Call Me Irresistible: A Novel

Call Me Irresistible: A Novel

by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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The funniest love story of the year, Call Me Irresistible is the book Susan Elizabeth Phillips fans have been craving. The beloved New York Times bestselling author returns with a delightfully sassy, sexy, and downright irresistible tale of true love Texas style.

Ted Beaudine, one of Phillips’s most charming characters (the adolescent heartbreaker from her hilarious debut, Fancy Pants, and the new college graduate from Lady Be Good) is now all grown up and in a heap of romantic trouble all his own—in a perfectly marvelous contemporary romance that fans of Emily Giffin, Kristen Hannah, and Elin Hilderbrand will simply adore.

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ISBN-13: 9780062042347
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 01/18/2011
Series: Wynette, Texas , #6
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 103,062
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Susan Elizabeth Phillips soared onto the New York Times bestseller list with Dream a Little Dream. She’s the only four-time recipient of the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Favorite Book of the Year Award. A resident of the Chicago suburbs, she is also a hiker, gardener, reader, wife, and mother of two grown sons.


Chicago, Illinois

Place of Birth:

Cincinnati, Ohio


B.F.A., Ohio University

What People are Saying About This

Jayne Ann Krentz

Susan Elizabeth Phillips writes absolutely splendid women’s fiction. Her books are infused with wit, heart, insight and intelligence. They delight and entertain on every level. A book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips is always a sparkling tonic for the senses.

Kristin Hannah

...Susan Elizabeth Phillips at her very best. Romantic, funny, sexy, and poignant.... If you’re down or busy or distracted, I have the cure: Call Me Irresistible is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I loved this book.

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Call Me Irresistible 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 507 reviews.
nampatel More than 1 year ago
I love SEP. I think as a writer, she writes charming stories. I have read every single one of her books more than once. I love her series books and the way she brings back characters. This one, however, felt like bits and pieces of the other books rolled into one. There was no freshness. The new characters (Ted and Meg) are actually burdened by the return of SO MANY of the old characters and never get a chance to fully stand out as their own. Ted is just like bits of Dallie, bits of Kenny, bits of Dex. You never get a sense of the gawky kid that he was one he first came on board in Fancy Pants or the awkward young man in Lady Be Good. Meg is a little more unique but carries similar to the heroines in Ain't She Sweet and Kiss an Angel. Also, the dialogue - SEP typically writes snappy, witty, funny. In Call Me Irresistible, that the funny feels forced. The Crazy Women of Wynett is not funny and gets beaten over the head. Their antics aren't funny and a lot of them become caricatures. I only say this because SEP is an incredible writer and she typically writes great characters with a fresh plot (Match Me if You Can, What I Did For Love). This seems a little bit too much borrowed and not new. Still, as an SEP loyalist, read it for the fun of it, but you won't get sucked in and emotionally walloped like you do with her other books. Looking forward to the next one where hopefully SEP goes back to a small cast of characters and not too many old ones. I hate to think this, but it feels like the publisher wanted to get as many SEP characters in to this one in the hopes of getting readers to read the others. For example, in this book there are characters from Lady Be Good, Fancy Pants, and Glitter Baby. To the publishers, if you want new readers to read the back list, let the author write the excellent book she is capable of writing and readers will automatically check it out. There is nothing compelling in this book that would make new readers read this, where as they should. Fancy Pants and Lady Be Good are great, fun reads. I still love SEP.
MrsBRV More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed a lot of this. It had much of the charm and flawed heroine stuff that I like about SEP's other work, but this one was a little overburdened with references to characters in other books, the ending wrapped up too abruptly, and I didn't feel convinced of the hero's conversion. I think she could have done better. The traditionally published authors will have to step up their game if they are going to demand $12.99 a book, when there are some great emerging authors who are selling for a quarter of that price.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I normally love SEP books- all except What I Did for Love and the book about Annabelle- which grew on me somewhat. However, as soon as I saw the characters in this book, I knew I would be disappointed. It felt forced putting the characters together- like she's just tying up loose ends and forcing the story. THere just wasn't a lot of emotion coming from the book or the characters. Meg is suddenly in love with TEd, and the reader doesn't even get Ted's perspective through 90 percent of the novel- he only reveals his emotions at the very end, which definitely takes away any impact there. Just disappointed overall.
SharonRedfern More than 1 year ago
Susan Elizabeth Phillips (SEP) delivers again in Call Me Irresistible. Ted Beaudine (Fancy Pants, Lady Be Good) is marrying Lucy Jorik (First Lady)in Wynette, Texas. Ted is a former amateur golf champ,inventor and the Mayor of Wynette. Lucy is the adopted daughter of the former President of the US and her husband. Lucy's best friend Meg Koranda (Glitter Baby) comes to town to be in the wedding. She sees immediately that Lucy has doubts about marrying Ted and ends up helping Lucy bolt before the wedding. After the wedding, Meg becomes persona non grata in Wynette. Unfortunately, her parents have cut her off , she can't pay her room bill and she ends up working for the inn as a maid. Ted,who is revered in town,makes it his mission to make Meg as uncomfortable as possible with help from all of the townfolk. The path that they take from intense dislike to love involves golf, a renovated church, a stalker, an amorous plumbing king and his man hungry daughter, and several characters from earlier books. Like all SEP books there is a lot of humor mixed in with a sharp look at how Lucy and Ted need to become self aware to be happy with someone else. One of my favorite sections was when Lucy was talking to Meg about how perfect he was and how it intimidated her: "Out of nowhere, the church doors blew open. And there he stood silhouetted against the setting sun. Theodore Day Beaudine. Trumpets began to sound. Honest to God trumpets blowing a chorus of hallelujahs. "Jesus", she whispered. "I know, "Lucy whispered back. "Stuff like this happens to him all the time. He says it's accidental." How can you read that and not know you are in for a great time?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms. Klausner, you have completely ruined the plot for me. This is a place for BOOK REVIEWS (read: opinions) NOT BOOK REPORTS (see: your post.). There is a difference, aquaint yourself with it. I no longer plan to purchase this novel, thanks you you and your full on summary, which I will point out is a re-telling of the novel, stating no opinions/overall feel for the book anywhere in it. Please consider that others who have not read the book yet are reading these reviews to help their decision. I am finding this sort of thing happening more and more. I have had numerous books spoiled for me because people cannot do what is meant on this forum. And... FYI- putting "Spoiler Alert" before the post does not make it okay. If it is a review, why even post spoilers. This specific comment is not for Ms. Klausner, but a general rant. While I am on it, can "we" stop using the term "Squeeeee", too? Are you a grown woman, or a twelve year old girl at a boy band concert? START A BLOG! OR TAKE IT WHERE IT IS APPRECIATED! PLEASE. Elizabeth Grogan, avid reader and paying customer.
risuena More than 1 year ago
This is my second Susan E. Phillips' book to date, and I can't find myself to like her writing. Match Me If You Can and this one build their romances on premises that I find troublesome. In this book, being a rebound girl and falling for your best friend's ex-finance just didn't do it for me. If you want such a complicated scenario, I suggest Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (she can pull a sticky non-sympathetic situation around and make you question your view points and judgements and change your mind). Add into that the fact that he was a bit vindictive at first after the broken wedding did not make me like the guy. In both books I've read, the guys can seem quite abusive, yet they're described as being "perfect"; I'm sorry but that just doesn't make me want the main characters together. The storyline does get better after they hook up (you anticipate good changes for their relationship), but then it goes downhill when he confesses his feelings about Lucy. All I can think is both main characters are idiots. The guy should be more appreciative, and the girl should have higher expectations and standards. I also don't find the guy's sudden epiphany very convicing, more anti-climatic and lame. There are too many other characters as well, piquing interest in their stories, yet not well developed, causing more of a distraction for the reader from the main storyline. I will say it's a better read than Match Me If You Can, but overall, I think this author does not appeal to my heartstrings.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
typical SEP novel. The fact that it keeps you interested. I read the other reviews that the plot is always similar, but to me it is the delivery of the same plot that keeps me reading.
CSHunter More than 1 year ago
It has been awhile since I read this author, but this book was a reminder why I loved to read her books. She also incorporated previous characters, something that is always a win for me. Ms Phillips creates magic when she speaks through her characters, inspiring a range of emotions from the reader. It was a page turner and when reading on the nook, that can go fast; You will not be sorry
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As I was reading I started to wonder if I had read the book before. It dawned on me that the humor and relationship between all of the characters, primary and secondary, was very similar to the author's book "Ain't She Sweet". I loved "Ain't she sweet" so this new story was enjoyable but it didn't feel fresh and new.
krystalsbooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The bok started out slow. The back story took too long to plow through. In the end I did enjoy the main character and her inner strength but it took a while to get to the point that it was a page turner.
IandSsmom on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Fun story! I enjoyed the book! Fun characters and really a great read or listen!! :)
quirkylibrarian on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Meh. An absolutely average, throw-away romance novel with all the expected trappings of good sex scenes and a "boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl" plot. If you have nothing else on your bookshelf at the cabin, go for it.
rdh123 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Teddy's story. it was ok.
dcw888 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I have always loved Susan Elizabeth Phillips¿ books, so when I was able to review this one I was very excited. And I was not disappointed.Meg and Lucy are good friends, and Lucy is about to get married. Meg doesn¿t believe her best friend¿s wedding is the best match, and decides to do something about it. All the townsfolk love the couple, and don¿t hesitate to turn on Meg when she succeeds in her plan.I enjoyed the book, but I had a difficult time at the start. Lucy is such a lovable character, and of course Ted is the typical wonderful groom, so how could I want Meg to succeed? Plus, I didn¿t think Meg was painted by the author as a very likeable protagonist at first. As I continued to read and the story unfolded, I was able to set aside my reservations and truly enjoy the book.Another thumbs up for Susan Elizabeth Phillips!
deequa on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
light quick entertainment read, fun characters.
ShannaV on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I've enjoyed many of SEP's previous books so I was looking forward to a good read. Although I don't recall too many of her former characters who make an appearance in this book, they are a little familiar to me. I liked that Meg was a bit of an underdog. It's refreshing to have a heroine that pretty much everyone hates in the beginning. The characters are great, the setting is interesting and the writing is fantastic. All around I thought it was a great book and I highly recommend it. Don't look to long at the cover model though, that Photoshopped hand is freaky and doll-like.
scoutmomskf on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Really good book. I loved Meg from the beginning. She chose to help her friend, even though it put her at odds with the entire town. She was more interested in making sure Lucy was happy. I also liked the way she stayed around, even after she was able to leave. She decided to change her life. There were some seriously funny things in her attempts, and others that were really moving.Ted was alot harder to like. He was so coldly logical and emotionless I wasn't sure he would ever come around. As the book went on, I could see what bothered Meg the most about him. I could also see what she was trying to do. By the end of the book I was rooting so hard for Ted that I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.
lrobe190 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Meg Koranda is in the the small town of Wynette, Texas to be in the wedding of her best friend, Lucy Jorik to Ted Beaudine. As soon as Meg sees them together, she knows that Ted isn't the right person for Lucy. She helps Lucy realize it too and on the day of her wedding, Lucy tells Ted the wedding is off and leaves town. Despite the fact that Meg's parents are famous and rich, Meg herself has no money. Her parents have cut her off, expecting her to quit drifting and make something of herself. Now she's stuck in the small town of Wynette without a penny to her name and where everyone hates her for ruiniing the wedding of their favorite son, Ted Beaudine. And the one who hates her more than anyone is Ted himself!SEP is probably my favorite comtemporary romance novelist. "Call Me Irresistible" features characters from several of her previous novels. Ted, Meg and Lucy werre young children when we met them previously. "Irresistible" features Phillips' hallmark strong, complex characters, humor and lots of romance. I can't wait for her next novel.
MaisieD on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this book, it was my second Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Meg travels to her best friend, Lucy's, wedding. Once there she realizes Lucy's groom, Ted, is all wrong for Meg and she would never be happy with him. She talks to Lucy about this, and Lucy has been having the same thoughts. Lucy leaves Ted at the altar, and everyone in town is upset with Meg for ruining things between Lucy and their town hero, Ted. Meg is now stuck in town, since her parents have cut her off. Eventually Meg finds a job and she and Ted start a relationship. Meg falls in love with Ted, who she believes may be falling for her, but she soon believes Ted to be emotionless and incapable of feeling what she feels.
LauraKCurtis on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When SEP is "on," she's absolutely the best writer of contemporary romance out there, and this book is right up there.Ted Beaudine is perfect. (Too perfect, in fact, which is one of the reasons this book only got four stars from me rather than five--he doesn't seem real.) He never, ever lets anyone down. Even in bed, he's more concerned with his partner's pleasure than his own. His ex-girlfriends all want him back, and those who've never dated him want to.Meg is about as far removed from perfect as one could imagine. She arrives in town and promptly decides Ted isn't a good match for her best friend. When her friend leaves him at the altar, the town turns against Meg in a big way. But Meg, being imperfect, has no money and no way out of town, so she has to stick it out and suffer the various humiliations the townspeople subject her to.Meg is a wonderful heroine, and watching her grow from an aimless, dependent ne'er-do-well to an ambitious woman bent on fulfilling her potential is a treat. And SEP can write. The dialog is snappy, the situations sometimes funny, sometimes heart-wrenching, and the action non-stop. I really did love this book, and if Ted had had more of a spine, it would have been irresistible. As it is, it's still a whole lot better than most of what's out there. (SEP is probably suffering by comparison here...If I could have given Ain't She Sweet extra stars, I would have, so my expectations are perhaps overly high when one of her books comes out!)
Jaitai16 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
While not one of my favorite SEP books, I found myself really enjoying Call Me Irresistible. I only put it down when my eyes were too blurry to see the words. The books begings with a jiteery Lucy Jorik who we first met in First Lady, but its a different Lucy long gone is the Wild Child we knew and in her place is a people pleasing polite daughter of the president. She finds herself engaged to but not in love with perfect Ted and only her best friend Meg can see that thier marriage will be a disaster. She is the only one who encourages Lucy and ends up having the whole town of Wynette to hate her. The book reminds me a little of Dream a Little Dream but without the heavy emotional baggage. This was a lighter read, funny at times, sad at others. I found myself a little annoyed that it was solely from Meg's perspective until the very end. It made me feel like I didn't get to really know him at all. Still it was likable enough with themes a lot of women can relate to. I am a dedicated Seppie and am excited for Lucy's story.
SilversReviews on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A high-profile wedding, second thoughts, a friend to confirm these second thoughts....all these provided the incentive to call off the wedding. But would the bride's friend, Meg, be sorry she even mentioned to Lucy that perhaps she shouldn't marry Ted especially in a town where the groom was the mayor and could do any number of things to make things difficult for Meg?And what a rough time Meg did have...Ted was brutally cruel to her; he never showed that side of him to the citizens of the town. Ted was everywhere Meg was. He knew she didn't have any money to leave town, and he also made sure no one would hire her. She was food, no place to stay, and no one to help her. Meg was so happy she saw what Ted was really like and that her friend didn't marry him.Since Meg couldn't leave and remained in the small Texas town, she decided to make some mischief of her own which got all the aristocratic Texas ladies in an uproar. But would her decisions backfire on her, make things better, of cause a never-ending pain in her heart? You will love the book...a sensual storyline, and let's not forget wealth, jealousy, and greed. The characters are easy to love and easy to hate. Phillips has authored another winner!!!Giving it a BIG TEXAS 5/5....LOVED IT.
mschweer432 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I love imperfect characters. I think this is one of the reasons I love Susan Elizaeth Phillips so much!! Her characters are always so real and likable. In Call Me Irresistible, we have Ted who is seemingly perfect. But guess what, he isn't! And that's just one of the things I love about him and this book!!I have to say, Meg is one of my favorite Susan Elizabeth Phillips characters. She is funny, strong, smart, loyal, messed up, and well, everything!! I love how she stood up to Ted and the entire town of Wynette Texas.The love story between Ted & Meg was a good one. I really felt their connection and I thought they were a good fit. I was irritated with how long it took Ted to come around in the end but that would be one of my few complaints. I like how previous characters make appearances in this book. Well, actually, some of them have prime roles! I have to say I wasn't sure I liked some of them in this book! They were terrible and I don't like to think characters I fell in love with in previous books could behave like they did to a character I love now! Of course, everyone comes around in the end, but it was still frustrating.I really enjoyed this book and while it's not my all time favorite Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, it is up there!!
Cats57 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Call Me Irresistible¿ by Susan Elizabeth PhillipsMs Phillips has constructed another fine entry into her long list of wonderful contemporary romance novels. While most of her books have recurring characters, each book can and does stand alone. In this novel, you will find many of our old friends from the past, and more importantly, two who have now very much grown up and has this book all to themselves. This book is written in the first person from our female protagonist¿s POV until you get to the last few chapters and then some switch over to Ted¿s POV. I really liked this little bit of change of POV¿s.¿Call Me Irresistible¿ opens with the impending wedding of Ted Beaudine, of Wynette Texas and God among all men, and the former President¿s daughter Lucy Jorik, and everything is running smoothly until Meg Koranda, Lucy¿s best friend shows up on the scene and seems to have put the kybosh on the wedding plans. On the other hand, has she really? When the wedding is canceled as the groom is standing at the altar, everyone in the entire town decides that it¿s Meg¿s fault that their ¿golden God¿ has been jilted. Broke and with an unreliable car, Meg becomes stuck in a town that absolutely hates her and blames her for all that has befallen them and poor Teddy. Since Meg has never proven herself to be a real grown up, it soon becomes clear that she is going to have to grow and learn to survive on her own. No matter what that means. Of course this being a romance, sparks quickly fly between Ted and Meg and they decide having a `no strings attached¿ flaming affair is the way to cool things off. However, do you truly think Ms Phillips is going to keep it that simple? Nope and a lot of fun is ahead for the reader. You can also add into the mix a bit of a mystery since someone unknown is trying to drive Meg out of town. While some readers may be a bit put off by the lengths the townspeople go to show just how unwelcome Meg is and to make her pay for her `mistake¿, it will become clear that not everyone hates Meg and what she did, although it does seem to take an inordinately long time for her to make amends. At one point even I sas ready to throw in the towel. HOWEVER, all of this served to strengthen the relationship between Ted and Meg and was another way to show just how far Meg had turned her life around for the better.Another wonderful Contemporary Romance by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
samantha on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Like most Romance authors, SEP has a formula, and it works. Whether you'll enjoy this book depends on whether you've enjoyed her books in the past -- if you like the way she writes, the types of characters she gives voice to, you'll like this one as well.One thing I found a little difficult was keeping track of all the old characters who make cameos in this book. Some of SEP's books I read more than ten years ago, so my memory of them is fuzzy at best. However, this was just distracting, but the book was still a good read.