Bringing Up Baby: The Psychoanalytic Infant Comes of Age

Bringing Up Baby: The Psychoanalytic Infant Comes of Age

by Dianna T. Kenny

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This is an important text that synthesises diverse literatures and theories on infant development into a coherent framework that illuminates the essence of infancy for all those who have infants, study infants, teach about infancy, make policy with respect to infant welfare, and work medically or therapeutically with mothers and their infants. It brings together in one volume the principal theories of infant development, beginning with Freud's vision of the Oedipal infant, moving through the post-Freudian conceptualizations of the infant of Anna Freud, Melanie Klein, and the British Independents with Donald Winnicott as exemplar, then to the attachment theorists, the intersubjective theories, the cognitive developmental psychologists, examining the work of Jean Piaget and the neo-Piagetian cognitive theorists concluding with the modern infant of developmental neuroscience and an examination of the neurobiology of attachment, stress, and care giving.

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ISBN-13: 9780429911613
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 03/22/2018
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 400
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About the Author

Dianna T Kenny

Table of Contents

About the Author , Foreword , Preface , Psychoanalysis and infancy: a historical and theoretical overview , Freud’s theory of infant sexuality , The infant of the child psychoanalysts , The attached infant: the psychoanalytic legacy , The cognitive infant , The modern infant: enter developmental neuroscience

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