Broken Faith: Inside the Word of Faith Fellowship, One of America's Most Dangerous Cults

Broken Faith: Inside the Word of Faith Fellowship, One of America's Most Dangerous Cults

by Mitch Weiss, Holbrook Mohr


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A PopSugar Best True Crime Book of 2020

“I can’t imagine a more important book.”—Jeff Guinn,
New York Times bestselling author

An explosive investigation into Word of Faith Fellowship, a secretive evangelical cult whose charismatic female leader is a master of manipulation

In 1979, a fiery preacher named Jane Whaley attracted a small group of followers with a promise that she could turn their lives around.

In the years since, Whaley’s following has expanded to include thousands of congregants across three continents. In their eyes she’s a prophet. And to disobey her means eternal damnation.

The control Whaley exerts is absolute: she decides what her followers study, where they work, whom they can marry—even when they can have sex.

Based on hundreds of interviews, secretly recorded conversations, and thousands of pages of documents, Pulitzer Prize winner Mitch Weiss and Holbrook Mohr’s Broken Faith is a terrifying portrait of life inside the Word of Faith Fellowship, and the harrowing account of one family who escaped after two decades.

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ISBN-13: 9781335145239
Publisher: Hanover Square Press
Publication date: 02/18/2020
Edition description: Original
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 69,269
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Quote 17

Introduction 19

Part 1 In the Beginning 21

Prologue: The Escape 23

1 Moving Day, September 19, 1993 27

2 Settling In 35

3 A Fox in the Flock 52

4 Busted 64

5 The Attack 76

6 The Investigation 90

7 Little House in the Country 104

Part 2 Children of the Damned 117

8 Doubting the Word 119

9 No Escape 127

10 The Five Boys 138

11 "Happy Are the Children" 147

12 Surrogate Parents 153

13 Money and Influence 160

14 Religious Freedom 173

15 "We Won. We Won!" 180

16 The "Slaves" 190

17 The Loneliest Day 207

Part 3 The Advocates 227

18 Saving Michael Lowry 229

19 A Little Help from His Friends 243

20 The Ruse 257

21 Matthew Fenner 273

22 Danielle's Salvation 288

23 The Wedding 298

24 The Fight for Justice 306

25 The Escape 316

26 Perseverance and Redemption 333

27 The Reunion 348

Epilogue 358

Acknowledgments 383

Glossary 385

Notes on Sources 387

Books 407

Newspapers 409

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