Cheetah Speed: Speed Training thought better Sprinting Mechanics

Cheetah Speed: Speed Training thought better Sprinting Mechanics

by Ryan Anderson, Coach Mike


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Cheetah Speed
Cheetah Speed is a step by step speed training program that focuses on sprinting mechanics and relates the bio-mechanical aspects of a cheetah's running ability to man. We have learned speed principles from the world's fastest animal and incorporated these principles to enhance man's ability to move more rapidly, quicker and improve agile. Our research of the cheetah's bio-mechanics has not only brought a new light to speed training;, but also new exercises that we compiled from the science and technology of a Cheetah's Speed. The concepts and principles in this book are readily understandable with easily implementation of over 75 sets of exercises for a sprinter's speed development. This manual will teach coaches, athletes, and dads the ability to train athletes, runners or sons and daughters to run faster and quicker and improve agility. The Cheetah Speed training programs is ideal for football, soccer, basketball, baseball or sports where speed is an asset. This manual also provides a sprinter's assessment check sheets. That will help speed coaches to spot flawed sprinting mechanics and provide a list of corrective remedies. Once, the coach has instilled Cheetah Speed Mechanics into a sprinter through the use of the training techniques and exercises in this manual. We provide well-researched data and exercises that will further increased an athlete's sprinting speed so they can reach their ultimate potential.
The benefits of the Cheetah Speed Training Manual
*Train aspiring coaches in the art of speed training
*Over 75 exercises and training routines, easy to *understand and implement
*Illustrations that make the Cheetah Speed concepts more understandable
*Correction Lists of Flaw Running Mechanics
*Latest Workable Scientific research on sprinting
*Reduce Sprinting Times
*Exercises to Increase Vertical Jumping Abilities
*How to Instill Proper Running Mechanic in Sprinters
*Improves an Athlete's Agility and Quickness
*Reduce 40 yard sprints by .03 to 1.00 seconds
*Help High School Athletes Qualify for Division One Football and other Team Sports.
*Advice on Speed Training Equipment
*For Dads who want to Train their Sons and Daughters to Run Faster for Youth Sports
*Advice on Weight Training Techniques that *Improve an Athlete's Speed and Agility
*Importance of Myofascial Exercise
*Stretching for Sprinters
*Advice on Nutrition
*Why Proper Breathing Techniques are Important for Faster Sprinting Times

We have used the Cheetah Speed Program on countless athletes and have seen sprinters go from the mid 5.5 on forty yard sprints to the 4.5 ranges. And watched slower athletes develop their speed and become among the faster on their team.

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