Concordance of Steel

Concordance of Steel

by Daniel Chesler

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1955 — The first invasion was covert. The aliens arrived not as conquerors, but as infiltrators replacing key government officials and bribing others to become traitors. There were those, like Steve from the American Office of Naval Intelligence and Moira the Communist spy, who knew of the plot, but with their own governments compromised, who could they trust? Together, they and others like them form a clandestine counter movement, the Concordance. With the ever present threat of being declared traitors by their own governments, the Concordance will need to battle both the invaders and human traitors. If they fail, humanity will become nothing but cannon fodder in the invaders' wars of conquest.

2047 — The first war ended not with the defeat of the invaders, but with their tactical retreat. In 2031, they returned. This time in force. Nearly a billion people died in the first months of the war. A new generation of Concordance troopers has been called upon to hold the line. Dutch and Ata are Concordance foot soldiers — survivors of a Concordance friendly fire accident and two of the few, very few, members of humanity who can resist the aliens' psionic attacks. Together they must merge the remnants of their teams while responding to alien raids and attacks by alien sympathizers. With luck, they will live to tell stories of the war to their grandchildren. If they're unlucky, there will be another set of headstones in a Concordance cemetery.

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BN ID: 2940163920952
Publisher: Daniel Chesler
Publication date: 03/31/2020
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

An avid reader of science and science fiction since middle school, Daniel first began writing while serving in the United States Navy. The long deployments gave him time to write and an audience eager to read something other than technical manuals. Besides learning how to track submarines, Daniel’s military experience taught him that — one, writing was hard and two, he enjoyed telling stories for other people’s enjoyment. Upon leaving the military Daniel continued to write. He describes his writing as ‘science fiction with a dash of a second genre.’

In addition to his military background, Daniel has a degree in electrical engineering. He did his internship as NASA.

Both of Daniels’s parents served in the United States Navy. Daniel says he is probably one of the very few sailors who can say they swapped sea stories with their mothers.

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