Coathanga Strangla

Coathanga Strangla

by Brotha Lynch HungBrotha Lynch Hung


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A line like "So when I'm comin' in your window with a machete and a pistol/Best believe it's just to get me a nut" is only sensible when it lands on a release from the Strange Music label. If that release happens to be a Brotha Lynch Hung album, then it's probably the chorus, and a chorus with a wicked hook -- as it happens to be on "The Coathanga," one of the Coathanga Strangla album's many highlights. This is the second part of a trilogy begun on Lynch's previous blast of horror hip-hop, the slightly superior Dinner and a Movie. Here, things are just too dark for the faint of heart to be swayed, as "Mannibalector" gives a bite-by-bite lesson in anatomy while "Spit It Out" offers a serial killer's version of "Cleanin' Out My Closet," although here, the skeletons are real. Fellow deviant Tech N9ne shows up on "Takin' Online Orders," which is drop-dead funny, but to make it to this late-in-the-game highlight, the listener must sit through plenty of sick story-spinning on a 21-track concept album, which is part of a concept album trilogy on top of it. Check Dinner and a Movie for a more accessible intro, and if there aren't enough blood and guts on that horror show, come back here for something darker, dirtier, and if you've got the taste for it, more delicious.

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Release Date: 04/05/2011
Label: Strange Music
UPC: 0893981001865
catalogNumber: 86
Rank: 47544

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Brotha Lynch Hung   Primary Artist
Brandon Wade   Vocals
Marcell Sanders   Vocals
First Degree the D.E.   Vocals
G-Macc   Vocals
Devious   Vocals
Tech N9ne   Vocals
Big Nolove   Vocals
Bleezo   Vocals
Skitso   Vocals
Crookwood   Vocals
Sav Sicc   Vocals
Tall Cann   Vocals
Blap   Vocals
Irv Da Phenom   Vocals
COS   Vocals
Don Rob   Vocals
Alex Glass   Vocals
Brya Akdersen   Vocals
Tabitha McGlothin   Vocals
Lauren Brinson   Vocals

Technical Credits

Robert Lieberman   Legal Advisor
Jeff Nelson   Marketing
Brandon Wade   Composer
Marcell Sanders   Composer
Chris Mathias   Composer
Dave Weiner   Composer
Ken Rockwood   Composer
Phonk Beta   Producer,Engineer
Michael Colen   Composer
Kevin Mann   Composer,Producer
Robert Rebeck   Producer,Engineer
Mike Baiardi   Producer,Engineer
DJ Epik   Producer
Richie Abbott   Publicity
Blap   Sound Effects,Producer,Engineer,Additional Production
Michael "Seven" Summers   Producer
Korey Lloyd   Publicity
Travis O'Guin   Executive Producer
Brett Morrow   Marketing
Britton Kimler   Marketing,Promoter
Aaron Bean   Marketing
Justinn "Axis" Patton   Producer
Josh Rickards   Marketing
Chris Rooney   Marketing
Brandon Elston   Composer
Ben Cybulsky   Producer
Ryan Lindberg   Marketing
Ramon Ross   Composer
Michael Landon Carraway   Composer
Michael Landon Carraway   Composer
Kevin Loggins   Composer
Aaron Yates   Composer

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