Busted Cherries (a collection)

Busted Cherries (a collection)

by Genesis Tate

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A collection of three erotic short stories sure to set your e-reader on fire. Explore tales of innocence lost in the sexiest of ways. Horny stepfathers and stepbrothers lust for the hot virgins they live with. When they explore that passion together the results are explosive and those sweet girls go from naive school girls to lusty cock hungry sluts who can't wait for more.

This collection includes 3 of my hottest selling stories: Keeping the Peace, Seduced by Daddy and While My Sister Sleeps. My collections are a great value; 3 sexy reads for less money. Enjoy a little alone time today.

Keeping the Peace

Marissa is a good daughter who will do anything to protect her battered mother, even if it means sharing a bed with her volatile stepfather, Rex. What she hadn't bargained on was her growing attraction to a man she thinks of as little more than an animal. It's that very savage nature that speaks to her own lustful urges.

This story is approximately 5,100 words.


It was hard to sleep that first night. Every time Rex rolled over, I startled awake, positive that he knew there was an interloper in his bed. I spent a lot of time looking at the way the moonlight played across his hairless chest. I marveled that a man so awful could be so good looking.

He kicked off the blankets and I tried not to gasp. At first I was just alarmed by the sudden movement from his side of the bed, but I saw immediately that he was sleeping naked.

I flushed with embarrassment and rolled away from him. My heart was drumming against my ribs and I was practically panting. My instincts were in overdrive, telling me to flee, but I couldn’t do that. Not if I wanted my mom to be able to leave. She’d sacrificed a lot for me by staying here so that I could finish my education and have the best possible life. Now I was going to do the same for her.

Seduced by Daddy

Diane has always been a good girl, but her daddy still worries about what kind of influence her best friend Grace is on her. Grace isn’t afraid to go after what she wants and when she wants Daddy, Diane can only watch the sexy scene unfold. Maybe she should have been a little more careful when she spied on them because now that Daddy’s caught her watching, he plans to show her how nice seduction can feel.

This story is approximately 4,900 words.


I watched as Daddy lifted her easily and deposited her on the rough work table. He parted her legs, running his fingers over her folds. She leaned back on her hands, head thrown back. Inarticulate pleasure noises came from deep in her throat, almost sounding like growls.

Daddy bent over her, putting her legs over his shoulders and buried his face between her thighs. His clever tongue danced across her clit before plunging into her over and over again. As an orgasm rocked Grace she grabbed his thick hair to steady herself.

Without conscious thought, I found myself sliding my hand under skirt and into my own panties. My skin felt feverish and swollen. I slid a finger inside of my wet hole and imagined that it was me who Daddy was pleasuring with his mouth. When Grace’s breathing sped up, it covered my own quiet noises and I came almost simultaneously.

While My Sister Sleeps

Grant is a loser. He doesn't have any friends, but worse than that, he's still a virgin without a single prospect for correcting that situation. That is until the night his step sister, Sarah, has a party. Suddenly he's presented with a woman on his bed who can fulfill his every wicked fantasy. The fact that that woman is his sister doesn't bother him nearly as much as it should. When her best friend, Leanne, wants to join in how can he say no? It's a night that will change his life forever. Too bad nobody at school would ever believe him.

This story is approximately 4,500 words.


That’s how Leanne caught him when she flung open the door.

“Hey, Grant. I wondered―“ Her voice abruptly came to a strangled halt.

“Get out!” Grant roared, withdrawing from Sarah and grabbing a pillow to hold over his crotch.

Leanne shut the door behind her and flipped the lock. “What the hell are you doing, Grant?”

His face was flushed and he felt like crying. He was so busted. His parents would never forgive him and he was sure that Sarah would call the cops. He tried to talk, but he couldn’t get words past the lump in his throat.

“The door wasn’t latched. Anyone could have walked in here. You’re so lucky it was just me.”

Grant was confused. Leanne didn’t seem mad, just a little surprised. She came over and sat by him on the bed.

“Having her passed out on the bed was too much for you, huh?"

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