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Classic Clower Power

Classic Clower Power

by Jerry Clower Jerry Clower
Classic Clower Power

Classic Clower Power

by Jerry Clower Jerry Clower




Classic Clower Power is a two-and-a-half-hour double-CD compilation drawn from Jerry Clower's 28-album catalog for Decca and MCA Records, stretching from the 1970s to the 1990s. As such, it is the most comprehensive best-of ever assembled of Clower's country comedy. MCA Nashville's decision to release a collection so extensive in 2006 is a reflection of Clower's influence on an entire generation of comedians, an influence that could not be more obvious from these discs. One need only turn to the third track on the second CD, "Examples of a Red Neck," to recognize Clower's definitive impact on Jeff Foxworthy, who has made a career out of sentences that begin, "You might be a redneck if…." But if Clower is influential, he is also a distinct comic personality on his own. More than anything, he is an old-fashioned storyteller. This is not a man who needs a punchline every few seconds. He sets up elaborate jokes in the form of stories that illuminate rural Southern life, particularly as lived by the Ledbetter family, who seem to embody all the quirks of a country existence. Nor is Clower a blue comedian. Over the course of 150 minutes, there is never a four-letter word or a sexual situation. Like any comic, Clower has his targets, the most frequent ones being supposedly sophisticated city people. But the joke is just as likely to be on one of his Southern heroes. When he strays into the political realm, he can become fuzzy-minded, however. "The She Coon of Women's Lib" finds him describing his wife's luxurious and lazy life as an argument against women's lib, and he doesn't make much sense. At another point, he declares, "President Clinton hates me," by which he presumably means that, as a wealthy man, he is required to pay income taxes in the highest bracket. He makes the specious argument that this is unfair, since he was born poor, as if tax laws shouldn't apply to self-made men. Again, however, he is just as ready to poke fun at his characters' political views as anything else. "A real Mississippian," he says at one point, "don't even agree now that Richard Nixon ever done anything wrong." But then, as a real Mississippian himself, maybe he's not kidding.

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Product Details

Release Date: 05/16/2006
Label: Mca Nashville
UPC: 0602498532997
catalogNumber: 000643702
Rank: 76600


Disc 1

  1. Southern Humor
  2. The Young People of Today
  3. How to Back into Show Business
  4. Room 411
  5. A Coon Huntin' Story
  6. The She Coon of Women's Lib
  7. The Maddest Man I Ever Saw
  8. My Pet Peeve
  9. All About Clovis Ledbetter
  10. Ole Slantface
  11. Bird Huntin' at Uncle Versie's
  12. Marcel Ledbetter Moving Company
  13. Wanna Buy a Possum?
  14. Seein' Eye Dog
  15. Crack, W.L. and Rover
  16. A New Bull
  17. Second Down and Goal to Go
  18. Brother Sonny Goes to Church
  19. Where Will You Be When You Get Where You're Goin'
  20. The New Fad
  21. The Resort Hotel

Disc 2

  1. I Love Small Towns
  2. Apple Pie and Coffee
  3. Examples of a Red Neck
  4. I'm That Country
  5. The Headless Man
  6. Knock Him out John
  7. Mr. Jake Ledbetter
  8. Marcel's Talkin' Chain Saw
  9. Who's the Boss
  10. The Hot Hotel
  11. You're on My List
  12. Feudin' Stars
  13. Clovis Gets a Job
  14. Deep Water Baptist
  15. Physical Examination
  16. If I Was President
  17. The Trucker and the Lady
  18. Marcel the Truck Driver
  19. The Last Day of School
  20. Steel Marbles
  21. The Graduate Returns
  22. Uncle Versie's Bond
  23. Coon Huntin' on TV
  24. Wooden Leg
  25. You're Fixin' to Mess Up

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