Buzz Ballads, Vol. 2 [2009]

Buzz Ballads, Vol. 2 [2009]



The second installment of Razor & Tie's Buzz Ballads series gathers more post-grunge hits into one nostalgic package, stacking the likes of Creed, P.O.D., and Hoobastank against such seasoned acts as Bush, Live, Collective Soul, and Hole. As with the original Buzz Ballads CD, there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to this volume's track list, and some songs (particularly Live's "Selling the Drama" and Bush's "Swallowed") are only ballads by the loosest definition of the word. Oasis' "Don't Look Back in Anger" still packs a punch nearly 15 years after its release, however, and Adam Duritz's performance on "Round Here" is sincere enough to cancel out the gruff, postured theatrics of Creed's Scott Stapp (whose signature ballad, "With Arms Wide Open," kicks off the disc). This disc isn't the same nostalgia fest as its predecessor -- too many of its songs were released in the 2000s, and none of them are particularly memorable -- but Buzz Ballads, Vol. 2 should appeal to some listeners, particularly those with a stomach for post-grunge's new millennium makeover.

Product Details

Release Date: 03/17/2009
Label: Razor & Tie
UPC: 0793018919821
catalogNumber: 89198

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Jude Cole   Composer
James Black   Composer
Billy Corgan   Composer
Patrick Dahlheimer   Composer
Charlie Gillingham   Composer
Chad Gracey   Composer
Ed Kowalczyk   Composer
Arnold Lanni   Composer
Ed Roland   Composer
Chad Taylor   Composer
Adam Duritz   Composer
Noel Gallagher   Composer
Mike Turner   Composer
Gavin Rossdale   Composer
Eric Erlandson   Composer
Courtney Love   Composer
Raine Maida   Composer
Jeremy Taggart   Composer
Aaron Lewis   Composer
Matt Malley   Composer
Craig Montoya   Composer
Art Alexakis   Composer
Craig Balsam   Executive Producer
Cliff Chenfeld   Executive Producer
Bardi Martin   Composer
Scott Mercado   Composer
Peter Klett   Composer
Greg Eklund   Composer
Chris Roldan   Composer
Carl Bell   Composer
Steve Bowman   Composer
Scott Stapp   Composer
Mark Tremonti   Composer
Dave Bryson   Composer
Dan Jewett   Composer
Kevin Martin   Composer
Jason Wade   Composer
Jon Wysocki   Composer
Mike Mushok   Composer
Dan Estrin   Composer
Douglas Robb   Composer
Chris Henderson   Composer
Brad Arnold   Composer
Pierre Bouvier   Composer
Jeff Stinco   Composer
David Desrosiers   Composer
Sebastien Lefebvre   Composer
Chuck Comeau   Composer
Dean Babin   Producer,Audio Production
Michael Anderson   Producer,Audio Production
Sonny Sandoval   Composer
John April   Composer
Traa Daniels   Composer
Wuv Bernardo   Composer
Scott Anderson   Composer
Dave Janusko   Composer
Marcos Curiel   Composer

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