Cogitans: thinking man, not arrogantly 'knowing' H sapiens

Cogitans: thinking man, not arrogantly 'knowing' H sapiens


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Economics has evolved out of fundamentally natural mechanisms of human diasporation and eventual trade. For the greater part of history, these were 'satisfactory' in that it was not possible to foresee consequences from underlying dynamics.
Economic theory, in this respect, has evolved as less concerned with consequences than with 'invisible hand's, and 'market properties conjured into existence'. Critically missing then, is any reference to the biological nature of man and his influence on what is a closed-earth system:

(1) There is no way for humans to learn anything of 'unambiguous factuality' except out of successively more logical and less ambiguous 'refinement'.

(2) Mankind dispersed into an eventual constitution of discrete, ethnic nations, but all government continues to reflect natural evolution out of origins as 'pecking-order-based vertebrates' and 'belief-based authority' as knowledge,

(3) Science continues to show that 'natural overpopulation and economic growth' is degrading environmental dynamics to varying degrees of irreversibility and pejorative impact on future generations.

(4) How continuing degradations of environment and ecology affect human existence depends upon how government and economic policy is determined by science and 'the nature and course of human existence' under that.

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