Converting Nothing into A Cosmic Birth?# 1

Converting Nothing into A Cosmic Birth?# 1

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte
Converting Nothing into A Cosmic Birth?# 1

Converting Nothing into A Cosmic Birth?# 1

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte


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There are five examples of A Cosmic Birth... I did 5 versions of the same book because some people prefer explaining and some prefer proof and others prefer a mixture of both. In want everybody to be able to read one of the books A Cosmic Birth while understanding and accepting the proof. Explaining does not prove and proof does not explain. Proving without explaining is meaningless and open for rejection. I challenge all atheists to prove this book wrong ass a book of mathematical science. I combine science and the Bible but uses only science mathematically. Science is the work of God Almighty as the Bible is the word of God Almighty. Do not confuse the two...each one has a purpose. The word of God is written by fellow men long after the event and shows at times poor memory recollection but is the truth nonetheless. In this book you are going to see how science as the work of God proves the word of God correct. By proving mathematically Geneses 1 V 1 I combine the word of God (the Bible) and the work of God (scientific Creation and cosmic development) and how the Universe came about mathematically just as the scripture says it happened. God uses science to perform His miracles and the person needing miracles to see the work of God has no understanding about science. Science is a miracle only a Power such as God almighty is can accomplish. There is no "normal" in science because everything about science is one miracle following the next miracle. Even something as "ordinary" as wind blowing is one huge miracle when cutting it down to the smallest part. It by dissecting this detail that introduce the significance of the "ordinary" in science that we discover the miracle of what happened when the event of Genesis 1 v 1 unfolds. By using science in simple mathematics I prove Genesis 1 verse 1 as correct. There are 4 laws science knows but doesn't understand. I deciphered these 4 laws that nature uses to form the cosmos. The truth of these laws science hides because it undermines Newtonian science. These laws form the Universe by stars being spheres and galactica as circles. With these laws I prove using mathematics that the atheistic Big Bang isn't the beginning but the beginning occurred precisely as the Bible declares it happened in Genesis 1v1. Science knows these principles but atheists refused publishing because it proves the Universe started where with light the void began in Genesis 1. However to explain it one must use mathematics because Genesis 1 verse 1 takes understanding past the verbal and into Creation where creation came by applying science as it developed mathematics. Developing space is maths. Your first reaction will be to say this book is science. The atheist dominated science world will not even read my work and use the excuse that it is religiously orientated because I prove the Bible. Then the publishing world of religion use the excuse that this is science to avoid confrontation with the atheists and Christianity then cowardly bends the knee in front of atheists once again. In this way science hides the truth and Christian publishing avoids the truth and science concur the minds of all with the biggest fraud invented.

This book is refused publishing by science because it annihilates the atheists' claims on science and shows how much the science the atheist holds up, as truth is bogus. Religion turns it down because as science Christians think it is too complicated to understand. ...And so atheism rules religion while religion cowers in the face of science and while I PROVE how much of a farce science in the Newtonian vision is a hoax. You can turn away (again) and allow atheism to flourish or you can help me destroy atheism just by reading what I wrote! However if you wish something to be complicated it is but nothing worthwhile ever was simple and easy. When God Almighty created creation He created space and to write space one uses mathematics and physics to achieve that. I decipher mathematics in phys

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ISBN-13: 9781500611736
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/28/2014
Series: A Cosmic Birth...
Pages: 454
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.18(d)
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