Complete Book of Dogs and Puppy Care: Choosing a Dog Breed, Puppy Care and Dog Training Advice with Dog Commands

Complete Book of Dogs and Puppy Care: Choosing a Dog Breed, Puppy Care and Dog Training Advice with Dog Commands

by J.J. McGoy

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The Complete Book of Dog Training and Puppy Care is filled with useful information from choosing a dog and puppy care to dog training, health and nutrition. It is the distillation of more than twenty years of experience with dogs and the people who owned them. Reading it will not make you a dog expert, but it will help make you an expert on your dog.


Part One

1. Instincts and Behavior 13
The World from the Dog's Standpoint, 14
Behavior, 19
Socialization and the Learning Process in Young Puppies, 20
The Five Critical Stages in a Puppy's Life,21

Part Two

2. Selecting Your Dog 23
Purebred, Crossbreed or Mongrel, 23
The Six Groups of Dogs, 24
The Advantages of a Purebred Dog, 28 Crossbreeds and Mongrels, 29
Male vs. Female, 30
Large and Small Dogs, 31
Long-Haired and Short-Haired Dogs, 31
Puppy or Older Dog, 32
Some Pointers on Picking the Individual Dog, 32

3. The New Puppy 34
Setting the Stage for the New Puppy, 34 Bringing the Puppy Home, 3 8
First-Night Loneliness, 39
The Puppy's Second Day and Thereafter, 40

4. The ABC's of Dog Nutrition 50
The Essential Nutrients, 50 Feeding Your Dog, 52
The Various Dog Foods, 53 Table Manners, 58

5. Grooming and General Care 59
Care of the Hair,59
Toenails, 62
Bathing, 63
Ears, 65
Eyes, 65
Teeth, 66
Ear Cropping and Tail Docking, 67
Examining the Puppy, 68
Taking the Dog's Temperature, 69

Part Three

6. Basic Training for Dog and Owner 70
Dog-and-Teacher Relationship, 71
Your Student, 71
The Classroom, 73
Who's to Do the Training? 74
Training Equipment, 75
Giving Commands, 75
Praise and Reprimand, 76
Your Classroom Deportment, 78
The Basic Commands, 78
Turning, 82
Heeling Without the Leash, 83
Teaching the Puppy Etiquette, 84
Training Hints, 85

Part Four

7. Raising a Dog in the City 87
Selection of a Suitable Breed, 88
Teaching Your Dog How to Get Along in the City, 90
Dog Sanitation, 93
Exercising the City Dog, 95

8. The Suburban and Country Dog 97
The Suburban Dog, 97
Canine Delinquents,97
Home Kennels, 98
The Country Dog, 100
Molesting Livestock, 101
Special Advantages of Home Kennels, 103

9. Problem Dogs 104
Causes of Abnormal Behavior, 104
The Chronic Barker or Howler, 106
The Biting Dog, 109
How to Meet a Strange Dog, 113
The Car Chaser,115
The Tramp Dog,118
The 'Tiddler" or Wetting Dog, 119
The Sexually Frustrated Dog, 120
Tranquilizers, 120
Rehabilitating Problem Dogs, 121

10. Your Dog and the Law 123
Dog Licenses, 124
Leash Laws, 125
Liability for Dog Bites, 125
Injuring or Killing Livestock, 126
Rabid Dogs,127
Shipping Your Dog by Public Carrier, 127
Cruelty to Animals, 128
Breeding Fees,128
Leases and Dogs, 129
Ownership, 130
Puppies and Registration, 130
Public Nuisance, 131

Part Five

11. The Dog's Body and How It Functions 132
Hair and Skin,133
The Skeleton, 135
The Muscular System,136
The Nervous System, 136
The Digestive System 137
The Urinary System, 138
The Reproductive System, 139

12. The Four Major Diseases 140

13. Other Diseases and Ailments 152
14. Internal Parasites 166
15. Fleas, Lice and Ticks 180
16. Skin Conditions 187
17. First Aid for Accidents 195
18. Home Nursing of the Sick Dog 210
Part Six
19. Mating and Prenatal Care 217
20. Whelping and Care of the Newborn Pup
Part Seven OLD AGE
21. Care of the Aging Dog 240

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