CIMA P1 Management Accounting: Exam Practice Kit

CIMA P1 Management Accounting: Exam Practice Kit

by Astranti




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"Very targeted to the exam and very professional, is every bit as good as attending a classroom tuition or revision course." James Glackin

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The Astranti Objective Test Exam Practice Kits

Our expert writers have produced between 400-600 practice questions for each subject, across every chapter of our study text to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of all subject areas you are likely to face in the exam.

The exam practice kit for P1 Management Accounting exam practice kit consists of 16 chapters.

Each chapter contains approximately:

Learning questions - 20 short questions that will test your knowledge on all sections of the study text.
Exam questions - 10 more complex, scenario-based questions where you will be required to apply your knowledge.

These questions are excellent for identifying the topics that you are proficient in and also helping you to determine your areas of weakness, enabling you to focus your revision where it will benefit most. They come with detailed solutions that will ensure you have a full understanding of the topic and there is no need to go back through the study text as the solutions give the key information you need to know on the subject.

Prepared by our expert team of professional writers the Exam Practice Kits feature:
  • Full Syllabus Coverage
  • Unique and challenging questions in a variety of formats
  • Carefully explained and detailed solutions for ease of understanding
  • Condensed and focused on likely exam content
  • Linked with our Objective Test Study Texts available to purchase on Amazon and

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