The Clarion

The Clarion

by Samuel Hopkins Adams


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Book Excerpt: n wail, moving nearer, but not again raising his eyes to the other's face. Instead, his gaze seemed fixed upon the man's shining expanse of waistcoat. "He said you doped her with the morpheean you give her.""So your chickens come home to roost, Professor," said the stranger, in a half-voice."Impossible," declared the Professor, addressing the Hardscrabbler. "You misunderstood him.""They took my woman away. They took her to the 'sylum."Foreboding peril, the people nearest the uncouth visitor had drawn away. Only the stranger held his ground; more than held it, indeed, for he edged almost imperceptibly nearer. He had noticed a fleck of red on the matted beard, where the lip had been bitten into. Also he saw that the Professor, whose gaze had so timorously shifted from his, was intent, recognizing danger; intent, and unafraid before the threat."She used to cry fer it, my woman. Cry fer the morpheean like a baby." He sagged a step forward. "She don't haff to cry no more. ShRead More

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ISBN-13: 9781981570799
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/10/2017
Pages: 302
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