Connecting With God, Breaking The Chain, Talking With God: Personal Prayers

Connecting With God, Breaking The Chain, Talking With God: Personal Prayers

by Carolyn Marie Hollins


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God is Always Speaking
As we begin our journey with God, and being to connect with God, and began to long for more of God's feeding. God in itself, Him being the Word is food for our soul. There will be a many trials, tribulation, and the many trails we will travel, which will bring many challenging situation. God is here with us in Spirit and in Truth. God has provided many ways of giving us the comfort and help needed. The number one helps God has given us is His word, and His Son Jesus. God has asked of us to read His Words daily. In doing so, we will learn His Voice, which will allow us to listen to Him speak, giving us the guidance and help we need. All of God's Words are powerful but, one of the powerful "growth levels" we should want to accomplish is in Proverbs 3:5 -"lean not to your own understanding" and acknowledge God. God is real. The guidance of God is needed and a must in this world.
This book contains biblical scriptures from the NIV version appointed by God. This book is about connecting with God, writing your thoughts to God, and talking with God. You should now that, this book contains God's Words of Encouragement, prayers to God, and places to write your own personal thoughts down which will allow you to speak with God in private through your writing and as well in praying. When we humbly pray and talk with God, God will answer. God will minister to His children, as His children humbly pray and speaks to Him, being verbal or in writing. God hear every word spoken. When humbly writing to God, God see every word written. Writing is speaking in silent to God.
This book will allow any child God has created upon the face of the earth to humble their self, and grow in Him (God). There is nothing like having a personal journal with God and For God. This is a book that can be passed on, from you to your family for guidance and from your family to the next generation, and so on to the next generations thereafter. Providing a book of different presentation in God, will show the raising of a child in God, and provide comfort in knowing if the child strays, the child will return unto God. God will show you your vision. God tell us in Habakkuk 2 "to write the words down and make the vision plain". In our reading and writing of our thoughts and visions, we will learn God's voice. This will allow us to listen, and to speak to Him.

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