Confessions Of A Geordie Bouncer

Confessions Of A Geordie Bouncer

by Mark James

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Confessions of a British bouncer addresses the issue of bullying, fear of confrontation and depression, along with tips and tricks to reboot our negative alter egos.The books underlying theme is that we all can become the person we most despise if we don’t keep ourselves in check. After decades of martial arts training, hundreds of street, cage and bare-knuckle fights, I found that I had become the person I feared the most as a young a man, the bully. This book will talk about my own personal civil war I had in my head every day, a childhood of fear, bullying and intimidation which lead to depression, Ill touch on how I took life by the balls and turned a scared young boy and transformed into a feared psychotic doorman and then on to tree hugging peaceful vegan that I am today (well, that’s what I like to think). I always wanted to write a book that touched on bullying, fear and depression but felt like a fraud, who would look for answers from someone who has been haunted by fear and depression themselves, who would read a book about avoiding cancer by someone who smoked, it just seemed so wrong, until one day I listened to a audiobook while out running, the audiobook was by Dr Paul McKenna, Dr McKenna is a hypnotist who helps people with phobias, addictions, depressions and anxieties, what makes Dr McKenna different is that he suffered from depression and anxiety for a large part of his life, Dr McKenna also attempted to take his own life on several occasions, some would say Dr McKenna should sort his own problems out before he helps others, but not me, I would much rather read that book that was written out of experience opposed to how to guide written by the self-righteous.

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Publisher: Mark James
Publication date: 11/18/2015
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About the Author

Hi, Im Mark James an ex-doorman, ex-software developer and soon to be ex-web developer from the North East of England – Newcastle upon Tyne to be precises. I have been accused of being in a mid life crisis since my early 20′s, due to my inquisitive and philosophical outlook on life. Our lives are incredibly short if we look at it from a abstract point of view, yet many of us have irrational beliefs that lessens our experience of life, these come in many forms such as morals, ethics, conditioning by friends, family and society on a whole. I don’t want to state the obvious but we are all dying! We are all dying at the rate of seconds, most of us will have time of birth recorded somewhere, either on our birth certificates or at the local births, deaths and marriages department, as we will have a time of death, this may be this afternoon or 50 years from now depending on your age, but for sure you will have a time of death. The Meaning Of Life According To A Cancer Survivor asks questions about life, death and all in between, questions that has plagued mankind for thousands of years, questions like why are we here?, Is there a afterlife? or is there any real purpose to our existence at all. Socrates founder of western philosophy, was executed by his own government because he asked his followers to think for themselves, he did not tell the Greek people to think a certain way, but encouraged them to think about the meaning of life, this did not got down well in 400BC or does it go down well to this day. Someone once said you sometimes need to face death before we can really start to live, I would like to think that we could avoid the near death experience if we face our own mortality, the problem lies that most will do anything to avoid the subject, as death seems to be a taboo subject, maybe this is because it can encourage a negative trail of thought.

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