Chartbusters USA: Sunshine Pop

Chartbusters USA: Sunshine Pop


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Sunshine pop is one of those generic designations that came into use long after the music in question had fallen out of popularity. Featuring sweet, upbeat melodies topped with polished harmonies and frothy arrangements, sunshine pop described the sort of tunes that were a frequent presence on AM radio in the mid- to late '60s, and like the girl group era earlier in the decade, it was a medium dominated by songwriters and producers rather than artists, many of whom seemed anonymous and interchangeable (only the most obsessed music fan could tell the Lemon Pipers, the Peppermint Rainbow, and the Sunshine Company apart in dim light). But if sunshine pop was a medium for lightweight pop hits rather than contemplative musical statements, the best singles of the era are delightful stuff that still resonate today, and this collection from Ace Records' Chartbusters USA series (celebrating American pop singles of the 60s) is as good a primer on the subject as you're likely to find. Opening with the three minutes of pop perfection that is "Happy Together" by the Turtles, this disc features 26 songs that define both the style and the era, which often reflected a cheerful but benign parallel to the more sophisticated pleasures of psychedelic rock. While there are a number of self-contained groups that wrote and performed their own material on board -- including the Turtles, the Cowsills, the Rascals, the Lovin' Spoonful, the Beach Boys, and the Mamas & the Papas -- most of these acts were one- or two-hit wonders with experienced studio hands doing most of the work. But it's hard to argue with the results when this system produced singles as glorious as "98.6" by Keith, "Morning Girl" by the Neon Philharmonic, "Younger Girl" by the Critters, "Love (Can Make You Happy)" by Mercy, and "Time for Livin'" by the Association. Anyone who loved the optimistic side of AM radio in the '60s will remember most of these songs, and the relative obscurities sound like they should have been hits, too, while Tony Rounce's liner notes tell the stories behind the songs very well indeed.

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Release Date: 07/21/2009
Label: Ace Records Uk
UPC: 0029667037129
catalogNumber: 1228
Rank: 26268


  1. Happy Together
  2. Younger Girl
  3. I Could Be So Good to You
  4. 98.6
  5. It's Getting Better
  6. Crystal Blue Persuasion
  7. If You Don't Want My Love
  8. Darlin'
  9. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
  10. Don't Wake Me Up in the Morning, Michael
  11. Green Tambourine
  12. A Girl Like You
  13. Workin' on a Groovy Thing
  14. She Lets Her Hair Down
  15. Grazing in the Grass
  16. Back on the Street Again
  17. Morning Girl
  18. Time for Livin'
  19. Look At Me Girl
  20. I Saw Her Again
  21. She Is Still a Mystery
  22. Lazy Day
  23. The River Is Wide
  24. Anything Goes
  25. Love (Can Make You Happy)
  26. The Rain, the Park and Other Things

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Neil Sedaka   Composer
John Sebastian   Composer
Denny Doherty   Composer
Mike Love   Composer
Barry Mann   Composer
Jack Nitzsche   Composer
John Phillips   Composer
Michael Gately   Composer
Don Addrisi   Composer
Roger Atkins   Composer
Garry Bonner   Composer
Felix Cavaliere   Composer
Harry Elston   Composer
Steve Gillette   Composer
Alan Gordon   Composer
Kasha   Composer
Paul Leka   Composer
Cole Porter   Composer
Tupper Saussy   Composer
Mike Vale   Composer
Paul Vance   Composer
Steve Duboff   Composer
Artie Kornfeld   Composer
Tony Rounce   Liner Notes,Memorabilia,Photo Courtesy
Dick Addrisi   Composer
George Fischoff   Composer
Tommy James   Composer
Lou Stallman   Composer
Leon Carr   Composer
Philemon Hou   Composer
Tony Powers   Composer
Vicki Fox   Photo Courtesy
Donovan Leitch   Composer
Gary Knight   Composer
Shelley Pinz   Composer
Robert John Pedrick   Composer

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