche;

Kernowlond a’gas dynergh;

Avoiding a Second Wrong Turn;

A Cornish Standpoint;

Interpellation: An Galow;


A Cornish Project;


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