Ceremonies from the Heart: for Children, Adults and the Earth

Ceremonies from the Heart: for Children, Adults and the Earth

by Robin White Turtle Lysne


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Ceremonies from the Heart, offers anyone with loved ones ways to help families move through transitions. From birth to death, and every stage in-between, this book supports and empowers life's changes with rites that matter. Each chapter offers insight through a story, and questions that inspire you to create your own ceremony. Whether an adolescent entering their teens or an elder that is facing life-threatening surgery, you can mark transitions with greater meaning by creating an honoring ceremony. The book also goes into depth with research about adolescent rites and why they are so important to create a code of ethics, mark the turning, and move from fear to love in greater harmony with the Earth.

The last section gives ways to relate to the Earth with respect and deep listening so that we can hear what the Earth needs at this time of global change and warming. Examples are given of Earth-based ceremonies that help us perceive more deeply toxic sites and transform them into sacred spaces. She need us to listen and we need her to survive. Ceremonies from the Heart gives all of us ways to deepen our connection and heal our relationship with this living being that is the Earth.

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ISBN-13: 9781948675000
Publisher: Blue Bone Books
Publication date: 09/17/2018
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.52(d)

Table of Contents

Table Of Contents

Introduction viii

Section One - Living the Sacred Every Day viii

Chapter One - Getting Started 2

Chapter Two - Creating Ceremonies from the Heart 6

Section Two – Transitions for Every Stage and Age 17

Chapter Three - Honoring Parenthood - Conception Celebration 18

Chapter Four - Birth: Preparing for Your Baby 22

Chapter Five - Birth: the Moment of Arrival 24

Chapter Six - A Naming Ceremony 26

Chapter Seven - Celebrating the First Adult Action 29

Chapter Eight - Adolescent Passages and Sexual Identity 31

Chapter Nine – Adolescent Rites for Children 43

Chapter Ten - Honoring Passages for Boys to Men 61

Chapter Eleven - Adolescent Passages for Girls - A Group Ritual,

Mountain Art Center Adventure 67

Chapter Twelve - Honoring Who You Are as You Are 72

Chapter Thirteen - Honoring Menses 74

Chapter Fourteen - A Womanhood Celebration 78

Chapter Fifteen - Self-Discovery Ritual 87

Chapter Sixteen - Miscarriage 94

Chapter Seventeen - Abortion 98

Chapter Eighteen - Purification 103

Chapter Nineteen - Menopause 107

Section Three – Honoring Personal Transitions 111

Chapter Twenty - Starting Over - A Birthday Celebration 112

Chapter Twenty-One - Career Changes 117

Chapter Twenty-Two - A Dream Ceremony 122

Chapter Twenty-Three - Rape Recovery 127

Chapter Twenty-Four - Moving Out 132

Chapter Twenty-Five - Moving In 136

Chapter Twenty-Six - Surgery and Life-Threatening Changes 190

Chapter Twenty-Seven - Ceremony for Lost Body Parts 144

Section Four - Honoring Relationships 147

Chapter Twenty-Eight - A New Relationship 148

Chapter Twenty-Nine - Friendship Changes 151

Chapter Thirty - A Unique Wedding 155

Chapter Thirty-One - Honoring the Mother of the Bride 158

Chapter Thirty-Two - Acknowledging Divorce 161

Chapter Thirty-Three - Two Funerals 166

Chapter Thirty-Four - Respecting Living Elders 172

Section Five - Rites with the Natural World 177

Chapter Thirty-Five - Natural Disasters 178

Chapter Thirty-Six - Rites with the Earth 184

Chapter Thirty-Seven – Fire Circles 193

Conclusion 196

About the Author 197

Acknowledgements 198

Resources 203

Sources 204

Endnotes 207

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