Change Your Life Today With The Secret Power of Color

Change Your Life Today With The Secret Power of Color

by Colin G Smith, Martin Kutternik


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Do you want to know about how to change your life by tapping into the magical power of color?

The desire to understand the effects of color and their benefit for human beings is not "the latest trend". Past civilisations realised the effect of colors and used them to cure and to intensify results during rituals and in healing's. Inside this book you'll discover the pioneers of the past and experts in the field of color and their fascinating insights into the way color affects humans and all biological life.

If you are interested in what color is and how to apply it to change your life, this guide is for you.

Here's What You'll Discover Inside This Book:

• Understanding how color can help you to be more balanced

• The fascinating history of pioneers of color and their contribution to understanding color.

• Change your thoughts and improve your life, with the various Personal Change Color Exercises sprinkled throughout the book.

• Some amazing insights into color theory and color therapy

• Come to understand the difference between Newton's and Goethe's observations about color, light and darkness.

• Chakras for beginners: Understand the relationship between chakras and color - A chakra healing meditation is also included

• Helpful descriptions of the effects of all the specific main colors.

• Transform your problems or stuck states with The Color Polarity Exercise

• Balance your energy system using the Color Wheel Tool with a helpful link to a website for more color experiences.

• And more...

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Publication date: 02/10/2015
Pages: 80
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