Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of Canada: 101 Stories of Love & Gratitude

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of Canada: 101 Stories of Love & Gratitude

by Amy Newmark, Janet Matthews


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It’s the country that is respected across the globe. These days, everyone wants to be Canadian! And you’ll know why after you read these stories.

Diversity. Whether it’s geography, language, climate, or culture, diversity is what Canada’s all about. This collection celebrates Canada’s rich history, its place in the world, and its multi-cultural traditions, sports, and outdoor lifestyle. Read about Canada Day celebrations, wilderness adventures, summer cottages, and winter hockey rinks.

You’ll love these tales about grateful immigrants, national heroes, proud First Nations people, Canadian kindness, and helping each other. Shed a tear when you read about Canadian war heroes, and laugh when you read about uniquely Canadian outdoor “adventures.”

You’ll be humming “O Canada” by the time you finish this patriotic collection of stories that come from the hearts of the people who love Canada and everything it stands for.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611599688
Publisher: Chicken Soup for the Soul
Publication date: 06/06/2017
Series: Chicken Soup for the Soul Series
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Amy Newmark is publisher, editor-in-chief, and coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Canadian writer and editor Janet Matthews coauthored Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada The Wonders of Winter and Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul.

Table of Contents

Introduction Janet Matthews 1

1 Welcome Home

1 My Canadian Dream Rahaf Bi 11

2 Best Surprise Ever! Brooke Keira Elliott 15

3 Fort McMurray Strong Paula L. Gillis 19

4 Just in Time A. A. Adourian 23

5 Our Syrian Family Anne Phillips 27

6 Plane People Shirley Brooks-Jones 31

7 Welcome to Canada Wendy D. Poole 34

8 Christmas in Canada Barbara Bondy-Pare 38

9 Living Abroad in Canada Jennifer Caseley 42

10 This Village Called Canada Lesley Marcovich 46

2 Canada Day

11 A Centennial Project Wayne Boldt 55

12 The Ultimate Playlist Kim Reynolds 58

13 Canada Day in the Governor's Canoe Janet Matthews 61

14 Many Shovels Patricia Miller 65

15 Canada Day North of Terrace DG Peterson 69

16 A Birthday Cake for Canada Lisa Reynolds 73

3 A Nation of Helping Hands

17 The Wedding Dress Élise Phillippo 79

18 Still Good Michelle Dinnick 83

19 Twelve Days of Kindness Janet Seever 86

20 Night on Grouse Mountain Janet Matthews 89

21 Because of Bob Leslie Lorette 93

22 Shipwreck Sharon Lawrence 97

23 The Red Phone N. Newell 101

24 An Inukshuk to Guide Me Home Lacy Gray 104

4 Honouring Those Who Served

25 On the Highway of Heroes Deborah Lean 111

26 Pilgrimage to Holland Cheryl E. Uhrig 114

27 The Christening Gown Chris Robertson 118

28 The Trouble with Dad Alma Barkman 121

29 VE Day on Bay Street G. Norman Patterson 125

30 All in Vain? Walter Sawchuk 128

31 A Bloom of Friendship Anne Renaud 131

32 A Poppy for Remembrance Nicole L.V. Mullis 134

33 The Night We Were All Just Canadian Rob Harshman 137

5 We're All in This Together

34 The 2010 Winter Olympics Gerri Nicholas 143

35 The Flood of the Century Erin McLeod 147

36 Bonding at the Rink Julia Lucas 151

37 Stranded at Big Sandy Alma Barkman 154

38 Found in the Fire Carla White 158

39 Conversation Circle Durre N. Jabeen 162

40 Christmas Ice Storm Nada Mazzei 164

41 The Hunt Camp Mary Lee Moynan 168

42 Keeping Up with the Newfies Patti Leo Bath 170

43 Helping Hands Tanya Ambrose 174

44 When It's Maple Sugar Time Nancy Loucks-McSloy 178

6 Into the Wild

45 Storyteller Lost and Found John J. Seagrave 185

46 A Taste of the Wild Linda Mehus-Barber 188

47 Standing Bear Bradley A. Rudner 192

48 Four Seasons in Moosonee Elizabeth Kranz 195

49 Where Ravens Fly Backwards Rose Burke 199

50 Season of the Fly Bonnie Lavigne 203

51 The One That Got Away Mitchell Kastanek 206

52 My Log Home Critters Franccs R. McGuckin 210

53 Tattler Lake Tales C.S. O'Cinneide 214

54 Up Close and Personal Lisa Timpf 219

7 Rising to the Occasion

55 Perspective by Fire Anthony Hoffman 225

56 Running Water Carla Crema 229

57 This Is How We Do It Franca R. McGuckin 232

58 The Bad Marmot Jane Everett 236

59 The Greatest Goal Lynn Dove 238

60 The Night the Lights Went Out Glenice Wilson 242

61 Rescue on Penn Lake Janet Matthews 246

62 All You Need Is Duct Tape and Beer John Silver 249

63 Dancing a Northwoods Ballet Zabe MacEachren 252

64 The Sourtoe Cocktail Club Julie Hamel de Belle 255

8 Living a Dream

65 The Ice Pond of My Dreams Lorette Smith 263

66 The Viking Voyageur Peter G. Elliott 267

67 Sampo Girl Liisa Kovala 271

68 The Best Play He Never Saw S. Nadja Zajdman 275

69 The Red Mittens Sherry Taylor Cummins 279

70 I Just Wanted to Play John Karl Forrest 282

71 A Canadian First Elizabeth Smayda 285

72 The Waterspout at White Otter Castle Peter G. Elliott 289

73 Temporary Town Krista McCracken 293

9 Our Canadian Heroes

74 Terry's Legacy Jacqueline Pearce 299

75 Our P.E.T. S. Nadja Zajdman 303

76 Sid, Please Sign My Jersey Darryl Pottie 307

77 Joni and Me Kristine Groskaufmanis 311

78 Never Give Up on Your Dreams Binnie Brennan 315

79 Keep Moving James Barrera 319

80 The Album Donna Fawcett 323

81 Backyard Memories Melanie Naundorf 327

82 Terry Fox - Our Greatest Hero Dennis McCloskey 329

10 Grateful to Be Canadian

83 The Belated Canadian Cathy Mogus 337

84 The Humbling Marya Morin 341

85 My Home, Sweet Home Glynis M. Belec 345

86 Our Yard, a Canadian Tale Deborah Cannon 348

87 Remembrance Tears A. A. Adourian 352

88 The Last Night of the Proms Pamela Kent 355

89 Finding Canada Liz Maxwell Forbes 358

90 One Essential Ingredient Robyn Gerland 361

91 A Canadian Epiphany Shawn O'Brien 364

92 I Was a Teenaged Separatist Mark Leiren-Young 366

93 A Special Retirement Glenice Wilson 369

11 How the World Views Canada

94 A Trip to Remember Isolde Ryan 375

95 My Australian Introduction to Team Canada Laura Snell 378

96 A Father's Stories Come to Life Linda Maendel 381

97 My Big Country Kathy Ashby 385

98 Sorry, Not Sorry Megan Pothier 389

99 With Glowing Hearts Lydia A. Calder 392

100 The Woman on the Bus Stella Shepard 395

101 A Lesson in Germany Janice M. McDonald 398

Meet Our Contributors 401

Meet Amy Newmark 417

Meet Janet Matthews 419

Thank You 421

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