Contacto (Contact)

Contacto (Contact)

by Carl Sagan

Paperback(Spanish-language Edition)

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Contacto es la única novela escrita por el astrónomo estadounidense Carl Sagan, uno de los mayores divulgadores científicos del siglo XX.

Galardonado con el premio Pulitzer por Los dragones del Edén, Sagan es además el aclamado autor de Cosmos, el libro de divulgación científica más vendido de la historia, el cual inspiró una aclamada serie de televisión estrenada en más de sesenta países. 

Contacto, premio Locus 1986, desarrolla una de las constantes en la trayectoria del autor: la búsqueda de inteligencia extraterrestre y la comunicación con ella a través de sondas espaciales. En 1997, el director de cine Robert Zemeckis llevó esta historia a la gran pantalla, en una película protagonizada por Jodie Foster y Matthew McConaughey.

Tras cinco años de incesantes búsquedas con los dispositivos más sofisticados del momento, la astrónoma Eleanor Arroway consigue, junto a un equipo de científicos internacionales, conectar con la estrella Vega y demostrar que no estamos solos en el universo. Empieza entonces un trepidante viaje hacia el encuentro más esperado de la historia de la humanidad, y con él Sagan plantea magistralmente cómo afectaría a nuestra sociedad la recepción de mensajes de una civilización extraterrestre.


At first it seemed impossible - a radio signal that came not from Earth but from far beyond the nearest stars. But then the signal was translated, and what had been impossible became terrifying. For the signal contains the information to build a Machine that can travel to the stars. A Machine that can take a human to meet those that sent the message. They are eager to meet us: they have been watching and waiting for a long time. And now they will judge.

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ISBN-13: 9786073166447
Publisher: PRH Grupo Editorial
Publication date: 11/20/2018
Edition description: Spanish-language Edition
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,162,985
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Carl Sagan (1934-1996), astrónomo, astrofísico y cosmólogo estadounidense, es considerado uno de los divulgadores científicos más importantes del siglo XX. Autor de numerosos bestsellers, como Los dragones del Edén (premio Pulitzer 1978) y Contacto (premio Locus 1986), Sagan es sobre todo conocido por su obra Cosmos, el libro de divulgación científica más vendido de la historia, que inspiró la famosa serie de televisión Cosmos: Un viaje personal. Las innumerables publicaciones científicas de Sagan incluyen contribuciones sobre Venus, Júpiter o Marte, así como investigaciones acerca de la posibilidad de vida extraterrestre. Su trayectoria fue galardonada, entre otras distinciones, con dos Medallas de la nasa, un premio John F. Kennedy de Astronáutica y un Emmy en la categoría de Logro Destacado Individual por Cosmos: Un viaje personal.

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Contacto 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
reading_fox on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Tricky to discuss wihout spoilers, if you're very sensitive or unaware of the plot at all, maybe you'd bbest skip this amazing work from a "real" scientist, however it is already beginning to date itself quite a bit. Set over about a decade of the 90s the opening 2/3rds of the book are definetly the most insightful, and the real Sci-fi doesn't start until the end.(Dr.) Ellie Arroway is the central character of the story which is told in third person from the moment she was born thourgh to somewhere in her 50s. And we get a series of snapshot scenes from her developing years through to the beginning of the story proper when she is Director of the Argus SETI program, a vast radio telescope array primarily dedicated to searching for alien life. One day a genuine non-random signal is detected eminating from close to the star Vega. The middle third of the book is then another series of disjointed sketches of how Ellie interacts with the various different views and politics involved in such a momentus occasion. There is a lot of religious controversy, and quite a bit of government back covering and general manouvering for advantage. There are some great discussions on the power and testability of scientific and religious faith, and the smallness of human gods. And also the fickleness of human hearts.The major downsides apart from the generally slow pace is that as a near future book, written in '85 it has already dated. Cell phones, the internet, optical storage devices are all not present. But by 1999 major habitable orbital platforms, the continuing of the Cold War, a female US president, and the demise of global media companies are predicted but without the spark that another author could give them. Instead they are taken for granted and they grate occasionally - particularly the Cold War attitudes, although the US defense dept.'s mindsets are probably likely enough.The ending is unexpected, but it's clear that whoever Ellie meets is not the same as the builder of the tunnels. Sagan is famously an athiest, but this is not an easy position to substantiate as the it's a staggering co-incidence that the universe formed such that to 10 fingered beings pi becomes non-random like that. However it is fairly clear that Sagan has no time for an activist interventionist God, and Ellie clearly wins all the discussions on this point - even if some of the opposition is not that sophisticated. Are we likely to recieve a message from aliens. No of course not, but if we did I think a lot of the world would react in the ways various characters do in this book do, and hopefully the Machindo - the spiritual worldwide coming togethre in the way of the Machine would also come to pass. A fascinatng read about western society, religion and our ways of coping with change.