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Release Date: 02/28/2020
Label: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929180239
catalogNumber: 9180239
Rank: 44154


Disc 1

  1. Polar Bear
  2. Sway
  3. Perfume
  4. The Storm
  5. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  6. It’s On
  7. Get Higher
  8. My Rising Star
  9. Wonderment
  10. Thoughtforms
  11. Anyway That You Want Me
  12. Swansong
  13. Juggernaut Rides
  14. Avalyn I
  15. Half-Life, Remembered
  16. Something More
  17. Can’t Be Sure
  18. She Sings Alone
  19. Please Let Me Go

Disc 2

  1. New Art Riot
  2. Aim
  3. Pop Song
  4. Beam Me Up
  5. To Kill a Slow Girl Walking
  6. Welcome to Dead Town
  7. Listen
  8. Seems to Me
  9. Big City (Waves of Joy)
  10. I Fell in Love Last Night
  11. Sean Connery
  12. Take
  13. Noah’s Ark
  14. Amnesia
  15. Earthwheel
  16. If I Could Shine
  17. Mad as Love
  18. Crazy Mixed Up Kid
  19. These Things Happen
  20. Strange
  21. I Know

Disc 3

  1. Timeless Melody
  2. Highrise Love
  3. Everything About You
  4. Sleep
  5. Potboiler
  6. Dead Like You
  7. Twenty-Fifteen
  8. Beside the Sea
  9. Little Valley Town
  10. Sunday Never Comes Around
  11. Good Morning
  12. Learning to Keep My Mouth Shut
  13. Lovesville Usa
  14. She Made Everything Groovy
  15. Out of My Mind
  16. Darkest Blue
  17. My Heart Is Where My Home Is
  18. When I Find You
  19. Nothing in Your Heart
  20. What Is More Than Life
  21. I Really Do Love You Penelope
  22. Missing You
  23. Cheat on Me

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Neil Young   Composer
Chip Taylor   Composer
Sean O'Neill   Composer
Meriel Barham   Composer
Martin Blunt   Composer
James Dean Bradfield   Composer
Tim Burgess   Composer
Martin Carr   Composer
Rob Cieka   Composer
Rob Collins   Composer
Bill Cox   Composer
David Gavurin   Composer
Alex Griffin   Composer
Ben Hopkin   Composer
Ruth Miller   Composer
Sean Moore   Composer
Matthew Nelson   Composer
Harriet Wheeler   Composer
Chris Cooper   Composer
Steve Cradock   Composer
Pete Kember   Composer
Bob Lucas   Composer
Andrew Sherriff   Composer
Jon Brookes   Composer
Neil Halstead   Composer
Emma Anderson   Composer
Amelia Fletcher   Composer
Simon Fowler   Composer
Damon Minchella   Composer
Dan Worton   Composer
Lee Mavers   Composer
Graham Sutton   Composer
John Ling   Composer
Jon Baker   Composer
Montgomery Cliffs   Composer
Tim Dorney   Composer
Timothy Brown   Composer
Oscar Harrison   Composer
Gordon King   Composer
Mark Simnett   Composer
Andy Spearpoint   Composer
Derek Parker   Composer
James Fraser   Composer
Jas Mann   Composer
Honey Smugglers   Composer
Paul Walsh   Composer
Adam Franklin   Composer
Adi Vines   Composer
Stephen Barnes   Composer
Kevin Cowen   Composer
Pete "Bassman" Baines   Composer
Jimmy Hartridge   Composer
Graham Bonnar   Composer
Scott Carey   Composer
Justin Crawford   Composer
Dolan Hewison   Composer
Ian Masters   Composer
Wendy Robinson   Composer
Perry Saunders   Composer
Nian Brindle   Composer
Simon Nelson   Composer
Age Blackmore   Composer
Kat Day   Composer
Dominic Bostock   Composer
Giles Duffy   Composer
Sean McDonough   Composer
Kevin Moxon   Composer
Polly Hancock   Composer
Stephen Lawrie   Composer
Cliff Ogier   Composer
Liam Maher   Composer
Keris Howard   Composer
Christian Savill   Composer
Simon Worrall   Composer
Yves Altana   Composer
John Reed   Producer
Lora Findlay   Layout
Sterling Roswell   Composer
Terry Kirkbride   Composer
Nick Jones   Composer
Andrew Starke   Composer
Mathew Fletcher   Composer
Tony Ogden   Composer
Sunflowers   Composer
Life with Patrick   Composer
Stephen Sands   Composer
Matt Cheslin   Composer
Gareth Pring   Composer
John Penney   Composer
Graeme Naysmith   Composer
Adrian Fry   Composer
Joss Cope   Composer
Richey Edwards   Composer
Simon Rowbottom   Composer
Tim Barr   Liner Notes
Paul Wagstaff   Composer
Steven Tajti   Composer
Warren "Dermo" Dermody   Composer
Craig Ferguson   Composer
Dave Todd   Composer
Colin O'Keefe   Composer
Glenn Dodd   Composer
Lee Christopher   Composer
Andrew Hitchcock   Composer
John Phillips   Composer
Andrew Milton   Composer
John Devenney   Composer
Jon Fagg   Composer
Colm Fitzpatrick   Composer
Eamonn Davis   Composer
Derrick Dalton   Composer
Steve "Spider" Croom   Composer
Mark Marrable   Composer
Greg MacDermott   Composer
Vincent Kellett   Composer
Rupert Hanna   Composer
David Ware   Composer
Wilson N. Scott   Composer
Silvani   Composer
Abbs   Composer
John Wood   Composer
Stuart Vincent   Composer
Simon Court   Composer
Kennedy Pill   Composer
Jim Melly   Composer
May Rock Marshall   Composer
Lloyd Hughes   Composer
Rich Lindsay   Composer
Simon Westwood   Composer
Gorton   Composer
Jan Hastie   Composer
Steve Hastie   Composer
Claire Gourlay   Composer
Kenny Gourlay   Composer
George Glen   Composer
Arthur Watts   Composer
David Hopkins   Composer
Ian Gregg   Composer
Nick Gibbons   Composer
Mark Richardson   Composer
Tracey Field   Composer
Vanessa Elphick   Composer
Stuart Durbin   Composer
Andy Jackson   Composer

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