Cancer Alternatives: What you may not know and what your doctor will not tell you

Cancer Alternatives: What you may not know and what your doctor will not tell you

by David Etheredge


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This book tells you what your doctor can not tell you about how you might prevent, test for, and fight cancer using natural and alternative methods. It is not just such things as juicing, fasting, and diet, instead, it covers many things that most people do not know about. It is about restoring health and immunity that is needed for pushing cancer out of your body, eliminating the reasons that it is there to begin with rather than just trying to poison it. The book discusses a wide range of subjects that allows the reader to understand the reasons that cancer exists, what needs to be done to remove those reasons, and thereby help remove the cancer itself, keeping it from returning time after time. It also discusses the damages that are caused by certain choices, how to either avoid that damage or to recover from it. I started writing this book during the time my wife was struggling with her late stage cancer because if we had this information years before, she probably could have lived much longer and possibly could have beat it. She did survive for almost 20 years after her first symptoms appeared although at the time, we did not know that they were cancer symptoms.It is not medical advice, just a simple exposure to what might make a difference in your choices in fighting cancer and possibly autoimmune disorders.This book discuses a number of things that can affect the outcome of your cancer struggle as well as some things that might even prevent cancer in the first place. There are places and people around the world where cancer is rare, practically non-existent. There are other thing s that increase not only your risk of developing cancer, but can also increases its rate of growth as well as helping it to spread in your body.This book is not about traditional cancer treatment because that is the realm of medical practice. It is about why cancer develops, why it spreads, and what you can do to reduce the risk, presence, and spread of cancer. Video review:

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