Confident You: Why Are You Not Confident? Boost Your Self Confidence

Confident You: Why Are You Not Confident? Boost Your Self Confidence

by Charles Lamont


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Self-confidence is an important part of being a human-being. Humanity in fact, progresses at the leadership of confident people, people who believe not only in themselves, but in their ability to bring about change, both good and bad. This progression leads to advancements in society, advancements that would have seemed impossible even just a few years prior.

It is therefore imperative that you, as a person, have a measure of self-confidence, if you are to navigate life successfully. While you might not be in the business of changing the world, self-confidence is an essential tool when it comes to existing successfully in your own world, however big or small that world may be.

Self-confidence is deeply rooted in self-love, and often mistaken for egotism or arrogance. There is a fine line between these characteristics though, and this difference is explained in the following chapters. You will be shown how to distinguish between real failure and success, and how boosting your self-confidence can, and will, help you traverse this often tricky terrain with ease.

Loving yourself is the cornerstone of self-confidence, and this book will teach you how to truly love yourself, without ego and arrogance coming into play. Balance is critical in how we view ourselves, and this balance is what you will learn in the following pages.

First, let us put forward a basic explanation of self-confidence. It has been accepted by the general population, the masses, and so it is the best place to start with our discussion on boosting your own self-confidence, and learning, once and for all, how to truly love yourself.

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