Carl Schurz, German-American Statesman: My Country Right or Wrong

Carl Schurz, German-American Statesman: My Country Right or Wrong

by Peter T. Lubrecht Sr.


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This is the story of a nineteenth-century hero: Carl Schurz led German revolutionary refugee immigrants, "48ers," to make major contributions to American society. His career as a reformer, orator, foreign ambassador, Civil War general, United States senator, Secretary of the Interior and newspaper editorial writer was instrumental for the abolition of slavery, civil service reform, Southern reconstruction, indian affairs and general "muckraking" in the face of old-school backroom politics. He campaigned for Abraham Lincoln and examined the plight of the freedmen in the South, seeking a vote and property for them. As a senator from Missouri, he fought corruption; as the Secretary of the Interior, he organized the Indian Bureau, and pioneered the early ecology movements. He spent the last twenty-six years of his life in New York, as a newspaper editor and writer. Carl Schurz was the public voice of reason in the press of the "Gilded Age." His statement, "My country right or wrong, if right to be kept right; and if wrong to be set right," has been quoted regularly in twenty-first century media.

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Publication date: 07/29/2019
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About the Author

PETER T. LUBRECHT, PhD, is an author, German-American historian, and adjunct professor of writing at Berkeley College, New Jersey. He is a retired theatre director, and has published: The Butterfly Boys in the Civil War (History Press); Germans in New Jersey (History Press); Liebe Kück-A German Soldier's Story of the Great War (Xlibris); and New Jersey Hessians Truth and Lore (History Press). In 2018, he won the Steuben Society of America's Eric Hartleb Memorial Lecture Award in 2018 for excellence in the field of German-American Studies.

Table of Contents

Dedication 5

Foreword 9

Preface 11

1 Introduction 13

2 Humble Beginnings 15

3 The Education of a Revolutionary Romantic 17

4 Early End to Boyhood-The Dark Years (1838-1840) 22

5 Sculpting a Rebel 24

6 The Baden Revolution: Escape 37

7 The Miraculous Kinkel Escapade 44

8 Expatriates in London 57

9 Marriage and America 62

10 Introduction to American Politics (Washington, 1854) 67

11 The American Journeys (1854-1856) 72

12 Watertown, Wisconsin 76

13 Lincoln 81

14 Ambassador to Spain 92

15 Emancipation 96

16 General Schurz 98

17 "The Flying Dutchmen," Chancellorsville 103

18 Gettysburg 109

19 The End of the War 111

20 Years of Turmoil 116

21 The Political Journey to Congress 121

22 Senator Schurz 127

23 Losses 135

24 Secretary Schurz 139

25 Fanny Chapman 145

26 New York and the Gilded Age 150

27 Elder Statesman-The Final Years 157

28 Epilogue 164

Appendix: Schurz's Cast of Characters 167

Endnotes 171

Bibliography 183

Index 188

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