Chogan And The Gray Wolf

Chogan And The Gray Wolf

by Larry Buege


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It is 100 years B.C. (Before Columbus), and life is good for twelve-year-old Chogan and his ten-year-old sister until a Grizzly Bear terrorizes their Indian village along the southern shore of Lake Superior. The bear crushes wigwams with its massive weight and destroys precious strips of meat women had hung on racks to dry. Despite the danger, life must go on if Chogan and his family are to survive. Chogan and his sister venture into the forest of virgin white pine to check their snares and discover an orphaned wolf pup. The bear has killed the wolf pup’s mother, and has left the pup to die.

Chogan adopts the young wolf knowing he must return the wolf to the wild at the end of the summer. Under Chogan’s care, the wolf pup survives and grows to adulthood. The time comes when Chogan and the wolf must part and go their separate ways. The wolf quickly adapts to the wild but never forgets his friend. Chogan had saved the pup’s life, and fate will soon provide the wolf with a chance to return the favor.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780989247702
Publisher: Gastropod Publishing
Publication date: 02/16/2019
Series: Native American Series , #1
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Larry Buege's short stories have received regional and international awards. He has also authored nine novels including the ever-popular Chogan Native American Series.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1—The Big Fish

Chapter 2—The Spring Feast

Chapter 3—The Climbing Tree

Chapter 4—The Hunt

Chapter 5—The Mystery Cave

Chapter 6—A Skunk for Ahanu and Taregan

Chapter 7—Wolf Cubs

Chapter 8—Whitefoot

Chapter 9—The Hornets' Nest

Chapter 10—A Rabbit for Whitefoot

Chapter 11—A Turkey for Mother

Chapter 12—A Great Journey

Chapter 13—Farewell to Whitefoot

Chapter 14—The Bear Returns

Chapter 15—The Rice Harvest

Chapter 16—The Magic Arrow

Stand-Alone Web Pages This web page describes the Indian game of baggataway, which we now call lacrosse. There are also pictures of Fort Michilimackinac where a game of baggataway turned into a massacre during the Pontiac rebellion. This web page shows how Chogan made the snares he uses to catch small game. Wapatoo (also known as arrowhead) is an edible plant. This web page shows how to identify the plant and cook the tubers. Thousands of years ago an ancient race of people mined copper in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This web page shows the types of copper they mined and well as a typical mine. This web page shows how to make string and rope out of milkweed fiber. Need to start a fire without matches? This web site will show you how Chogan starts a fire with a spindle and fireboard. Manoomin, also known as wild rice, was a major food source for Chogan and his family. This web site shows how manoomin was harvested and processed.

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