Catherine'S Boys

Catherine'S Boys

by R.R. Royce

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Time to correct the theory that Vlad Temps was Bram Stokers model for Dracula. Stokers vampire count was not even from Earth. Black Sorcerers like him visit us through the Middlegrounds Gateways, portals that transport them throughout humankinds history. Some Midlanders come to Earth for sanctuary. Edoviov Alucard left the Middleground because Black Sorcerers would not tolerate vampires, even from a High family. When Sorcerys Grand Wizard banished them, Edoviov took his sister Catherine and fled to Earth. He turned their High Sorcerer Name backward to become Stokers fiction, setting himself up as Lord of Vampires. For Catherine, he had other plans. With two outlaw White Sorcerers, they entered into a pact to produce a Sorcerer strong enough (and Powerful enough) to take the Dark Throne. Since one of those Whites was the Middlegrounds only Time Wizard, it was now on their side. With Draculas gypsies and his damned magician, they made Catherine bare living children by the gifted outlaws. In the distant past, Dracula stashed Catherines family in a small barony. They tried to prepare them, casting strange and hideous protections. But the best laid plans Other Sorcerers have an eye on that Dark Throne. Their plan requires they rip off the children. Can the boys escape the destinies that others have planned for them? Follow across time and space to America where they battle to live free and escape the minions of the Blacks. While Rip collects a vicious black stallion and pearl-handled 44s, Andrs chief assets remain his quick wit and his hidden curse. Catherines boys cut a path through the Old South to Texas in the 1880s, hoping to elude pursuit while they try to discover their abilities and stay alive long enough to learn what they are and where they belong.

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ISBN-13: 9781503560758
Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication date: 07/30/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 316
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

R.R. Royce never really had any goals beyond being the best journalist he could be. He started writing at an early age, producing western short stories in grade school. By the time he reached high school, he had already decided on a career in the newspaper business and even helped Marshall’s great black and white photographer and author Hugh Power, at the time teen editor for the Marshall News Messenger, run down leads on a Sasquatch sighting reported in Jefferson, Texas. The excitement of working this story may have been a factor in his eventual pursuit of the supernatural tales of Texas and what that cost him. His search for the Vampire Gunman undoubtedly led to his “disappearance” and his need for a co-author. Vickie Ives is a preservationist of the Colonial Spanish Horse and has managed Karma Farms in East Texas since leaving Stephen F. Austin University in 1970. She is co-author of the book Saltbush and Sagebrush, a commemorative non-fiction account of the 1200 mile ride of the Jubilee Overlanders across South Australia and Texas in 1985. She has written numerous articles for equine periodicals and edits the Horse of the Americas Registry newsletter. She met R.R. Royce when they worked on the Big M Roundup, the high school newspaper of Marshall High School. They continued to study journalism after high school and worked on The Flare together while attending Kilgore Junior College. The Flare won numerous awards under Vickie’s editorship. Vickie came home from Stephen F. Austin to run the family farm while R.R. went on get his B.A. in journalism and later worked on several East Texas newspapers. Their collaborations began again years later when R.R. began work on the current volume. Art by alg.

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