Chalk Dust

Chalk Dust

by Noel Monahan


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This collection searches for identity and belonging, in the shifting shadows of modern Ireland. The section on sonnets seeks a spiritual uplift out of the darkness and poems written in Irish, with English translations, further the quest for meaning. Chalk Dust, the stunning title poem, portrays an Irish Catholic boarding school, where sons of strong farmers and rural shopkeepers are placed in the ivory hands of priests, to be educated. This long dramatic prose poem is episodic and follows the calendar of a school year, where trapped male energy erupts, under the strains of collective living.

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ISBN-13: 9781912561117
Publisher: Salmon Poetry
Publication date: 12/31/2018
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Still-Life Study 9

1 The Corleck Head

The Corleck Head 13

Ghost of Winter 14

Doing The Rounds 15

Words of Silence 16

Hymn For The Tuam Babies 17

Remembering My Funeral 18

Yeats' Repatriation 1948 19

What Is 1916? 20

Response To A Billhead 1944 21

Children of God 23

Blackcurrant Bushes 24

Holidays Remembered 25

Haiku Prayers 26

Fuchsia Hedge 27

Yellowhammer 28

Closed Back Door 29

Alleluia To Jesus 30

When I Go On Holidays 31

When The Two MacDonagh Boys Were Baptised 32

New Obligations 34

A Message To The High Priests At Christmas 35

Christmas On Grafton Street 36

2 Stone-Breaker

Stone-Breaker 39

Surprised By Words 40

Cathedral 41

Lough Ree Islands 42

Honey Bees 43

Meltemi Winds 44

Prairie Mother 45

Two Women at a Window 46

The Grey Ones 47

A Tantalizing Hamburger 48

The Pioneer Plaque 49

Whispering To The Forgotten 50

Buttermarket 51

Response To Pádraic Pearse's Poem: The Wayfarer 52

Child And Lamb 53

Legend of Your Name 54

Yellow Pearls 55

Delia, Woman From Ostuni 56

Altar Boys 57

There Are No More Children 58

Epithalamium 59

Leaf Faces 60

St, Francis' Crib / Picasso's Guernica 61

No Starry Night This Christmas 62

A First Christmas 63

3 Dánta I nGaeilge agus Aistriucháin / Poems in Irish and Translations

Baile Teorann 66

Border Town 67

Ceiliuradh Cuimhne Éirí Amach Na Cásca, 1916 68

Commemoration, Easter Rising 1916 69

Taobh Amuigh / Taobh Istigh 70

On The Outside and Inside 71

Oileán na nGealt 72

Island of The Mad 74

4 Chalk Dust

A Dramatic Prose Poem 79

Acknowledgements 136

About the author 139

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