Cavitation and Supercavitation

Cavitation and Supercavitation

by Dr M. A. Zaher


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Cavitation is the formation of voids or bubbles containing vapor and gas in an otherwise homogeneous fluid in regions where the pressure falls locally to that of the vapor pressure corresponding to ambient temperature. The regions of low pressure may be associated with either a high fluid velocity or vibration. Cavitation is an important factor in many areas of science, engineering, and occurs in many industrial processes.
The book covers four general topic areas:
1- The basic characteristics and physical mechanics of hydrodynamic cavitation,
2- Cavitation damage from the viewpoint of both the hydrodynamic process and the reaction of particular materials.
3- Cavitation study methods and equipment for research and performance testing.
4- Cavitation effects in flow passages and hydraulic equipment and on fixed and free bodies.
The book is intended as a combination of a reference book for those who work with cavitation, and as a monograph for advanced students interested in some of the basic problems associated with multi-phase flow. It is ideal for graduate students and research engineers and scientists.

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