Claire Denis Film Scores: 1996-2009

Claire Denis Film Scores: 1996-2009

by TindersticksTindersticks


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French director Claire Denis began her decade-long working relationship with the British band Tindersticks in 1995. She initially approached vocalist/songwriter Stuart Staples about using the song "My Sister," from their second album in Nénette et Boni; Staples suggested Tindersticks write something original for her project. While an instrumental version of "My Sister" -- with a different arrangement -- appears in the film, as does the original version of "Tiny Tears," the group did indeed compose a beautiful, chamber jazz-tinged score for Denis, beginning a relationship that has resulted in soundtracks for six films thus far. Tindersticks released the soundtracks to Nénette et Boni and Trouble Every Day as albums on their own. Those two projects and the other four scores are included in this handsome five-disc box issued by Constellation. The other scores represented are Vendredi Soir ("Friday Night," 2002) by Dickon Hinchliffe (who has since left the group for a successful career scoring films), L'Intrus ("The Intruder," 2004) composed entirely by Staples, 35 Rhums ("35 Shots of Rum," 2008), and White Material (2009). Listening to the various discs, one gets an idea of just how the band itself has shifted in scope and form and responded to Denis' scripts and rushes with increased confidence that is now almost instinctual. The music -- especially in the longer scores for the latter two films -- offers its own narratives and stand alone. There is a willingness to take more chances with instrumentation, texture, tonality, and dynamic. The oddest disc on the bunch -- and one of the most satisfying -- is the split between L'Intrus and Vendredi Soir. The former is a harsher, percussive more abstract series of musical cues that employ feedback and noise along with a decidedly angular -- if not dissonant -- architecture in contrast to the latter's sparser, more pastoral cues filled with chamber strings and piano. It's somewhat jarring between the end of one and the beginning of the other (they are placed in reverse order), but deeply satisfying nonetheless. The score for 35 Rhums is the most uncharacteristic in the bunch, but it also may be the most seamless piece of music here. The two previously issued soundtracks have been remastered, to boot. Tindersticks' fans will simply have to own this package as it offers an equal but different dimension of their pop persona. The matte black, hard paper slipcase contains five silk-screened sleeves with stills from the films that correspond to each CD. There is a 52-page booklet with stills, color photographs and an authoritative essay by Michael Hill. The vinyl edition is more limited but even more handsome.

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Release Date: 04/26/2011
Label: Constellation
UPC: 0666561007720
catalogNumber: 10077
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Disc 1

  1. Opening
  2. Bus Vision 1
  3. The Boxer
  4. White Material
  5. Children's Theme 1
  6. Maria and the Boxer
  7. Workers
  8. Andre and the Old Man
  9. Yellow Dog
  10. Maria and the Old Man
  11. Maria and the Sheriff
  12. Andre's Death
  13. Children's Theme 2
  14. Attack On the Pharmacy
  15. Bus Vision 2
  16. Closing

Disc 2

  1. Opening
  2. Train Montage 1
  3. Night Time Apartments
  4. Night Train
  5. Lionel Home Drunk
  6. Train Montage 2
  7. Rene's Death
  8. Lubec
  9. Mechthilde
  10. Lanterns
  11. The Necklace
  12. Closing

Disc 3

  1. Opening
  2. Binoculars
  3. Running Dogs
  4. Night Drive
  5. Horse Dream
  6. Pusan Snow
  7. The Purple Sea
  8. Sleepless Night
  9. The Black Mountain
  10. Closing
  11. Nightfall
  12. Le Vestibule
  13. Le Rallye
  14. Falling Asleep
  15. Jean
  16. Street Fight
  17. Laure's Theme
  18. Hotel Love
  19. Footsteps
  20. La Voiture
  21. Chambre 26
  22. Sunrise

Disc 4

  1. Opening Titles
  2. Dream
  3. Houses
  4. Maid Theme
  5. Room 321
  6. Computer
  7. Notre Dame
  8. Killing Theme
  9. Taxi To Coré
  10. Coré On Stairs, Love Theme
  11. Maid Theme (End)
  12. Closing Titles
  13. Killing Theme
  14. Trouble Every Day

Disc 5

  1. Ma Soeur
  2. La Passerelle
  3. Les Gateaux
  4. Camions
  5. Nénette Est Là
  6. Petites Chiennes
  7. Nosfératu
  8. Petites Gouttes D'eau
  9. Les Cannes À Pêche
  10. La Mort De Félix
  11. Nénette S'en Va
  12. Les Bébés
  13. Les Fleurs
  14. Rumba

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tindersticks   Primary Artist
Paul Kegg   Cello
Kate MacKenzie   Violin
Dave Pattman   Bongos
Steve Sidwell   Trumpet
Paul Spong   Trumpet
Jonathan Strange   Violin
Cathy Thompson   Violin
Lucy Wilkins   Violin,Conductor
Gavyn Wright   Violin
Hannah Biss   Viola
Heather Broadbent   Violin
Maritza Bulcock   Viola
Ann Louise Child   Viola
Calina de la Mare   Violin
Kate Fraser   Viola
Zillah Hawley   Violin
Suzanna Horne   Violin
Tanja Housten   Violin
Becky Leetch   Violin
Caroline Luckhurst   Violin
Suzannah Marsden   Violin
Julie Nicholau   Violin
Clare Parkholm   Cello
Samie Pullman   Viola
Annabelle Simmons   Cello
Andrew Skrimshire   Cello
Louise Walters   Violin
Amanda Westgarth   Violin
Vaughan Armon   Violin
Patrick Kiernan   Violin
Frank Schaefer   Cello
Oliver Kraus   Cello
Mark Colwill   Bass
Howard Gott   Violin
Dickon Hinchliffe   Piano,Violin,Keyboards,Vocals
Neil Fraser   Guitar,Glockenspiel,Electric Guitar
Andy Nice   Cello
Emlyn Singleton   Violin
Dan McKinna   Bass,Bass Guitar,Electric Guitar,fender rhodes
Simon Fischer   Violin
Stuart Staples   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Electric Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Melodica
Christine Ott   Ondes Martenot
Sarah Button   Violin
Christopher Koh   Violin
Anna Morris   Violin
Fiona Hibbert   Harp
Thomas Belhom   Percussion,Drums
Melissa Phelps   Cello
Perry Montague-Mason   Violin
Sarah Willson   Cello
Benedict Cruft   Violin
Christopher Tombling   Violin
David Woodcock   Violin
Brian Wright   Violin
Alison Dods   Violin
Peter Hanson   Violin
Terry Edwards   Trumpet,Saxophone
Neil Sidwell   Trombone
Jackie Norrie   Violin
Alistair Macaulay   Drums
David Boulter   Organ,Piano,Glockenspiel,Electric Guitar,Harmonium,Maracas,Melodica,Kalimba,Claves,fender rhodes,String Machine
Vic Evans   Violin
Jeff Moore   Violin

Technical Credits

Tindersticks   Composer
Philip Bagenal   Engineer
Ian Caple   Engineer
Lucy Wilkins   String Arrangements
Rosie Lindsell   String Conductor
Dickon Hinchliffe   Composer,String Arrangements
Simon Sheridan   Engineer
Tom Jenkins   Engineer
Stuart Staples   Composer,Engineer
Harris Newman   Audio Master
Antti Uusimaki   Engineer
Steve Price   Engineer
Alistair Macaulay   Composer
David Boulter   Composer
Michael Hill   Liner Notes

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