Contract in Blood: A History of U.K. Thrash Metal

Contract in Blood: A History of U.K. Thrash Metal


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This massive five-disc compilation serves as an aural companion piece to author Ian Glasper's book of the same name, both diving deep to chronicle the history of the U.K.'s often overlooked thrash metal scene. Where the "big four" of U.S. thrash metal (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax) were more commercially successful than any of the dozens of bands covered in Contract in Blood, Glasper's meticulously curated collection of tracks aims to expose the entire spectrum of U.K. thrash: those that could have given the Big Four a run for their money, the mere imitators, and those far too unique and on their own paths to ever make mainstream waves. A collection this dense is bound to be too involved for the passive metalhead, but those willing to sift through the 83 tracks will find no limit to the obscure adrenaline-pumping U.K. metal. The five discs are divided regionally, offering North-East acts like Venom, Warfare, and Hellbastard in one volume; Welsh, Scottish, and Northern Irish bands on another disc; North-West and Midland U.K. acts like Sabbat and Metal Messiah on another; and so on. Along with the attention to regional scenes, the presentation of Contract in Blood differs from many archival compilations in that it doesn't follow a chronological time line, but instead jumps between decades, placing '80s bands like Driven to Distraction alongside 2010s acts like Besieged. The playlist also tends toward demos, live tracks, and other deep cuts, with a handful of the songs dug up from the vaults for the first time. With so much focus on demos and quick jumps between eras, the recording quality can differ wildly from track to track, and the dated nature of '80s and '90s production contrasts with the tracks recorded later. Contract in Blood nevertheless manages to maintain a consistent and engaging flow as it goes above and beyond in its extensive documentation of some of metal's shadowiest circles.

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Release Date: 06/08/2018
Label: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929105508
catalogNumber: 9105508
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Disc 1

  1. Sons of Satan
  2. Total Metal
  3. Tenement Zone
  4. Sentenced
  5. Plan of the Damned
  6. Too Drunk to Fuck
  7. Dawn of Destruction
  8. Hungry Dogs
  9. Psycho
  10. Behind Closed Doors
  11. Solution
  12. Pushed to Prime
  13. Apocalypso
  14. Black Mass
  15. Hell and Damned Nation
  16. Delirium

Disc 2

  1. Unidentified
  2. Metalyzed
  3. Last Man Standing
  4. Bombay Duck
  5. As the Walls Close
  6. Let's Go Apeshit
  7. Sentenced By Pilate
  8. Dollar Disciple
  9. Hosanna in Excelsis
  10. Sight of the Wise
  11. Spook Perv Happenings in the Snooker Hall
  12. Forbidden Desires
  13. Judge and Jury
  14. Mad Dogs of War (2018)
  15. Corpse Grinder
  16. Story of Violence
  17. Mesmerised
  18. Aggressor
  19. Merry-Go-Pound
  20. Soothsayer

Disc 3

  1. The Thing Will Arise
  2. Annihilated
  3. Regression
  4. Manifestations
  5. Do You Have the Right?
  6. Burning Blood
  7. The Leaving
  8. Claustrophobia
  9. Thrash or Die
  10. Choke
  11. Goddess
  12. Forces of Darkness
  13. Crucifier
  14. Dirty Hot and Hungry
  15. Full Power

Disc 4

  1. Government Pigs
  2. Colour
  3. Will to Rebel
  4. Carnival of Souls
  5. Overcast
  6. Three Minute Warning
  7. D.C.T.
  8. Macabre Insanity
  9. War Wolf
  10. Let There Be Death
  11. The Removal of the Spine
  12. Forced Faith
  13. B.O.D.
  14. Thrashing Machine
  15. Fear
  16. Eyes of the Dead
  17. Infernal Conflict
  18. Poll Tax Fuck That

Disc 5

  1. Atomic Attack
  2. Oppressor
  3. Thrive
  4. Hateface
  5. New Eliminators of Atlantis Bc
  6. Hell Is in the South Sea
  7. Cursed City
  8. Soulsucker
  9. Feel No Pain
  10. Time to Stop
  11. Headshot
  12. Era of Suffering
  13. Somewhere in the West
  14. Fry or Be Fried

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Holosade   Composer
Carl Dwyer   Composer
Tim Franklin   Composer
Inner Sanctum   Composer
Mark Ramsey Wharton   Composer
Slammer   Composer
Michael McKeegan   Composer
Tony Mottram   Cover Photo
Jon Van Doorn   Composer
Blood Money   Composer
Andy Sneap   Composer
Ardkore   Composer
David Silver   Composer
Amok   Composer
Martin Walkyier   Composer
Purgatory   Composer
Lee "Chaz" Netherwood   Composer
Nige Rockett   Composer
Tony Bray   Composer
Conrad Lant   Composer
Tony Dolan   Composer
Andrew "Pinch" Pinching   Composer
Zeitgeist   Composer
Mark Beuchet   Composer
Acid Reign   Composer
Ian Arkley   Composer
Vindicator   Composer
Ben Carter   Composer
Ol Drake   Composer
Mike Alexander   Composer
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Black Talon   Composer
Jeffrey Dunn   Composer
Simon Bibby   Composer
Scott Rawson   Composer
Philly Byrne   Composer
Joe McGuigan   Composer
Domo Dixon   Composer
Damian Thompson   Composer
Jamie Brooks   Composer
Gary Jennings   Composer
Jay Walsh   Composer
Mark Magill   Composer
Eradikator   Composer
Deceptor   Composer
John Roche   Composer
Wretched Soul   Composer
Paul Rodwell   Composer
Simon Cobb   Composer
Graham Butt   Composer
Infernal Death   Composer
Malcolm "Scruff" Lewty   Composer
Aaron Boast   Composer
Lynda "Tam" Simpson   Composer
Ray Pepperell   Composer
Andy Pilkington   Cover Design
Ian Gangwer   Composer
Arbitrater   Composer
Acid Age   Composer
Dave Brunt   Composer
Neil Armstrong   Composer
10$ Head   Composer
Unholy Sacrifice   Composer
Seregon   Composer
Salem Justice   Composer
Hospital of Death   Composer
Driven To Distraction   Composer
Death Warmed Up   Composer
Daniel Wax Off   Composer
Nick Chapman   Composer
Wayne Bailey   Composer
Jason Smith   Composer
Martyn Bonnet   Composer
Dave Osman   Composer
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Dan Middleton   Composer

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