Childhood and Human Nature: The Development of Personality

Childhood and Human Nature: The Development of Personality

by Sula Wolff

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How do we make sense of people? Human behaviour is complex, so that understanding ourselves and others calls for both objective and subjective viewpoints, as well as a flexible appreciation of human development over time. Dr Sula Wolff believes that knowledge about personality development is essential in three important domains: in the appraisal of deviant behaviour at all ages; in the development of social policy for children; and in therapeutic interventions for children and their families.

In this book, originally published in 1989, Dr Wolff gives a comprehensive account of the major aspects of personality development in childhood. She reports research findings and presents developmental theories in their historical context, stressing the interplay between biological and cultural influences on development. Her account includes a wealth of illustrative case histories, with children and parents speaking for themselves; these provide fascinating reading and give substance to statistical results and theoretical propositions.

Clearly and simply written, the book will be of interest to many people, and will still be of value to medical students, psychiatrists in training, students in social work and psychology, and teachers in special education.

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Publication date: 12/06/2017
Series: Psychology Library Editions: Child Development , #19
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Table of Contents

Author’s Note.  Introduction.  Part 1: Inborn Aspects of Personality and Development  1. A Biological View of Personality  2. Intelligence and Achievement  3. Temperament  Part 2: Developmental Processes  4. Sociability in Infancy  5. From Infancy to Childhood: Social Relationships in the Pre-school Years  6. The Growth of Intelligence and the Birth of Language  7. Emotional Development: Psychoanalysis and the Inner Self  8. Emotional Development: Psychoanalysis and the Social Self  Part 3: The Social Environment  9. Culture and Social Learning  10. How Can We Safeguard Personality Development?  References.  Name Index.  Subject Index.

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