Chewy: The Street Dog who Brought a Neighbourhood Together

Chewy: The Street Dog who Brought a Neighbourhood Together

by Bruce Klein

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"I really enjoyed Chewy – a book with a powerful and heart-warming message. In a world where old-fashioned notions like community, closeness and neighbourliness seem to have been lost, it is one of those unexpected stories that restore your faith in our collective nature. It also reminds us, once again, what an important role animals can play in our lives" - James Bowen, author of A Street Cat Named Bob

The first time Bruce Klein caught sight of Chewy, this beautiful street dog captured his heart.

Chewy had been a stray since he was a puppy. Sometimes he travelled with other street dogs, but more often he made his rounds alone. Bruce began to feed this timid St Bernard Cross, and he soon met other locals who looked out for Chewy too.

The neighbours saw Chewy shivering in the winter rain, and knew it would only be a matter of time until the local animal control put him down. Bruce was happy to take him home, but Chewy was big and frightened. Rescuing him wouldn’t be simple – the neighbours had to devise a plan ...

Chewy is the uplifting true story of how a whole neighbourhood came together to change one dog’s life. It will capture your heart too.

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ISBN-13: 9781448177158
Publisher: Ebury Publishing
Publication date: 05/22/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Bruce Klein is an artist, and also has MAs in Clinical Psychology and Philosophy from Berkeley. His website is He has lived in Modesto for ten years and is married to Lauren. They share their home with Chewy, and several cats.

Table of Contents

1 Love at First Sight 1

2 Chewy's Patch 7

3 Cecelia, Animal Lover Extraordinaire 14

4 A Strange Man 25

5 Lauren Wants a Dog 38

6 They Had No Right to Shoot Chewy 50

7 A Surprise, So Close 56

8 Panic Sets In - Upping the Ante 65

9 Time is Running Out 74

10 In the Hospital 96

11 Off the Streets 100

12 The First Escape 113

13 Welcome Home, Chewy 125

14 Chewy's First Struggles 143

15 We Have Work to Do! 152

16 The Great Escape 156

17 Our Worst Nightmare 169

18 Is Chewy Transforming? 188

19 Another Try at Training 202

20 Chewy and Bruce Bond 210

21 A Second Scare 217

22 Not Again! 228

23 Bruce's Experiment 234

24 Again, Really? 249

25 Massage Therapy? On a Dog? 256

26 A Handful of Angels 266

27 The Mystery of Chewy's DNA 282

28 Chewy's Fan Club 291

Epilogue 302

Acknowledgements 308

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