by Samuel Christian

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Two hundred years after the Gaia Virus wiped out the majority of humanity, the survivors have split into two factions: those who settled in underwater cities - the Undersea Realm - and the survivors who have managed to rebuild their civilization on the land, the Surface World. But the peace between them is threatened when attack drones from the undersea nations begin striking the land-dwellers' naval convoys. However, the undersea people are not responsible for these raids: someone is using replicas of their drones with the apparent intention of starting a war. Open to find AGENT SHARK at last getting a clean bill of health after a lengthy training and testing process. He's a Genetically Enhanced Human (a GEH), capable of amazing strength and speed, and gifted with the ability to transform into a giant, red shark. He is also equipped with a Microscopic Autonomous Luminous Probe (MALP), A tiny, floating artificial intelligence. Shark's mission is clear: uncover the conspiracy behind these attacks, and stop them before war breaks out. However, the moment Shark's Man-of-War submarine leaves Seadom - the capital of the Undersea Realm - he's beset by mercenary attack subs. After a tense chase through a range of undersea volcanoes, they're able to destroy their attackers. But how did they know when to set their ambush? Shark lands on a remote beach, where he finds his contact, TEODORICO SIFFRE, at the rendezvous by an abandoned freighter. Siffre is a member of the Council for World Peace, secretly assisting Sharks mission. He equips Shark with a communication device and a speeder. He suggest that Shark begin his investigation at Club Jayl; two other agents had gone there, and vanished. Club Jayl is owned by NICKOLAS CHAIN, another GEH Shark had trained with until his mysterious disappearance years before. Chain is just as powerful as Shark but instead of the ability to transform into a Great White, he has a prosthetic left arm he can transfer with a variety of weapons. On his way to Club Jayl, a waiting gunman shoots Shark's speeder, sending him careening off the highway, wrecking on the beach. Luckily, Shark is rescued by people from a nearby village. He's nursed back to health by the beautiful XYLIA. As he recovers, Shark and Xylia grow closer. But while Shark regains his health, there is another attack on ;the Surface World's navy by impostor drones. The situation is dire; the two nations are on the brink of war. Meanwhile, Siffre surprises his personal assistant in his office, clearly spying. Siffre kills him, plugging the leak. Shark is back in full health. To insure the success of his mission, the Undersea Realm delivers a powerful new weapon: The Battlecycle, loaded with guns and missile launchers and capable of transforming into power armor. Shark makes his way to Club Jayl, and again is ambushed by mercenaries, now in Attack Aircraft. This time though, Shark is able to fight them off with the help of the Battlecycle. In his hidden lair, Chain confers with his team. Shark is proving difficult to kill, so it's time to up the ante. He recruits NALANI, another GEH from the Undersea Realm who has gone rogue and become a mercenary. She has the same strength and reflexes as Shark and Chain, and she has full control of hair, able to use it as a weapon. Chain and his team break into the Surface World government's gold repository with the intention of cleaning it out and making it look like the work of the Undersea Realm. But they are discovered by the guards, and what should have been a quiet operation turns into a fire fight. Chain's team escapes by commandeering a tank and smashing through a wall, racing into the night. At Club Jayl Shark bribes his way past the door security. It seems like a normal nightclub, but Shark knows better. He sneaks past security and makes his way down a hidden elevator shaft to an underground base. Shark interrupts a video-conference between the conspirators, who include high-ranking members of the governments from both the Undersea Realm and the Surface World. They intend to attack an up-coming peace conference, sparking a war from which they stand to profit. Chain, Nalani, and their minions pursue Shark through the complex. His MALP directs him to an underground pier leading to ocean. An enemy sup launches torpedoes, but Shark is able to lure them into destroying one of their own ships, triggering a massive explosion that levels the pier, the underground base and provides cover so Shark can escape. He transforms into a shark and swims away... There is so much more for you to read and enjoy. The ending will blow you away. As you can see Club Jayl is suspenseful while managing to showcase the classic battle between good and evil... Intricate plotting, knife-edge action, and a remarkable cast of characters - PLUS a breathtaking look into the future - in a tale well calculated to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

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BN ID: 2940011825552
Publisher: Writings of Mary Baker Eddy, The
Publication date: 10/08/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

After serving as an Airborne Ranger with the 101st Airborne Division, working as a camera operator for a public access station, photographing weddings and driving a big rig truck, I've found my true passion in life: writing.

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