Characters And Events Of Roman History

Characters And Events Of Roman History

by Guglielmo Ferrero


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Guglielmo Ferrero was an early 20th century Italian historian, journalist and novelist, and author of the 6 volume Greatness and Decline of Rome. In 1908 Theodore Roosevelt invited Ferrero to the White House, afterwards Ferrero gave lectures in the northeast, which were collected and published in 1909 as Characters and Events of Roman History. The lectures included "CORRUPTION" IN ANCIENT ROME, AND ITS COUNTERPART IN MODERN HISTORY, THE HISTORY AND LEGEND OF ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA, THE DEVELOPMENT OF GAUL, NERO, JULIA AND TIBERIUS, WINE IN ROMAN HISTORY, SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, and ROMAN HISTORY IN MODERN EDUCATION.

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