Confidencias Reales: En Vivo Desde el Teatro Real

Confidencias Reales: En Vivo Desde el Teatro Real

by Alejandro FernándezAlejandro Fernández




In July of 2014, Alejandro Fernandez became the first Mexican pop singer to perform at Madrid's legendary Teatro Real. He took the stage with his stellar touring band, the Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid, and a mariachi group (the latter a first at the Teatro). While the program is largely comprised of hits, these performances are not only savvy and diverse but are at times majestic. Fernandez gets right to it, delivering two killers in a row: the fingerpopping, nocturnal, jazzy swing of "Concavo y Convexo" and the anthemic pop rock of "Se Me Va La Voz," with its striking horn chart atop the languid guitars and keyboards. The ballads are just as striking. "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti," with its dramatic string chart, add dimension and texture to the passion in his voice. Likewise, "Te Quiero, Te Quiero" walks the line between bolero and pop, buoyed by the orchestra as Fernandez soars above. This version of "No Se Olvidar," originally from 1997's excellent Me Estoy Enamorando, is more stripped down. The progressive, largely acoustic arrangement walks the line between mariachi, nuevo cancion, and even groovy bossa nova, with lithe flutes, nylon-string guitars, and hand percussion. When mariachi is offered as convincingly as it is in "Hoy Decidi Olvidarte," the presence of strings enhances rather than blunts it. The root sounds of guitarron and brass shine right through. The closing version of Julio Iglesias' "Abrazame" is the most dynamic moment of all. A two-minute instrumental intro juxtaposes mariachi and bolero fueled by piano, trumpet, and lilting guitar. Fernandez digs deeply into the poetic lyric as the orchestra makes its way to his voice, creating a bridge to its emotional grain. As the mariachi band enters and prods them, they all come together in a dignified yet smoldering, swirling intensity. At the end, time, space, and architecture have been suspended. The theater has seemingly been transformed into a small, dimly lit room: here the protagonist entreats his beloved -- with whom he has been through many difficulties and joys -- to remain eternally. Fernandez's delivery is all depth, poetry, and sincerity; full of power and commitment. Confidencias Reales is graceful, elegant, and saturated with beauty throughout. While his longtime audience gets the hits done fantastically, even the modern listener can hear that Fernandez stretches himself to meet the bare truth inherent in the songs themselves. Over a two-decade-plus career, he has issued several inspiring live recordings, but this one achieves an entirely new level of excellence.

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Release Date: 12/09/2014
Label: Universal Latino
UPC: 0602547068439
catalogNumber: 002219002

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alejandro Fernández   Primary Artist
Rob Mounsey   Arreglos
Jorge Calandrelli   Arreglos
Carlos Murguía   Coros
Jesús Fernández   Timbales
Rafa Sardina   Mezcla
José Padilla   Trumpet
Fernando de Santiago   Arreglos
Laura Martín   Flute
Jorge Enrique Estrada Aguirre   Keyboards
Isidro Martinez Villanueva   Trumpet
Baltazar Urrutia Rayas   Violin
Ramon Garcia Ramirez   Violin
Edmundo Perez Preciado   Bass
Francisco Gutierrez Ortega   Violin
Esteban Rivera Martinez   Trombone
Bernardo Garcia Martinez   Guitar
Juan Garcia Lopez   Violin
David Garcia Lopez   Violin
Gary Flores Chala   Bateria
Alfredo Guzman Delgado   Trumpet
Jorge Guzman Delgado   Violin
Martin Guzman Delgado   Trumpet
Osbaldo Guzman Delgado   Guitarron
Jesus Padilla Gutierrez   Vihuela
Leila Hoyle   Coros
Paloma Romero   Contrabass (Vocal)
Alger Erosa Rosado   Guitar
Juan Antonio Ramos   Flute,Saxophone
Laura Dudley   Flute
Javier Morillas   Cello
Miguel Ángel Sánchez   Violin
José Domingo   Trumpet
Marta Cobos   Violin
Pablo Castellanos   Violin
Patricia Sánchez   Violin
Pedro Barberán   Viola
Rafael Herrador   Violin
Roberto Sánchez   Trumpet
Rosa Pellicer   Cello
Sergey Savrov   Viola
Tamara Moreno   Contrabass (Vocal)
Zoe Yanet Ahumada   Corista
Valle Gonzalez   Oboe
Victoria Garrido   Violin
Vincente Climent   Trombone
Zhanna Guevska   Violin
Mónica Raquel Espinoza   Corista
Milena Brody   Viola
María José Gómez   Violin
Luis Miguel Hernández   Viola
Lesya Milyutenko   Violin
Layla Benjamín   Violin
Laura Camón   Viola
Jorge Pastor   Trombone
Jordi Hidalgo   Violin
Javier Povedano   Clarinet
Hortencia Arcelia Macías   Corista
Eva María Sierra   Cello
Diego Giménez   Violin
Celia Zaballos   Arpa
Alberto Hernández   Cello
Arturo Calderón   Violin
Armando Espinosa Brizuela   Percussion
Ana María Davó   Violin

Technical Credits

Julio Iglesias   Composer
Miguel Bosé   Composer
Roberto Carlos   Composer
Alejandro Jaén   Composer
Joan Sebastian   Composer
Steve Churchyard   Engineer
Frank Rodriguez   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Juan Carlos Calderón   Composer
Rafael Ferro   Composer
Erasmo Carlos   Composer
Nando Hernandez   Musical Director
Kike Santander   Composer
Aureo Baqueiro   Producer,Pro-Tools
Rafa Sardina   Engineer
Donato Poveda   Composer
Rafael de León   Composer
Jorge Massias   Composer
Augusto Alguero Dasca   Composer
Víctor Sánchez   Engineer
Jesús López   Executive Producer
Martin Guzman Delgado   Musical Director
Jose Miguel Gallardo Vera   Composer
Roy Tabare   Composer
Carlos Law   Composer
Pedro Dabdoub Sánchez   Composer
Mae Crosby   Copista
Javier Corcuera   Director
Everado Cano   Engineer

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