Bunny Foodie Adventures

Bunny Foodie Adventures

by Kathleen Morrissey, Paul Cox

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Two bunny families find adventure in the local farm fields while munching on their favorite foods. Two young bunnies learn the dangers of not following the rules and going off on their own. They encounter terrifying animals, scary sounds, a good soaking, and a surprise helper, all while they give in to delicious temptations.

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ISBN-13: 9781481713641
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/20/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 36
File size: 1 MB
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Kathleen Morrissey and her husband have two sons, and their two grandsons are a continual source of inspiration for children’s stories. Kathleen's career as an industrial educator allows her to travel extensively throughout the United States and the world. Her hobbies of boating and camping with her family in the San Juan Islands and the Cascade Mountains have taught her to appreciate the outdoors and the wide variety of animals with which we share the planet.

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Bunny Foodie Adventures

By Kathleen Morrissey


Copyright © 2013 Kathleen Morrissey
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4817-1363-4

Chapter One

Getting Lost

Early on a bright summer morning, there was a moist scent in the air as the irrigation sprinklers watered nearby farm fields. The air felt damp under the warm sun. Two bunny families were planning to go out to the fields to find their meals for the day.

Mommy Rabbina said, "Now, all you little ones, remember that you must stay close. We must not lose track of each other or stray off alone."

"We can have a fun and delicious day if we all stay together, so we must watch out for, and protect each other," Daddy Ruffert said. "I know our nearby farm has been safe, but we still need to stay alert to avoid any unexpected dangers."

"The same goes for you four as well," Mommy Penny said to her little ones.

The two bunny families started off together.

"I'm the biggest, so I get to lead the way," said Hoppy.

"No, you are not. I'm bigger, so I should get to go first," argued Springer.

"Since I'm the adult bunny," said Daddy Ruffert, "I think it is best that I lead. You two can follow and lead the rest behind me."

"I don't know why those boys think they should get to lead," complained Fluffy. "We girls can lead just as well as they can."

"Look, Fluffy!" exclaimed Silky. "There is a lush vegetable garden behind that big house over there."

"Oh, wow! I see it! I wonder why we've never noticed it before," responded Fluffy. "Hey, Cotton, you need to come see this."

"What is it? We're not at the fields yet," said Cotton.

"Look over behind that house," said Silky.

"Hey! Now I see it. Those sure are some big and beautiful veggies for such a small garden patch," said Cotton. "And all those flowers too! I just love pansies. They are so delicious," she added.

"Hey girls, know what?" whispered Silky. "We should keep this garden as our very own secret girls' vegetable place. Let's not tell anyone."

All three girl bunnies agreed. The two families continued on to the big farm fields to find and eat their delicious meal together.

"What are we all hungry for today?" Daddy Ruffert asked.

Springer immediately replied, "I'd like to get right over to those big crunchy cabbages."

"I'd like some of that lovely red-leaf lettuce," said Cotton.

Fluffy spoke right up. "Dad, I'd like something sweet. I see some juicy strawberries on the other side of the field."

Then Mommy Penny asked, "How about you, Hoppy and Bobbin? Are there any plants that look especially tasty to you today?"

"Carrots! Oh, Mom, they really have grown a lot bigger since we were here last!" cried Hoppy.

"Oh, and that big bunch of sweet, sugary snow peas! I can almost taste them," added Bobbin. "I'll bet they are really sweet and crunchy."

"Now remember, we all have to stay together," Daddy Ruffert said, "so let's take turns at all of our choices and enjoy our meal."

Springer enjoyed his cabbages so much and wanted to stay longer. He did not pay close attention like he should have when his dad said, "It's time to move on to the carrots, everyone." So when the two families moved on, poor Springer was left behind.

Now Hoppy was fully enjoying himself and said, "These carrots sure are unbelievable. They are really huge, and so sweet!"

"Oh! You're right, Hoppy. These carrots are big and sweet," Bobbin responded.

After enjoying the carrots, the group agreed to move on to the strawberries. Unfortunately, no one had noticed yet that Springer wasn't with them.

"Oh, Mom! These strawberries are so much juicier than they were last week," exclaimed Fluffy.

Then Cotton added, "And there are a million more of them!"

"I'm ready to go to the snow peas," said Bobbin.

Everyone was heading over to the sweet snow peas when Springer's mommy, Mommy Rabbina, suddenly realized that Springer was missing.


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