Common Mistakes In Theology 2

Common Mistakes In Theology 2

by Hamilton Ayuk


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In culminative years of preaching, teaching, and mentoring, I have come across many people with pertinent questions about life and its importance thereof. Consequently, in 2010, I published Common Mistakes in Theology (CMT). Methought at the time, that I had exhausted most of the list of questions facing the church and her surroundings. However, before the book could leave the publisher's desk, I was hard pressed to produce a second volume as many questions had come in than I could answer. The two volumes make an attempt on the meaning of life, with total consideration on what the Bible says considering our desire to comprehend our spirituality.
Common Mistakes in Theology will serve as your First Aid box. Behold a timely succor to assist you in soothing your faith, especially in the current generation where everything God is being wounded by human philosophies. You will be able to teach others who seek your wisdom in life direction. Since time immemorial apologetics has always run parallel with polemics. While you may not be able to issue an informed opinion in everything, you will issue those that this book has given you. Without presumption, I do not pretend to have answered every question facing humanity, nonetheless, you will find it as a true spiritual First Aid Box as you use it side by side with its manual (Bible).
My hope is that we will realize that God created us and so knows us better. CMT will enrich every Christian and non Christian who desires to understand life and God better, and how to worship Him. Most of the questions are real life questions; thus, the practicality of these books (volume 1&2) cannot be sidestepped by those who seem to be confused on what God requires from man and how to guide others.
Until then, I wish you God's illumination as you read.

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Publication date: 12/20/2012
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