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An ambitious project spearheaded by two of Mexico's most revered DJs and producers, Compass brings together a colorful panoply of sounds and styles from collaborators around the globe. Using Mexican and Latin traditions as a springboard for electronic-based experimentation, Camilo Lara and Toy Hernández have each notched remarkable careers, the former with his long-running Latin electronica project Mexican Institute of Sound and the latter with hip-hop group Control Machete and on his own as Toy Selectah. The longtime peers' first project together is a doozy, as they build, from the ground up, a massive multi-national collaboration that includes over 80 wildly varied participants, from Gogol Bordello's Eugene Hütz to MC Lyte to reggae legend Toots Hibbert. That's a lot of personnel to cram into 13 tracks, but it's a testament to both producers that Compass is every bit as fun as it sounds on paper. Hernández was quoted as saying that "this album is like our PhD thesis on global music production," which isn't far from the truth, though these joyous and quirky tracks come across as anything but academic. Bright Latin horns percolate over spry beats on "Explotar," where Californian rapper Kool A.D. swaps lines with Brazil's Emicida, Stereo MC's frontman Rob Birch, and New York tropical punk Maluca. Sparkling piano samples and vibrant hand percussion from Cypress Hill member Eric Bobo support another stellar Latin pop mashup, "Yo La Vi," which pairs Britain's Crystal Fighters with Beastie Boys collaborator Money Mark and Ozomatli bassist Wil-Dog Abers. It doesn't seem like it should all hang together with so many artists involved, and it does play more like a mixtape, but running through nearly every track is the deft touch of its shepherds, Lara and Hernández, whose quirky Latin sensibilities thread the songs together. What's most impressive is how much each collaboration genuinely sparks something new, like on the infectiously bouncy "La Llama," where reggaeton singer Notch, Chicago MC Matty Rico, and Brooklyn's Ohmega Watts push each other to new heights over KutMasta Kurt's primo scratching. The spirit of newness and raw creativity seems to leap out of the speakers no matter who's on or behind the mike. Perhaps the only track that feels a bit one-dimensional is Toots Hibbert's reggae-soul cut "Crazy Conscious," which, aside from its wobbly mariachi horns, is pretty straightforward, though not lacking in quality. Overall, Compass succeeds in its joyful cross-pollination, capturing the rare sound of artists who seem properly thrilled to be thrown into the mix together.

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Release Date: 08/26/2016
Label: Six Degrees
UPC: 0657036124127
catalogNumber: 361241
Rank: 112617

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Toy Selectah   Primary Artist
MC Lyte   Vocals
Eric Bobo   Percussion
DeFrantz Forrest   Choir, Chorus
Toots Hibbert   Guitar,Drums,Vocals
KutMasta Kurt   scratching
Money Mark   Keyboards,Vocals
Cornelius   Theremin
Wil-Dog Abers   Bass
Rob Birch   Vocals
Kelli Ali   Vocals
Eugene Hütz   Vocals
Javier Weyler   Drums
Rachel Gagnon   Choir, Chorus
Stela Campos   Vocals
Sergio Mendoza   Keyboards,Vocals
Notch   Vocals
Ohmega Watts   Vocals
Nina Sky   Vocals
Natalie Ganther   Choir, Chorus
Nicole Ganther   Choir, Chorus
Tiombe Lockhart   Vocals
Cacau Arcoverde   Percussion
Bonde do Rolê   Vocals
Gael García Bernal   Vocals
Pedro Erazo   Charango
Bruno Morais   Vocals
Crystal Fighters   Vocals
Helado Negro   Vocals
Maluca   Vocals
Fredo Ortiz   Percussion
Iara Renno   Vocals
DJ Tudo   Bass
DJ Lengua   Keyboards,Vocals
Emicida   Vocals
Kool A.D.   Vocals
Tanto Blacks   Vocals
J   Vocals
Luis Heredia   Choir, Chorus
Bradley Hanan Carter   Vocals
Daniel Nogueira   Horn,Keyboards
Mauricio Fleury   Keyboards
Douglas Antunes   Horn,Keyboards
Cuca Ferreira   Horn,Keyboards
John "Jon Jon" Harreld   Choir, Chorus
Daniel Gralha   Horn,Keyboards
Matty Rico   Vocals
Mercurias   Vocals
Kita Klane   Vocals
Xochitl Bryson   Choir, Chorus
Smita Narasimhan   Choir, Chorus
Shayna Lee   Choir, Chorus
Rachael Gagnon   Choir, Chorus
Mauricio Feury   Horn,Keyboards
Jeanine Kim   Choir, Chorus
Jase Mason   Beat Box
Hannah Schooner   Choir, Chorus
Daniela Boyzo   Choir, Chorus
Catly Do   Choir, Chorus
Carina Lee   Choir, Chorus
Benjamin Loozinger   Guitar
Alfredo Ortiz "Bongoloidz"   Percussion

Technical Credits

Milton Campbell   Composer
Graham Dickson   Composer
Aureo Baqueiro   Engineer
Nigel Burrell   Engineer
Yvonne Venegas   Cover Photo,Back Cover Photo
Rob Birch   Composer
Kelli Dayton   Composer
Eugene Hütz   Composer
Donald Dixon   Engineer
Camilo Lara   Producer
Stela Campos   Composer
Sergio Mendoza   Composer
James Musshorn   Engineer
Toy Selectah   Producer,Engineer
Natalie Albino   Composer
Nicole Albino   Composer
Tiombe Lockhart   Composer
Lana Moorer   Composer
Gael García Bernal   Composer
Frank Rodríguez "El Médico"   Engineer
Dusty   Programming
Roberto Lange   Composer
Norman Howell   Composer
Gabriel Kuri   Art Direction
Frederick Hibbert   Composer
Sebastian Pringle   Composer
Tandra "Lytes" Jhagroo   Engineer
Rodrigo "Funai" Costa   Engineer
Caleb Laven   Engineer
Natalie Yepez   Composer
Victor Vazquez   Composer
Rodrigo Pereira   Composer
Antonio Hernández Luna   Composer
Junior Henry   Composer
Chris Pummill   Engineer
Camilo Alvarez   Composer
Bradley Hanan Carter   Composer
Brian Crowe   Engineer
Marcelo Guerreiro   Engineer
Bruno Silva De Morais   Composer
Luana Dias   Composer
Mariella Vital   Composer
Juan De La Barrera   Composer
Lara Espindola Renno   Composer
Pedro Augusto   Composer
Matthew Rivera   Composer
Juan Ramon Cervilla   Composer
Joel Witewberg   Engineer
Hasan Moore   Engineer
Ferreira Deiro   Composer
Eamon Ore-Giron   Composer
Dusty Oliviera   Composer
Daniel Trachtenberg   Engineer
Caitlin Klane   Composer
Alyneia Zauala   Composer

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