Brown Rice, a memoir: Book Three: The Fugitive

Brown Rice, a memoir: Book Three: The Fugitive

by Ted Yabut Jr


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The Brown Rice Trilogy is set in Manila, where a family struggles with poverty in the 50s, achieves middle class prosperity in the 60s, and tries to stay alive during the turbulent years of the Marcos dictatorship in the 70s.

In Book Three, the Yabut family struggles from the loss of business and income in the wake of the father's escape from authorities. The mother, Cota, must do what she can to secretly help her husband, Teddy. She must find a way to support her youngest children, confident that her older ones can fend for themselves. Oldest son, Spike, must decide what's best for his wife and baby daughter and struggle for a better tomorrow.
As unexpected as the events were in Books One and Two, more surprises await in Brown Rice, Book Three: The Fugitive.

An early review says:
Brown Rice, Book Three: The Fugitive is a sprawling epic about a family torn apart by a dictator and scattered across the globe, told by the son left to try and pick up the pieces.
You'll be rooting for our hero, Spike, in his battle to overcome self-doubt and persevere when the one man he relied on for inspiration, his father, is no longer at his side. With finesse and a deft wit, the author tells of the crazy characters that populate telemarketing call centers and the love, understanding, and determination that is the bedrock for a loving marriage.
Brown Rice, Book Three is a loving portrait of two cities, Manila and Vancouver, each struggling in their own ways to move into a new world order and emerge as global cities. Most of all, it is a fable about trusting oneself, combining humility with determination, and practicing kindness. The result of which will be a path laid out for you by a higher power. This book is all of those things and more.

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