Conspiracy Or Faith: Volume 1

Conspiracy Or Faith: Volume 1

by Ollie B Fobbs Jr


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Conspiracy or Faith, is something that has troubled me for the past 30 years, I have wondered often, what it meant to be in faith, I have watched many things happen for others, that seemed like a slammed door in my face, I watched a full church of people one night be healed, and all of them tossed their medications in the trash, when I did likewise, I nearly died, Conspiracy or faith, even now, is a great mystery, however, through study of the word of God, the applications to my life that I am now finding, Yes, things are changing for my life for the better.You will never know the truth, unless you are seeking the truth, what I am finding out is that, Too many Churches, teach the values of the conspiracy over the values of faith, then when the people hear about the values of faith, they get angry, call the teacher a liar, and other cold hearted names. But if the truth is told, and I am one of the many that is going to tell it, you should want the truth over the lie, I saw in a movie once, where the man punched another man two times, first time was for hurting his feelings, the second one was because he stood on the values of the truth, which was what hurt his feelings, needless to say, the truth hurts.Conspiracy or Faith, is a writing that attacks the values of where we need to be standing in our lives, John 10:10 talks about it very clearly, and in this book, this verse is talked about a lot, why, because that is a value of our faith that we really need to fully understand, simply put, either we are going to live by faith, and then live with God forever, or, we are going to accept the cases of the conspiracy, and live with the devil forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781518819636
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/23/2016
Series: Conspiracy Or Faith , #1
Pages: 436
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

About the Author

I am the son of the late Elder Ollie Fobbs and Jennie Melton (Fobbs), I have three brothers that are still living, they are Michael Fleming, Tommy Fobbs, and Robert Fobbs, my only sister passed a few years ago, her name is Sherry Fleming. I have one son, who goes by the name of Andy Reid, he has two daughters at present, they are Ashleigh, who is the oldest, and Jade Reid of Richmond vicinity.
I was ordained and licensed in 1980's, joined the Army in 1988, which took me to Germany, where I was stationed in Mainz Gonzemheim, I was there for almost two years. The military did me wrong, and I wound up on my way back to Richmond Virginia, with all of my benefits being taken away, including my college fund which was fully paid for, they took it away.
At present, I am on my third marriage, the first was in the early 1980's to Robinette General, then in 1988 to Joyce Smith, and now I am happily married to LaVonia Boatwright Fobbs.
While driving tour buses in the early 1990's with Groome Transportation, I wound up at a Pastors Conference, where I was told that God has blessed me with a name of power and authority. The Bishop in question told me that my name first off meant servant, and secondly, it meant Apostle. I told this story to several of my apostle friends, and they insisted that I start using the title apostle, at that point, I was using Reverend.
I attended the Richmond Public school system, where I did okay, I was a start track and field participant, where I won a lot of medals and trophies running like a scared chicken. My cousin says that I ran the track like a crazy man. I graduated from Armstrong High school in 1982, then went on to driving school buses, from there, I went into driving tractor trailers, from there, it was whatever I could find to do.
In my life I have been totally homeless three times, when I say, totally homeless, that means that, I could not find work, there was no one I could depend on for shelter, because I did not have money or a job, which also meant that I lost everything I had, three other times, I lost everything I had, but I was able to stay with either family or friends. I found out the hard way, that being homeless wasn't all that bad, however, that was not where I wanted to stay.
faith gave me a new perspective on life when I was hit with cancer, and I was told to start thinking about living, that changed everything for me, and today, that is what I want others to understand.

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