Caught by the Scot

Caught by the Scot

by Karen Hawkins

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New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins is back with a brand-new, sizzling series featuring three unforgettable, untamed brothers who must marry or risk losing their inheritance.

Dashing Scottish privateer Conner Douglas must marry a respectable, well-born woman—and soon, if he wants to secure his rightful inheritance. Determined to still explore the high seas as well as his mistresses’ beds, he aims to find a pliable wife who’ll turn a blind eye to his antics. And he knows just the woman—childhood friend and mousy spinster Miss Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe.

Unbeknownst to Conner, meek and plain Theodora has been hopelessly in love with him for years. But unwilling to wait forever for what will never happen, Theodora plans to wed a kind—if unexciting—local landowner, leaving behind the wild Highlander of her dreams.

Yet Conner refuses to let his perfect wife get away. He chases her to Gretna Green and is shocked to discover the real Theodora is an ardent and wildly sensual woman. Soon he realizes his passion to win her has nothing to do with securing his inheritance and everything to do with earning the love of the unforgettable woman who has vowed to leave him in her past forever. But have his wandering ways chased the woman he loves away for good? Or can Conner convince Theodora to give him one last chance before she marries the wrong man?

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ISBN-13: 9781476786117
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication date: 09/26/2017
Series: Made to Marry , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 53,829
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Karen Hawkins writes novels that have been praised as touching, witty, charming, and heartwarming. A native Southerner who grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee where storytelling is a way of life, Karen recently moved to frosty New England with her beloved husband and multiple foster dogs. The Dove Pond series is a nod to the thousands of books that opened doors for her to more adventures, places, and discoveries than she ever imagined possible. To find out more about Karen, check in with her at, @KarenHawkinsAuthor on Instagram, and at her website,

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Caught by the Scot

  • Conner Douglas slammed his glass onto the heavy oak table. “Bloody hell, nae! I will nae do it!”

    Lachlan Hamilton, the Duke of Hamilton and Conner’s brother-in-law, stared out the castle window at the rocky cliff overhanging the cold, gray sea. “?’Tis nae a question,” he said shortly.

    Conner knew what lay on that cliff. Under a giant oak was a grave, the dirt freshly turned from the burial they’d attended not an hour ago.

    Och, Anna, why did you leave us? A wave of grief hit Conner like a hammer and he had to swallow twice before he could even breathe. His only sister, gone. “Hamilton, ’tis too soon. You cannae expect us to—”

    “I do and I will,” Hamilton snapped with a look of blazing fury. “You and your brothers will find wives within the next three months or you’ll nae touch a penny of your inheritances.”

    “You’ve nae that authority.” Jack’s voice was heavy with rage.

    Conner eyed his oldest brother with unease. Jack was not called “the Black Douglas” for naught; his temper was as dark as his midnight hair.

    “I am the executor of your sister’s will,” the duke said grimly. “Do as Anna wished and find wives, and I’ll grant you each your portion of the inheritance. Guid wives, too—nae tavern maids, nae actresses, and nae soiled doves, but women of quality like your sister.”

    Conner ground his teeth in anger, not just at the terms of the will, but at life. One week ago he, Declan, and Jack had sailed here, to the Isle of Arran, in high spirits after receiving word that their sister Anna was delivering her baby. They’d expected to be met at the dock by their brother-in-law, jubilant with news of a bonnie lad or lassie. Instead the butler awaited, his pale face and trembling mouth delivering his wretched news for him.

    Conner curled his hands into fists and pressed them into his thighs to stop the pain. Anna, who had raised all three of them when their parents had died eighteen years ago in a carriage accident, was gone.

    God, Anna, what am I—we—to do without you? His eyes burned and he swiped at them with an impatient hand. He and his brothers had been blessed with a strong, capable sibling who had become more mother than sister. And even though he’d been on his own for years, without her, he was as lost as a ship without a rudder.

    Declan scowled at Hamilton. “Three months to find a wife? ’Tis nae long enough.”

    “Then make it four months, but nae a day more. And dinnae argue, for I’m being generous in giving you that.” The duke turned from the window and planted his feet, facing his three brothers-in-law. “So go. The lot of you. And dinnae come back until you’ve properly wed.”

    “Nae,” Jack snapped. “You’re trying to force us to bend to your wishes, nae Anna’s.”

    The look Hamilton gave Jack was as bleak as night. “You think I give a damn aboot any of you? If I had my way, I’d give you your blasted portions and send you off so you’d bother me nae more. But Anna wanted you settled and thought this would serve.” He glowered at them all. “Do as your sister asked, or the family fortune will be distributed to others.”

    Conner picked up his glass of whisky. “I’ve never wished for the damned money, anyway. Keep it.”

    Jack’s dark look disappeared at Conner’s words. “We’ve made our own way withoot it. Why would we wish for it now?”

    Hamilton’s brows climbed, and he said in a suddenly silky tone, “Indeed? You’d have the Douglas fortune gifted to the Campbells, then?”

    Conner choked on his whisky. “The Campbells? They’re our greatest enemies!”

    “Are you daft?” Declan demanded.

    Hamilton fixed a frosty gaze on them. “I’m doing as Anna asked, unpleasant as ’tis. She was tired of your spendthrift ways—”

    “We pay our own way, and always have,” Conner protested.

    “Aye, through pirating and thievery and smuggling,” the duke snapped, his jaw set. “Nae to mention the gambling and whoremongering and scandals. Nae wonder Anna despaired of you.”

    A twinge of guilt hit Conner. Anna had always worried; but wasn’t that what sisters did?

    “Come, Hamilton, dinnae be hasty,” Declan said in a soothing tone. “Anna’s death is—” His voice broke, but he swallowed hard, and added in a husky voice, “None of us are oop to facing life right now. Let’s nae make any decisions whilst we’re struggling to catch our breaths. Give us a few months to think aboot this, to find a way to answer her wishes.”

    “She said three months, and oot of respect for your grief, I’ve added a month. But that is all I’ll give you and it’s bloody well all I’ll say aboot it.” Hamilton waved a hand. “Go. And dinnae return until you’ve done as Anna wished.”

    Declan spread his hands. “Hamilton, be reasonable. We just need—”

    “Reasonable?” Hamilton’s voice was quiet, yet it thundered through the study. “I just lost my wife, the only woman I ever loved, or will love, and I’m left with a babe to raise on my own. Right now, the whole world is cold, cruel, and bloody unreasonable.” His gaze flickered over all of them. “Now go. Dinnae marry and I’ll give your funds to the Campbells. I dinnae care who has it.”

    “Hell will freeze before a Campbell touches Douglas gold!” Furious, Jack started forward, but Declan grabbed his brother’s arm and jerked him back.

    Hamilton’s mouth had gone white. “Dinnae test me. Today of all days, I’d like nothing more than to stomp the life oot of someone. Fate owes me that satisfaction, if nae else.”

    Jack made as if to rise to the bait, but Declan said sharply, “Whatever Anna wished for, it was nae an argument. She hated it when any of us disagreed.”

    There was a moment of heavy silence, emotions too raw to ignore thickening the air. Somewhere in the distance a door slammed, followed by the faint cry of a baby.

    The duke turned toward the cry, all color draining from his face. His shoulders sank and he took an involuntary step back, as if struck by a sword’s blow.

    As the baby’s cry was hushed by the soothing voice of a nanny, the duke leaned heavily against the wall, his head down, his breathing harsh.

    As if the wind has left his sails. Conner cleared his throat. “Perhaps we should go to the babe and—”

    “Nae,” Hamilton said harshly. “He is with the wet nurse. She will care for him.”

    Jack’s brows lowered. “Hamilton, dinnae hold the lad at fault for Anna’s death. He did naught but be born.”

    “Of course I dinnae blame him,” Hamilton snapped, his voice raw. “If anyone is at fault for Anna’s death, ’tis me.”

    The words hung in the room.

    Conner shook his head. “?’Twas the cruelness of nature, Hamilton, but nae more.”

    Hamilton slowly gathered himself and turned back to the window, his expression hidden from view. “Leave. Now.”

    Conner exchanged looks with Declan. What did it bode for Anna’s babe if his father could not even bear to hear his cries?

    Jack’s eyes were now dark with sadness instead of fury. Silently, he crossed the room to where the duke stood slumped against the wall. After an awkward moment, he placed his hand on Hamilton’s broad shoulder.

    The duke bowed his head, but did not move. It wasn’t an encouragement, but neither was it a rebuff.

    Declan cleared his throat and went to stir the fire, as if to give Jack and the duke a bit of time in silence. Conner looked out the door to the broad stone staircase that led to the nursery, his heart aching. Anna had wanted to have a child so badly. Now she’d never have the chance to hold the baby in her arms, never know the pleasure of being a mother, never see her baby grow and laugh and— The burn of tears threatened to escape his control. This will nae help anyone. But there is one thing that will.

    He dashed his hand over his eyes and sighed. “Fine. I will do as Anna wished.”

    Declan and Jack turned surprised faces his way.

    “She was right and ’tis time. ‘Marry, settle doon, be at peace with your life.’?” Conner managed a faint smile. “How many times did she tell us that? A hundred?”

    “At least.” Declan’s smile carried regret, and after a quiet moment, he nodded. “I will agree, too. I will find a wife, and soon.”

    Jack’s face hardened, and he dropped his hand from the duke’s shoulder, but didn’t argue.

    The duke pushed himself from the wall and turned to face them. “Thank you.”

    “We should nae tarry. Come.” Conner went to the door, his brothers following. Once there, he turned to say good-bye, but Hamilton was already looking back out the window, his gaze locked on the grave.

    Declan jerked his head toward the hallway and the three of them left, softly closing the door behind them.

    Jack scowled as they headed to the front door. “Much as I loved our sister, I’d go into this more willingly if I knew there were benefits other than honoring her memory.”

    Conner accepted his coat from a footman. “If we marry and settle doon, it will silence society’s chattering. ’Twas that which irritated Anna.”

    Jack glowered. “All I want is to howl and stomp like a madman.”

    “As do I.” Declan gave a humorless laugh. “Perhaps we need wives to soften our angry hearts.”

    Conner wondered what he would do with his inheritance. He’d never thought about it before; he’d been too busy with his shipping and privateering interests, which had proven wildly profitable. Truly, he had no need of these funds. But, then, neither do the bloody Campbells.

    The butler opened the door. Conner sent a final glance up the long stairway where his nephew was now sleeping. Should he visit the lad? He shook his head; he’d just wake the babe. The lad was better left in the care of the nurse Anna had chosen before her lying in.

    With a reluctant sigh, Conner followed his brothers outside. They stood in the cold, the wet, gray day suiting their moods as they waited for the carriage.

    Conner turned up his collar against the wind. “We might as well make the best of this. Think, lads: had we received our inheritances withoot the security offered by a marriage, we’d be the targets of every matchmaking mama in Scotland.”

    Jack looked appalled. “You’re right.”

    Declan grimaced. “We would nae be able to go oot in public withoot being mobbed by crazed mamas and their wedding-hungry daughters.”

    Jack nodded. “By Zeus, that’s true. We must find pleasant, malleable brides and quickly.”

    Conner added, “A lass with the guid sense nae to try and change us. Someone nae demanding. A woman of calm disposition, nae given to dramatic scenes or possessive tantrums, who—” Good God, he knew a woman like that. Only one, but one was enough. Thea.

    Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe was the sister of one of his best friends. She was well born, practical, and pretty enough, although rather quiet. The daughter of a diplomat, she knew her way through life, plus she was well past society’s declared marriageable age, which would make her grateful for his offer. Flooded with relief, he announced, “I know the lady I’ll marry. My friend Derrick’s sister, Thea. I’ll go to her and tell her what’s toward with the will. She’ll marry me and be glad of it.”

    Declan shook his head. “Conner, lad, you’re a bloody fool if you think Miss Cumberbatch-Snowe will entertain such a slapdash suit. I’ve met the lady, and she dinnae strike me as the type to accept a half-baked proposal.”

    Conner grinned. “I’ll wager you a hundred pounds she’ll take my offer withoot question.”

    Declan looked intrigued. “You’ll tell her flat oot you’re desirous of marrying her for nae other reason than to attain your inheritance?”

    “And that you think she’d nae be a bother as a wife?” Jack added.

    Conner scoffed, “I’d never lie to Thea. She knows me and accepts me as I am.” She liked him well enough, he was certain of that. She always seemed pleased when he visited, and she couldn’t wish to spend the rest of her days at her parents’ house. Who would?

    Jack snorted in amusement. “Fool. I accept your offer of a hundred.”

    “Count me in,” Declan said. “That’s a hundred each, nae a hundred split between us.”

    “Done. You two are making an error; I know her weel. I’ve been friends with her and her family since I met her brother at Cambridge.”

    Declan snorted. “Friendship is one thing, wiving another.”

    “I’ll enjoy spending your funds, both of you.” He wouldn’t enjoy being wed, but perhaps with Thea, marriage would at least be bearable. He was fortunate Thea’s father was between assignments now, or Conner might have had to sail to a foreign clime to find his intended bride. As it was, she was safely docked at Cumberbatch House, a mere week’s travel away, ready and waiting. As if it’s meant to be. He grinned at his brothers. “You’ll see how right I am. In a month or so, I’ll make my appearance at Cumberbatch House and walk away with the perfect wife.”

    Declan’s eyebrows rose. “You’re nae going straight there?”

    “We’ve four months, so there’s nae rush, and the lady’s father is awaiting orders that are nae expected for two months or more, so she’s going naewhere soon. I might as weel enjoy the time I have left as a single mon.”

    Declan didn’t look convinced. “You’re taking a lot for granted.”

    “Never take a woman for granted,” Jack added in a grim tone.

    Conner waved them off like pesky flies. “You’ll see. Meanwhile, what will you two fools do? Any likely candidates in mind?”

    “Bloody hell, nae.” Jack raked a hand through his hair. “I want a wife like I want a shot in the arse. I’ve nae idea who I’m to marry; I dinnae care overmuch for respectable women.”

    “They are boring,” Declan agreed.

    The coach rattled around the castle and stopped before them, two portmanteaus strapped to the back. As the footman hurried from the castle to open the coach door, Declan frowned. “Where’s my black trunk?”

    The footman blinked. “I’m sorry, sir, but these were the only bags in the foyer.”

    “Dammit. That fool valet must have forgotten to send it doon.” He turned to his brothers. “Go ahead. I’ll meet you at the ship.”

    “Dinnae be late.” Conner climbed into the carriage and took a seat, Jack joining him. “With this wind, we cannae wait.”

    Declan stepped back from the coach. “If I’m nae there when the tide turns, leave withoot me. I’ll catch another ship in a day or two.”

    Conner banged on the ceiling to signal to the coachman to head to the port, anxious to leave. These next few weeks would be his last days of freedom, and he was determined to wring every possible ounce of pleasure from them. But in the meantime, he could relax, for his path—and Thea’s, though she didn’t yet know it—was set.

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    Caught by the Scot 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    It was an okay book. I got tired of the back and forth of the lead characters. Not an exciting read as I've read in the past from author.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Hard to put down
    janeeyre01 More than 1 year ago
    True love, adventure, suspense. romance, a little bit of everything. Thought provoking
    McM0mmy-PW More than 1 year ago
    I loved this story. As the secondary characters started arriving I could see matches being made! Theo and Conner were perfectly matched in their personalities and watching him fall in love with her was a delight. This was an amazing friends to lovers story and I can't wait to read his brothers stories as well! I also hope we see a bit more of Alice!!! I won an advanced copy from NetGalley and these are my honest thoughts!
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Loved it!
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    The Scottish stories are not typically my favorite because of the injection of Scots pronunciation. It seems strange to me when only one character (the hero) is portrayed with the accent. This plot seemed a bit tedious as the hero chases his lady friend about the country side to foil her elopement. I expected more humor. I got bored about half way through the book. Ms Hawkins is usually a 5 star author but this book fell flat for me. It was formulaic and predictable that would have been acceptable if I could have related to the characters.
    sportochick More than 1 year ago
    A hysterical adventure from start to finish The Duke of Hamilton's loss of his beloved wife and her desire for him to force her three brothers to wed so they don't lose their inheritance was a dramatic opening to this new series. I was instantly intrigued and looking forward to reading this book. A hysterical adventure from start to finish this is a truly entertaining read because watching Mr. Hotness, Connor, NOT get his way was rewarding. But better than that was watching him evolve from self-centeredness to awareness of other people's emotions and needs. The fact that there is no villain in this story creates an atmosphere of niceness but don't be turned off by this. It is in fact a book with lots of hidden meanings and lessons for everyone. Theodora adds the resistance and friction to keep the reader entranced with her back and forth dialog with Connor. Along the way Theodora learns a lot about her needs as well and her character development fits nicely with Connor's personal growth. The overall moral to this story is that win-win situations can occur if all parties concerned are willing to try. It is refreshing to read a book where everyone is a nice person, so I give this 4 STARS for being a delight to read. Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
    Dzneychica More than 1 year ago
    A delightful start to a new series! This first book into Ms. Hawkins' "Made to Marry" series is full of fun and funny moments! I cannot wait to read the next in the series! Please note: I was gifted a copy of this book, all opinions are my own.
    Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
    Hawkins hits it out the the park again!! Perfect story of not knowing what you have until it is gone. Theodora has loved Conner for ages, but he of course is oblivious of this. But when he learns that she is to merry someone else, he doesn't like it much and doesn't know why. I loved watching the interactions between all of the characters of this story and found myself laughing out loud at their antics. I can't wait for the next book in the series!
    FaeScot More than 1 year ago
    This is the BEST BOOK Karen Hawkins has written! Absolutely loved it. It's witty, at times laugh out loud and just plain fun. Conner Douglas finds himself in a bind. His beloved older sister Anna, who basically raised her three younger brothers, dies in childbirth. She's been caretaking their Douglas inheritances for them. In her will she expressly states that if the boys want to see their Douglas inheritances, and not have them go to the hated Campbells, they all have to be married to respectable women within 3 months. Every one of the "boys" is a love them and leave them kind of guy and have no interest in settling down. What to do, who to pick... Conner, a privateer, suddenly remembers his best friend's little sister who he's been friends with for ages. She'll do and she's already "on the shelf" at 27. He's so confident in Theodora that he spends the first month having a last fling with a married woman. When he does finally arrive at Dora's home he finds she's eloped with the local Baron! Off he races to rescue her and offer her a "better deal" with him. This is one of the most original romance adventures I've ever been on. The journey of Connor to realize he has loved Dora for years and he's not so "all that". The way he plots to try to make Dora see the Baron is not suited for her at all and involves his ship's crew is priceless. Poor Dora didn't have a chance especially since she's been in love with him forever. Dora had given up on love and Conner and was ready to accept "good enough" to finally have a home of her own. She finds out when confronted by a full court press by Conner that good enough is not enough. All I can say is this story is an absolute delight! Thank you Karen and Pocket Books/NetGalley for the ARC for review.
    julieford More than 1 year ago
    Karen Hawkins creates sparks and chemistry, laughter and tears, and basically a book that will draw you in and not release you until the very end. Caught by the Scot is the first in the series in which three brothers must find wives and settle down per their deceased sister's will and wishes. This is Conner and Thea's story. Conner is a charming rogue who believes that he can marry Thea, leave her at his estate and sail on to more adventures. Thea has been in love with Conner for many years but has finally decided to give up on him and elope with the local squire. Conner catches up to them and the journey that follows will have you laughing, sighing and sometimes cringing. Another great read by the fabulous Karen Hawkins.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Karen has done it again. She has given her readers an especially good read. Just when I thought I knew what she was planning, situations changed. Instead of one runaway marriage, we ended up with two couples who are just perfect for each other. Theo and Connor found their answer to a happy life together and Jane and Lance found each other. Now, we just need to find Connor's brothers and see how they are doing in their search for wives.
    BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
    After a tragic event, Conner Douglas is being forced to marry a respectable woman. With all of his considerable charm, while he loathes the thought of having a wife, figures this won’t be a problem. He even knows the right woman, his best friend’s sister, Thea. After wasting 6 weeks in a drunken stupor, he finally arrives to find out that strong-willed Thea decided to elope with a local farmer. Determined he can woo her away from her intended, he catches up with the couple and starts to work out his plan. While the basic plot is one I seem to be finding more and more lately, this book was really good. I loved Thea’s spit fire and determination to not fall for Conner’s charm while discovering passion for the first time. As with many of this author’s books, the side characters and their interactions were some of my favorite parts. Alice, in particular, was hilarious. Loved it. I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Conner and Thea's story. I love stories that hook from page one,and continue grab your attention page by page, chapter by chapter. Makes you want to hurry to the next page to find out more. This story did that for me. I loved the plot line. Conner and his brothers sister passes away during childbirth (you find this out around page 2) and her will states her brothers must merry to get there portion on the inheritance or it going to a rival clan. Conner just want's to merry a woman who would not try to change him " someone nae demanding. A woman of calm disposition, nae given to dramatic scenes or possessive tantrums, who_" . He thinks of Thea, a friends sister. She is anything but of calm disposition but she's perfect for Conner She speaks her mind, doesn't let walk all over her. I love how their chemistry builds, though Thea is falling for Conner she stands by her commitment to merry Lance. I love how it seems something was always pulling them apart. But in the end they get their happy ever after. What a fabulous. I can't wait to read the brothers' stories. And hopefully the poor Duke of Hamilton's story as well. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Review also posted on several websites
    AmyHi More than 1 year ago
    Great new Made To Marry Series about 3 brothers made to marry in 4 months’ time. This first book I received as an ARC. I loved Conner and Thea's story. Conner fights Thea's love almost the whole book. Great read, can't wait to read the next one!
    JuliaAD More than 1 year ago
    How could you not love Conner? He is thoughtful and generous. He is also bossy and stubborn and he needs to marry a respectable woman. Either that or his inheritance will go to his enemy. He knows the perfect woman. He has known Thea for years and just knows she will marry him without any problems. Wrong! Thea is on her way to Gretna Green to marry a squire. How could she do that to him? When he catches up with them, he knows that Thea is the only one for him, but she refuses to leave the squire and marry him. How will he convince stubborn Thea that she is meant to be with him? She would never be happy with the squire. He won't give up the sea and she wants a marriage with her husband at home and she knows that will not happen with Conner. What are they to do?
    Hfowler More than 1 year ago
    The first book in a new series brings a batch of brothers who would rather be wenching, flirting, and riding the high seas than to ever become an honest married man. That is until their older sister dies in childbirth and in her will she requires them all to marry respectable women within three months of her passing or lose their inheritance. The first brother up for wedded bliss is Conner, the middle brother, and he decides that he isn't going to give up his chosen lifestyle. He is going to marry a quiet woman who he can set up at his country home while he goes off riding the high seas and seducing the wives of other men. He decides the perfect candidate is the younger sister of his best friend. But what he doesn't plan on is that once he finally shows up to propose, she has run off with a local squire. Thea has loved Conner since she was a young girl but he has never truly seen her. She is only the little sister of his friend and so she finally decides enough is enough and she wants her own household and family. Her candidate for marriage is a decent fellow but he doesn't spark the desire Conner has always been successful at (if unknowingly) pulling out of her. When he shows up during her elopement and tags along, she comes to realize that she was never successful in giving up her love for him but spending time with him has also shown her that their love is doomed. He is married to the sea and will never be happy on land. This was a fun story. The antics Conor gets up to to slow down the elopement were fun to watch and how she kept getting so frustrated with his meddling was great. I loved the scene in the breakfast room of one of the inns they staid at between her and Lance when they both decide that they aren't meant to be was priceless. Lance does get his happily ever after too which was nice to see. Overall an enjoyable story and I look forward to watching the other brothers find true love.
    ButtonNose More than 1 year ago
    Connor Douglas, a Scottish privateer, must find a respectful wife within 4 months or forfeit his inheritance to the dastardly Campbell's. Miss Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe is his choice since she is on the verge of spinsterhood and would be grateful for an offer of marriage. What a surprise to find out she has eloped with a squire and is on her way to Greta Green! The chase ensues and Connor does his best to derail the elopement and convince Thea her squire is not the man for her. The big question is, can he convince her he is the man for her? Caught by the Scot is Karen Hawkins's first book in the Made to Marry series. It is filled with Karen's wit and humor along with action, unexpected twists and turns, and, of course, romance. I highly recommend this story and can't wait until the next! ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Love Karen Hawkins new series. Connor Douglas has to marry in three months to receive his inheritance. Connor decides has to marry he should find a lady who wouldn't mind him being most of the time since he is a privateer for English. Connor decided his friend's sister Theodora would be a perfect fit. Unknown to him, Thea had other plans. Connor went to offer Thea his hand in marriage only to find out Thea ran away to elope with Squire Lance. Connor wasn't going to let Thea get away. So he chasing down the couple to stop the wedding. After finding the couple, Connor had to find a way to convince Thea, she should abandon her plans and marry him instead. Thea was stubborn and refused to even consider changing her plans. She knew if she married Connor he would be traveling most of year and she would be left behind to care for their home and children. She wanted a true marriage and partnership. Connor and Thea both had to find a way to overcome their feelings and what they wanted in a marriage. Squire Lance was the safe and comfortable excuse for Thea to not want to marry Connor and be left alone while he lives his life at sea. Connor decided only way she could have a marriage and life with Thea is if he was willing to make changes in his life. He decided to give his fleet of Privateer ships and buy inti a merchant ship instead. Only problem was Thea didn't believe he was willing to leave his old life behind.
    sweetpotato101 More than 1 year ago
    Karen Hawkins has always been my go-to author when I’m in the mood for a Scot. Caught by the Scot is book one in her new series Made to Marry. It had some spectacular parts and some parts that fell flat, but was an enjoyable read overall. Conner Douglas needs to find a wife in four months’ time or his inheritance goes to a rival family. He has just the woman in mind—his best friend’s little sister, Theodora. Theo has been in love with Conner for years, but she’s nothing more than a sister to him. She decides to marry elsewhere and go on an adventure to Gretna Green. She doesn’t expect to find Conner along for the ride. I enjoyed these two together. Ms. Hawkins has a delightful knack for dialogue and playful banter. The barbs are laced with tension and these two fighting with words was such fun to watch. There’s an elopement gone wrong, friends-to-lovers, and hijinks and mayhem galore. The secondary cast really rounded out the story. That said, there was a little too much focus on the secondary cast and it detracted from the main romance itself. Conner and Theo didn’t have the chance to really sit down and get to know each other. By the end, I just felt a bit frustrated with them. I'm really looking forward to more in this series. Our Conner has some brothers, and I can't wait for their stories. 3.5 stars!
    TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
    Great start to a new series. Conner needs to marry soon or risks losing his inheritance. He decides to marry is friend’s sister but she waited long enough for Conner to notice her and has other plans. Can he stop her from marrying another? I loved this historical read, great chemistry plenty of drama and suspense. I am looking forward to more in the series.
    BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
    'Caught by the Scot' by Karen Hawkins is the First Book in the New Series "Made to Marry". This is the story of Conner Douglas and Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe. Conner's sister has died and with that has left in her last wishes that her three brothers marry. If they do not marry then their inheritance will go to the Campbell's who they hate. Conner knows he has the perfect 'wife' for him, his best friends sister Thea. Thea has loved Conner much of her life. But she has since given up on him noticing her or making a move toward her. So she has settle to accept Lance's proposal to run off to Scotland to marry. When Conner finally makes it to where home to claim Theo he learns she has left with Lance. So now Conner heads out to claim his bride. I love Ms. Hawkins writing and so happy for this new series! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
    candy-b More than 1 year ago
    Connor Douglas was a privateer, a Scot and one of three brothers, who had just lost their sister. In her will the brothers had to get married within 4 months or their inheritance went to the Campbells, their enemy. Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe was the sister of his friend and had known him since she was little. She loved him but because he loved the sea she felt there was no hope. He finally decided she was the one because she would be easy. He arrived at her house only to find she had just left and had eloped. He was not a happy camper. Now that I write this, it really is a complex plot. There are so many twists. The characters are so authentic and some are funny. I could not put this down . I was so entranced.The descriptions were amazing, an example, the way the sea and Dunskey made you feel like you were standing there, smelling the air and seeing the colors in the water or looking at the Dunskey manor and seeing the neglect. The interactions between the characters, Connor and Lance bantering back and forth and Thea trying to stop Connor from his mischieousness were incredible. I don't know how the author could keep all those strings straight and still keep the story so very entertaining. I so very much admired this book and glad I got the chance to read it. I can't wait till the next one.
    Pompie1999 More than 1 year ago
    The plot: A sister and three brothers lost their parents. The sister is older and basically raises the three boys. She frets and worries about how wild they are and fears they are wasting and ruining their lives. She wants them to marry – now. She has married a duke who loves her very much and when she dies in childbirth, he implements her plan to force her brothers to marry. He’s not polite about it. They have three months to marry good, suitable brides. If they do not, their inheritance will go to their family enemies, the Campbell’s. NOTE: Love the book, but there is something I don’t understand here. This is the Regency period and I thought that it was against the law (or at least a standard requirement) for a female to inherit over the males in her family AND that any underage children, particularly the males, must have a male guardian. This was a wealthy family, though evidently not of the titled variety. So, I wonder how the sister ended up responsible for her younger brothers and particularly their inheritance. How is it that she, rather than her parent's wills, determined when and how the brothers would receive their inheritance. I don’t know – just seemed a bit off to me. It didn’t intrude on my enjoyment of the story but puzzled me enough to make me think about it all through the story. I thought it might be explained somewhere, but it wasn’t. Maybe it has to do with Scottish law rather than English. The Story: When Connor Douglas receives the news that he and his brothers Jack and Declan must marry within three months or forfeit their inheritance to the Campbell’s. He rejects the idea outright and argues. However, the duke, who is carrying out his wife’s final wishes, will not budge. Finally, he relents because, even though he doesn’t need the money, he cannot abide the idea of the Campbell’s getting it. Connor knows just the bride for him, Thea (Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe), who is the younger sister of his best friend Derrick. He’s sure she’ll accept him right away and will be happy to live in the country managing his home while he continues his life as it is. Yes, we all know how well that is going to work out, don’t we? So, Connor spends some time drinking, womanizing and carousing around and finally decides to go and get his bride. Only, when he gets there he finds she has eloped to Gretna Green with the local squire. Well – shut my mouth!!! Thea has been in love with Connor since she first met him when he came home from school with her brother. He’s been a constant visitor to them ever since – even visiting them when they were posted in other countries. However, she has finally determined that Connor doesn’t even notice she is alive much less holding any tender feelings for her. So she decides that if she wants a home and family of her own, she must look elsewhere. Enter the young, wealthy and handsome squire who lives about an hour away. He’s pretty staid and dull, but Thea has convinced herself that she at least has an affection for him and he’s in love with her. When he proposes that they elope, she accepts and off they go. See the rest of this review at: