Celery Juice Recipes That Don't Taste Gross: 47 Healthy and Balanced Celery Juice Recipes for Beauty, Weight Loss and Energy

Celery Juice Recipes That Don't Taste Gross: 47 Healthy and Balanced Celery Juice Recipes for Beauty, Weight Loss and Energy

by Elena Garcia


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The NO HYPE Approach to Celery Juicing to HELP You THRIVE!

Yes, celery juice can be good for us, we have all heard it before…

But…it can also be very harmful when overdone…

And pure celery juice doesn’t taste very nice.

It doesn’t sound very reasonable to live on pure celery juice alone or experiment with unproven and unrealistic celery juice cleanses pushed by celebrities and hype gurus….

However, if done right, celery and celery juice can really help you take your health to the next level…

This is why this book takes a different approach than most strict celery cleanses books out there…

It shows you how to incorporate celery into healthy and balanced, super low sugar and low carb juicing recipes to help you create optimal health…

Without crazy cleanses…

Without forcing yourself to drink juices that make you sick...

Instead, you can enjoy all the benefits of celery in delicious, tasty and beautiful juices

Celery Juice Recipes That Don’t Taste Gross are:

-low sugar and low carb (compatible with weight loss and low sugar diets)

-combine the healthiest low sugar fruits, veggies, superfoods, and herbs to help you create BALANCE

-taste delicious!

This book is perfect if you want to:

-enjoy more energy, naturally

-give your body the nutrients it needs to stimulate healing

-speed up massive weight loss, naturally

-improve your health with easy-to-follow recipes

-have healthy-looking, glowing skin, and beautiful hair

Ready for Celery Juice Recipes That Don’t Taste Gross?

Order your copy now and join thousands of others who are already using this new way of juicing to LOOK and FEEL amazing!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781913575045
Publisher: Digital Zone Media LTD
Publication date: 01/16/2020
Series: Celery, Celery Juice, Juicing , #1
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.22(d)

Table of Contents


Introduction – No More Celery Juice Hype

Juicing Recipes- Food Lists

Recommended Fruit

Other Fruit (in moderation)

Recommended Greens to Use in Your Juicing Recipes

Vegetables to Use in Your Juices:

Spices & Herbs for Your Juices

Natural Sweeteners and Supplements (Optional)

Good Fats

About the Recipes-Measurements Used in the Recipes

Celery Juice Recipes to Help You Thrive!

Recipe#1 Avocado Oil Celery Juice for Energy & Weight Loss

Recipe#2 Quit Sugar Cravings Juice

Recipe#3 Celery Juice Glow

Recipe#4 Celery Immune Tonic

Recipe#5 Super Hydrating Weight Loss Juice

Recipe#6 Holistic Balance Celery Juice

Recipe#7 On the Go Celery Juice Shot (Liver Lover)

Recipe#8 Easy Energy Reboot Juice

Recipe#9 Aroma Detox Mix

Recipe#10 Vitamin C Celery Juice for Natural Energy & Weight Loss

Recipe#11 Light Alkaline Keto Juice

Recipe#12 Apple Cider Antioxidant Juice for Optimal Energy

Recipe#13 Herbal Weight Loss Juice

Recipe#14 Sleep Well Celery Juice

Recipe#15 Pomegranate Celery Anti-Sugar Cravings Juice

Recipe#16 Alkalizing Mojito Juice

Recipe #17 Cucumber Kale and Carrot Juice

Recipe #18 Flavored Celery Juice

Recipe #19 Watermelon Antioxidant Juice

Recipe #20 Simple Apple Lemon Juice

Recipe #21 Honeydew Melon Green Juice

Recipe #22 Easy Celery Juice

Recipe #23 Coconut Celery Concoction

Recipe #24 Broccoli and Orange Juice

Recipe #25 Green Tea High Energy Juice

Recipe #26 A Beta Carotene Powerhouse

Recipe #27 A Restorative Antioxidant Juice

Recipe #28 Veggie Medley Juice

Recipe #29 Coconut Flavored Antioxidant Juice

Recipe #30 Mixed Green Juice

Recipe #31 Tantalizing Green Juice

Recipe #32 Healing Carrot Juice

Recipe #33 Cucumber’s Delight

Recipe #34 Turmeric Celery Juice

Recipe #35 Pineapple Lime Mint Juice

Recipe #36 Antioxidant Nutrition Juice

Recipe #37 Coconut Flavored Green Juice

Recipe#38 Creamy, Anti-Inflammatory Breakfast Delight

Recipe#39 Get Energized Antioxidant Juice

Recipe#40 Green Balance Party Juice

Recipe#41 Delicious Creamy Beet Juice

Recipe#42 Spicy Green Celery Juice

Recipe #43 Gazpacho Celery Juice

Recipe #44 “Replenish Yourself” Juice

Recipe #45 “Red Pepper Detox” Juice

Recipe #46 “Liver Lover” Juice

Recipe #47 Creamy Chia Juice

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