Cilly Goose Teaches Swimming

Cilly Goose Teaches Swimming

by J.E. Bell


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"Last One In is a Scrambled Egg!"

This story is a perfect read for any young child and would make an excellent addition to any young reader's collection. Cilly Goose is an expert swimmer, but her son Dickie is afraid of the water. So finally Cilly convinces her son to learn to swim. This turns out to be quite the wacky adventure when Cilly and Dickie have close encounters with the water, hunters, and even a kooky snapping turtle.

J.E. Bell is a wife, mother, and established author of over 20 children's stories. This book is no exception to her amazing and creatively imaginative works in the Vintage Comic's series. The fascinating illustrations in the book are enough to capture the eyes of any audience, but the loving story of a mother and her son is sure to capture your heart as you turn the pages of this wonderful classic.

Cilly Goose Teaches Swimming is fun for readers of all ages and is a great tool for not only teaching your kids or grandkids to read, but to swim as well. That's right, this wonderful story has it all: bonding, learning, danger, and most importantly love. This is a once in a lifetime story your young ones will never forget, and one that you won't want to miss!

As Cilly Goose and her little one swim in the swamp land they encounter many trials and foes, but they triumph over defeat and Dickie learns to swim, or at least how to latch onto his mother. This funny and exciting tale will provide weeks of entertainment for your young ones and you won't regret giving them this wonderful gift when their faces light up with bright smiles from reading or listening to this incredible story.

Dickie realizes that he was right to be at least a little afraid of the water when he and his mother's safety is brought into question. The two learn the important lesson that swimming isn't always safe for a goose in the bayou. Cilly and Dickie are very likeable characters that your family will be sure to enjoy.

Order your copy of Cilly Goose Teaches Swimming today and prepare to be impressed. This story is a wonderful tale and it will inspire and delight everyone who reads it and flips through the brightly illuminated pages. Don't miss your chance to own this Vintage Comic Series classic today and watch it instantly become your young readers' favorite book.

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Publication date: 09/06/2013
Pages: 30
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