Clean Architecture: A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Learn the Realms of Clean Architecture from A-Z

Clean Architecture: A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Learn the Realms of Clean Architecture from A-Z

by Elijah Lewis


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There are many programmers. Real software architects, on the other hand, are rare and, therefore, particularly popular in the market. The Clean Software Architect book is the perfect introduction to this new level of programming.Leading companies and employers are always looking for clean software architects to generate a clearly high-quality code. After all, it is easily expandable, which increases productivity in the long term, shortens development time, and ensures perfect quality.The Beginners Guide To Clean Architecture is, therefore, a primary knowledge-intensive book to learn about the clean software architect. After a quick theoretical introduction, the book switches directly to practical applications. We specifically look at important object-oriented design concepts and principles.In this book, you will learn:How to become a good software architect from a new programmer. Learn to model with UML diagrams.Learn and use SOLID principle.sRecognize code segments that violate SOLID principles and improve them if necessary.Learn component design principles.Recognize modules that violate component design principles and adapt them if necessary.Learn basic, object-oriented design principles and put them into practice.Learn the design patterns most commonly used in practice and use them in existing or new software projects.Object-oriented software architecture learn and use principles.A better understanding of the good design and best practice for design.Design of clean and flexible software architecture.Facilitate familiarization time for new employees thanks to clean architecture.Increase productivity with easily expandable architecture.As you explore the book, you'll learn about clean, high-quality code. This book focuses on lessons based on the SOLID principles and their interactions. Basic questions, such as which classes belong in the same module? How do the modules interact with each other? Where are the boundaries between the modules? And what are the interfaces between the individual modules?This book is for new and junior software developers and programmers with basic programming knowledge. So go ahead and hop right in! Now is your chance to develop your skills and set yourself apart from the others.

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ISBN-13: 9781658938716
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Publication date: 01/11/2020
Series: Clean Architecture , #1
Pages: 150
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