Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 5

Complete Sun Singles, Vol. 5

CD(Box Set)

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The fifth volume in Bear Family's exhaustive assembling of every single issued by Sam Phillips picks up the story of the end of Sun Records and the beginnings of its Phillips International subsidiary. This follows Sun releases from 1962 to 1968 and the first two years of the P.I. imprint, beginning in 1957. By the early 1960s, Sun was back to being a small, local label with little -- if any -- impact on the national scene. Its final 13 releases drifted out over a period of three years to scant acclaim and little promotion. Disc one kicks off with the pop stylings of teen idol wannabe Tony Rossini and instrumentals fromthe Four Upsetters. Other highlights include selections from Billy Adams, Bill Yates, Jerry Lee Lewis (including "Teenage Letter"), a reissue of Smokey Joe's "Signifying Monkey," and the final record from Johnny Cash. Disc two finds the label responding to the British Invasion in their own unique Memphian way with sides from Randy and the Radiants and the Jesters' "Cadillac Man" and "My Babe," possibly the last great Sun single. There are also diverse selections from Billy Adams, Bill Yates (including two issued under the pseudonym of Gorgeous Bill), Johnny Cash clone Dane Stinit, a reissue of David Houston's Phillips International single "Sherry's Lips," soul music from the Climates, gospel from Brother James Anderson, the final Sun issue from Load of Mischief and the final Sun record from Jerry Lee ("Carry Me Back to Old Virginia"). Disc three begins the chronicling of Sam's Phillips International label. Phillips International began in 1957 as somewhat of a "pop" alternative to the rockabilly fare that was the bread and butter of the Sun label, but quickly showed an all-over-the-road approach that eventually short-circuited the operation. Kicking off with the country-pop of Buddy Blake's "You Pass Me By," the first 11 singles in the catalog were a delightful collection of unreconstructed rockabilly, commercial rock & roll (including Bill Justis' mega-hit "Raunchy"), hot Memphis hybrid music and straight up pop-rockers. The final disc kicks off with Barbara Pittman's "Everlasting Love" and continues chronicling the rest of the label's output from 1958 and the first three singles from 1959. Among the many high spots are Ernie Barton's first single for the label ("Stairway to Nowhere"), a pair of great singles from Cliff Thomas, Ed and Barbara, Bill Justis searching for a follow-up to "Raunchy," Ken Cook's "Crazy Baby," and Charlie Rich's first single ("Philadelphia Baby").

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Release Date: 02/11/1998
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127158055
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Disc 1

  1. You Make It Sound So Easy
  2. New Girl in Town
  3. Midnight Soiree
  4. Crazy Arms
  5. Good Golly Miss Molly
  6. I Can't Trust Me (In Your Arms Anymore)
  7. Seasons of My Heart
  8. Teenage Letter
  9. Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees)
  10. Sittin' and Thinkin'
  11. Surfin' Calliope
  12. Wabash Cannonball
  13. Moved to Kansas City
  14. Nobody
  15. Ain't Gonna Let You (Break My Heart)
  16. Tell Me My Love
  17. Betty and Dupree
  18. Got My Mojo Workin'
  19. Don't Step on My Dog
  20. Stop, Wait and Listen
  21. Lookin' for My Mary Ann
  22. Trouble in Mind
  23. Wide Open Road
  24. Belshazzar
  25. Signifying Monkey
  26. Listen to Me Baby
  27. Reconsider Baby
  28. Ruby Jane

Disc 2

  1. Mountain's High
  2. Peek-A-Boo
  3. Carry Me Back to Old Virginia
  4. I Know What It Means
  5. Too Late to Right My Wrong
  6. Carleen
  7. My Way of Thinking
  8. Truth from My Eyes
  9. Big Big World
  10. I Dropped My Mandm's
  11. My Babe
  12. Cadillac Man
  13. Open the Door, Richard
  14. Rock Me Baby
  15. Don't Knock What You Don't Understand
  16. Always on the Go
  17. Sherry's Lips
  18. Miss Brown
  19. No You for Me
  20. Breaking Up Again
  21. Sweet Country Girl
  22. The Muddy Ole River (Near Memphis, Tennessee)
  23. I'm Gonna Move in the Room With the Lord
  24. My Soul Needs Resting
  25. I'm a Lover
  26. Back in My Arms Again

Disc 3

  1. You Pass Me By
  2. Please Convince Me
  3. Love My Baby
  4. One Broken Heart
  5. Two Young Fools in Love
  6. I'm Getting Better All the Time
  7. Raunchy
  8. The Midnite Man
  9. That's the Way I Love
  10. I'll Wait
  11. Treat Me Right
  12. I'm on My Way Home
  13. College Man
  14. The Stranger
  15. Point of View
  16. My Love Song
  17. After the Hop
  18. Sally's Got a Sister
  19. Wild Rice
  20. Scroungie
  21. You Are My Sunshine
  22. Tootsie

Disc 4

  1. Everlasting Love
  2. Cold, Cold Heart
  3. Stairway to Nowhere
  4. Raining the Blues
  5. Cattywampus
  6. Summer Holiday
  7. The Frog
  8. A Little Blue Bird Told Me
  9. Sorry I Lied
  10. Leave It to Me
  11. Whirlwind
  12. Philadelphia Baby
  13. Somehow Without You
  14. The Picture
  15. Crazy Baby
  16. I Was a Fool
  17. Bop Train
  18. String of Pearls/Cha Hot Cha
  19. The Minstrel Show
  20. Three Little Guitars
  21. Hopeless Love
  22. If I Had My Way
  23. I'm the Only One
  24. Tidewind

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Johnny Cash   Track Performer
David Houston   Track Performer
Charlie Rich   Track Performer
Jesters   Track Performer
Jerry Lee Lewis   Track Performer
Johnny Carroll   Track Performer
Wayne Powers   Track Performer
Billy Adams   Track Performer
Ken Cook   Track Performer
Hayden Thompson   Track Performer
Tennessee Three   Track Performer
Four Upsetters   Track Performer
Linda Gail Lewis   Track Performer
Carl McVoy   Track Performer
Randy & the Radiants   Track Performer
Barbara Pittman   Track Performer
Ernie Barton   Track Performer
Cliff Thomas   Track Performer
Smokey Joe   Track Performer
Bill Justis & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Dane Stinit   Track Performer
Bill Yates   Track Performer

Technical Credits

George Jones   Composer
Charlie Rich   Composer
Hank Thompson   Composer
Hank Davis   Text
Jerry Lee Lewis   Composer
Grover Mitchell   Illustrations
Bill Justis   Producer
Scotty Moore   Producer
A.P. Carter   Composer
Jack Clement   Producer
Colin Escott   Reissue Producer,Illustrations
David Mayo   Illustrations
Knox Phillips   Producer
Billy Sherrill   Producer
Eddie Thomas   Composer
Charles Underwood   Producer
Eddie Fontaine   Composer
William Pittman   Illustrations
Diane Lampert   Composer
Sam Phillips   Producer
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Illustrations,Tape Research
Dave Sax   Reissue Producer,Tape Comparison,Tape Research
Hans Peter Zdrenka   Illustrations
Robert "Bumps" Blackwell   Composer
Darrell Edwards   Composer
John Marascalco   Composer
Vic McAlpin   Composer
Renald Richard   Composer
Fred Burch   Composer
Cirino Colacrai   Composer
Wolfgang Taubenauer   Artwork
Traditional   Composer
Johnny Gluck   Composer
Gerald Nelson   Composer
James Kendis   Composer
Lou Klein   Composer
Steve Richards   Illustrations
Tommy Certain   Composer
Red West   Composer
David Kelly   Composer

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