Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit (Midnight Louie Series #11)

Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit (Midnight Louie Series #11)

by Carole Nelson Douglas

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"Temple Barr, public relations whiz, rocks Las Vegas with her sleuthing grit, wacky friends and sexy guys, cool cat sidekick and fast-paced action. And Midnight Louie is the funniest, hairiest-chested, hard-boiled PI on the planet!"--JANET EVANOVICH, NYT bestseller

Elvis lives? But a teenage girl portraying Priscilla Presley may die! Not if publicist Temple Barr can stop it as she manages an epic Elvis tribute performer contest. Nasty incidents among a wild assortment of Elvi accelerate from malice to murder. . . and lead to ghostly Elvis sightings, with "the King" himself calling Temple's romantic interest, a local radio shrink. While Temple hunts a killer hunting her, can Midnight Louie and ex-priest Matt Devine finally give the "Memphis Cat" the peace his restless spirit never found, dead or alive.?

"A poignant distillation of the life of Elvis Presley. . . Douglas again delivers an entertaining read full of sly jokes, interesting people and a nice-but-not-too-difficult puzzle. As a bonus, she introduces a thoroughly fictional Elvis Presley and inhabits him with enough real emotion to make you wish you had known the original."--Tampa Tribune-Times

"Midnight Louie captured my attention from the very first page!" SANDRA BROWN, New York Times bestselling author

"I have never been an Elvis fan, but this story was handled so well....and Louie's own rather amusing chapters add to the quirky charm of this series, without subtracting from the mystery value of the plot. The author describes Las Vegas as possibly the only theme park for dysfunctional people–and in this setting it is easy to see how practically anything goes! One does not have to enjoy either cats or Elvis to enjoy this book."--Mystery News

"Who better than one legend to delve into the mystery of another legend? Just what is going on? Only the anaconda knows how . . . And only Midnight Louie can find out why! Integrating the extraordinary power of the Elvis phenomenon into a cleverly conceived mystery, Douglas takes her artistry to a higher level as she views past and present through this uniquely American prism. The end result is as haunting in its intensity as the legend himself."–RT Book Reviews

"When it comes to romantic mysteries, Carole Nelson Douglas is the quintessential author."--Alternate Worlds

"Midnight Louie captured my attention from the very first page!"--SANDRA BROWN, NYT bestseller

"The Midnight Louie series reads like a serial, with each escapade segueing seamlessly into the next as if they were all a part of real life....The streets of Las Vegas were never so treacherous, nor so inviting as in this adventure replete with trademark wordplay, heartstrings and yes, even a murder or two--Mostly Murder, The Best of 1998

"Temple's tempestuous love life (not to mention her world-class shoe collection) and Max and Matt's past and present problems are just part of the fun...You never know what madness and mayhem you'll find in Douglas's mysteries, but you can be sure it will be wild, witty and utterly irresistible."--San Francisco Chronicle

The Prime Suspect finds the series "everything you might want in a mystery: glitzy Las Vegas, real characters, suspense, a tough puzzle, and...on top of it all, a fine sense of humor and some illuminating social commentary."

"Once again Ms. Douglas lights up the skies with a dazzling blend of witty prose, clever plotting and just plain old good fun. No wonder Midnight Louie is everyone's cat's meow."--Melinda Helfer, RT Book Reviews

"Douglas leads her readers on a merry chase before neatly drawing these disparate threads together. Midnight Louie's fans will be delighted."--Publishers Weekly

"Las Vegas's feline detective extraordinary returns... Louie is an irresistible combination of Nathan Detroit and Sam Spade. Plenty of interest here for a lengthy, fun-filled series."--Mostly Murder

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BN ID: 2940158908040
Publisher: Wishlist Publishing
Publication date: 09/07/2017
Series: Midnight Louie Series , #11
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 414
Sales rank: 374,498
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

USA Today bestseller Carole Nelson Douglas’s 63 novels include two bestselling Las Vegas-set series—the Midnight Louie feline PI mysteries partially narrated by a "Sam Spade with hairballs" and the Delilah Street Paranormal Investigator noir urban fantasies featuring werewolf mobsters and Silver Screen zombies in a paranormal Sin City...also contemporary and historical mystery and romance, science fiction thrillers, epic and urban fantasy titles. She was the first author of a Sherlockian series with a female protagonist, diva-detective Irene Adler, the only woman to outwit Holmes, with the New York Times Notable Book of the Year, Good Night, Mr. Holmes. A four-time Romance Writers Rita award finalist, she has RT Reviews magazine Career Achievement awards in Suspense, Mystery, Versatility and as a Pioneer of Publishing. Mr. Midnight has snagged many Catwriters’ awards. Carole collects vintage everything, books, and rescue cats, and works at home among mannequins in vintage dress. Her literary muse is definitely feline: mysterious, wise, playful, and packing sharp shivs in velvet gloves.

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Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit (Midnight Louie Series #11) 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
SmileyCat More than 1 year ago
This is one of the very best of the Midnight Louie series! Las Vegas would not be Las Vegas without Louie or Elvis! So much fun and Louie's antics are very entertaining as always.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Midnight Louie, the Fontana brothers, Mr. Midnight and Elvis! I got to tell you, I have read and reread this novel four times and everytime I read Midnight Louie's Same Spade noir narrations, I am more delighted than ever. I also enjoyed the introduction to this novel immensely. The story has a great pace and a satisfying romantic subplot. This book would please anyone who enjoys tightly twisted plot lines and tongue-in-cheek noir.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I hunt for Midnight Louie books wherever I go always hopeing to find either a new one or an out of print that I do not have. Louie, with his caustic witt, and Elvis, his Fans and Impersonators, in the same book ( tongue in cheek / or not ? ) is just almost too much. I had so much fun with it that I bought the audio, so I could enjoy it again on the drive to work.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A mystery more engrossing has never been written! I was absolutely breath-taken with every twist in this book's Elvis-based plot. The star feline sleuth, Midnight Louie, and his human owner, Temple Barr, are deeply perturbed at the sighting of a ghost that greatly resembles the King at the remodeling of the Crystal Phoenix, a local hotel. In fact, it could very well be the soul of the famous Hillbilly Cat himself! When Midnight Louie and Temple Barr discover that Las Vegas's first homage to Elvis-ing attraction is about to open to the public, they began to feel that the ghost-sitings are more than construction-worker talk. In the meantime, Barr and Midnight Louie have agreed to protect the death-threat receiving Priscilla Presley immatator who is to be a part of the attraction's opening festivities. The plot gets even hotter when Midnight Louie and his owner discover an Elvis immatator's corpse in the restricted section of the attraction's gardens. And, who is that mysterious caller to Barr's former suitor's midnight radio-show who claim's he is the One-and-Only Elvis Presley? I highly recommend this enchantingly chaotic mystery!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Louie, Temple and Carole Forever! I returned home from a recent trip to Memphis, where we toured Graceland, to find 'Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit' in the mail awaiting my arrival. The coincidence was amazing. Finished reading it last night and think it is one of the best books I have ever read. The author's thought process gets deeper with each book and her exploration of the never-ending Elvis mystique casts an accurate eye on the sociology of the 50's and 60's and the perception of those times having been so innocent. Having been a teenager in the 1950's, I could also totally relate to the Electra character. The author's use of words gets cleverer and funnier with each book. As with any 'whodunit,' you have to keep reading to find out who was the perp, but you finish the book with sadness because there will be no more show-stoppers on each page. Thank you, Carole, so much for Temple and Louie and Chatter and all the rest of them!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was severely disappointed in this book. It was a struggle to get through it. I have read every one of the series, and enjoyed them all. I didn't want to give up on this one, since all the books build on the previous ones. However, this is the exception. There is nothing meaningful going on in anybody's life in this episode. There was so much Elvis trivia in the book, that there was no room left for a plot. Most of the recurring characters had bit parts in this story, and those parts left a lot to be desired. The characters seemed stagnant, with nothing new going on with any of them. Max was among the missing for most of the story, Temple and Matt seemed to be a mere shadow of their characters. Where's the tension between Temple & Matt? between Matt & Molina? Will Matt ever get a girlfriend? Whatever happened with the investigation that Max was doing in previous stories? I hope some of these questions are answered in the next book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
While I have followed this series from the beginning with great delight, this entry was a crashing bore. The main characters only make a cameo appearance, if at all. There are countless bits of Enquirer-style Elvis gossip. The author is so enamored with the information that Elvis dyes his hair black that it is repeated in every circumstance by every character. Temple denies having any interest in Elvis, but, oddly, knows every intimate detail. I found myself skimming over chapters, just to get to the tedious end. Hopefully, the next book in the series will be back on track.