Come Along and Ride This Train

Come Along and Ride This Train

by Johnny CashJohnny Cash

CD(Box Set)



It's a statement of Johnny Cash's longevity that the eight albums collected here -- each one a concept collection devoted to American historical themes -- were considered worthy and viable commercial releases back when, and that most were very successful. This four-CD set assembles Ride This Train, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Bitter Tears, Ballads of the True West, Mean as Hell! (Johnny Cash Sings Ballads from the True West), America: A 200 Year Salute in Story and Song, From Sea to Shining Sea, and The Rambler, all in one place. They fit together as a body of work, and he put a lot of heart into all of these songs individually. He also engendered a good deal of enmity from members of his core audience of white Southerners, for the sympathies he displayed for the plight of Native Americans on 1964's Bitter Tears. America: A 200 Year Salute is the strongest of the other albums, covering the widest scope and allowing Cash to tie together several singing and songwriting traditions. Cash's two Western-song albums make a natural pairing, as do his two albums of railroad-related songs. The last of the four discs, encompassing From Sea to Shining Sea and The Rambler, is a logical pairing, the latter album being the realistic, somewhat theatrical contemporary equivalent to the former's folk music/history travelogue. Most of the dialogue sequences don't work too well, but the best of the songs come up to Cash's highest standard. Unlike other Bear Family boxes, the book in this one forgoes a detailed sessionography in favor of reprinting original album jacket notes and a good essay by Bob Allen.

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Release Date: 06/27/1994
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127155634
catalogNumber: 15563


Disc 1

  1. Come Along and Ride This Train
  2. Loading Coal
  3. Slow Rider
  4. The Shifting Whispering Sands
  5. Lumberjack
  6. Dorraine of Ponchartrain
  7. Going to Memphis
  8. When Papa Played the Dobro
  9. Boss Jack
  10. Old Doc Brown
  11. The Legend of John Henry's Hammer
  12. Tell Him I'm Gone
  13. Another Man Done Gone
  14. Casey Jones
  15. Nine Pound Hammer
  16. Chain Gang
  17. Busted
  18. Waiting for a Train
  19. Roughneck
  20. Pick a Bale of Cotton
  21. Cotton Pickin' Hands

Disc 2

  1. Hiawatha's Vision
  2. The Road to Kaintuck
  3. Hammers and Nails
  4. The Shifting Whispering Sands, Pt. 1
  5. The Ballad of Boot Hill
  6. I Ride an Old Paint
  7. Hardin Wouldn't Run
  8. Mr. Garfield
  9. The Streets of Laredo
  10. Johnny Reb
  11. A Letter from Home
  12. Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
  13. Mean as Hell
  14. Sam Hall
  15. 25 Minutes to Go
  16. The Blizzard
  17. Sweet Betsy from Pike
  18. Green Grow the Lilacs
  19. Rodeo Hand
  20. Stampede
  21. The Shifting Whispering Sands, Pt. 2
  22. Remember the Alamo
  23. Reflections

Disc 3

  1. Intro-Big Foot
  2. As Long as the Grass Shall Grow
  3. Apache Tears
  4. Custer
  5. The Talking Leaves
  6. The Ballad of Ira Hayes
  7. Drums
  8. White Girl
  9. Old Apache Squaw
  10. The Vanishing Race
  11. Opening Dialogue
  12. Paul Revere
  13. Begin West Movement
  14. The Road to Kaintuck
  15. To the Shining Mountains
  16. The Battle of New Orleans
  17. Southwestward
  18. Remember the Alamo
  19. Opening the West
  20. Lorena
  21. The Gettysburg Address
  22. The West
  23. Big Foot
  24. Like a Young Colt
  25. Mr. Garfield
  26. A Proud Land
  27. The Big Battle
  28. On Wheels and Wings
  29. Come Take a Trip in My Airship
  30. Reaching for the Stars
  31. These Are My People

Disc 4

  1. From Sea to Shining Sea
  2. The Whirl and The Suck
  3. Call Daddy from the Mines
  4. The Frozen Four Hundred Pound Fair to Middlin' Cotton Picker
  5. The Walls of a Prison
  6. The Masterpiece
  7. You and Tennessee
  8. She Came from the Mountains
  9. Another Song to Sing
  10. The Flint Arrowhead
  11. Cisco Clifton's Fillin' Station
  12. Shrimpin' Sailin'
  13. From Sea to Shining Sea
  14. Hit the Road and Go
  15. Dialogue #1
  16. If It Wasn't for the Wabash River
  17. Dialogue #2
  18. Lady
  19. Dialogue #3
  20. After the Ball
  21. Dialogue #4
  22. No Earthly Good
  23. Dialogue #5
  24. A Wednesday Car
  25. Dialogue #6
  26. My Cowboy's Last Ride
  27. Dialogue #7
  28. Calilou
  29. Dialogue #8
  30. Come Along and Ride This Train

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Johnny Cash   Primary Artist
Lorne Greene   Track Performer
Anita Carter   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Lead Belly   Composer
Johnny Cash   Composer,Liner Notes
Red Foley   Composer
Tex Ritter   Composer,Liner Notes
Merle Travis   Composer,Liner Notes
Peter La Farge   Composer
Leon Payne   Composer
Alan Lomax   Composer
Mother Maybelle Carter   Composer
Jimmie Driftwood   Composer
Charlie Bragg   Producer
Larry Butler   Producer
June Carter Cash   Composer
Frank Jones   Producer
Don Law   Producer
John A. Lomax   Composer
Jack Routh   Producer
Charles K. Wolfe   Liner Notes
Vera Hall   Composer
Hoffman Nienburg   Artwork
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Producer,Reissue Producer
Ruby Pickens Tartt   Composer
Dearest Dean   Composer
Glenn Tubb   Composer
Abraham Lincoln   Composer
Charlie Williams   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Jack Gilbert   Composer
Mary Hadler   Composer
Bob Allen   Liner Notes
Hollie Dew   Composer

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